Monday, November 14, 2016

ZTE is considering issuing smartphones with “naked” Android OS –

As you know, Google has abandoned the Nexus program and instead released smartphones Pixel, which many thematic resources have already dubbed the best among the devices with Android. But this is not about them.

the disappearance of the Nexus smartphones, among other things, formed a fairly interesting situation in the market, which could not to pay attention to initially. The fact that now among the quite famous brands releases only one smartphone with a “naked” Android — Moto. After all, even the same model Pixel and then use the “launcher”, though it is not really changing the structure of the operating system. This is not to mention the prices for the new Google.

none of the other well-known brands don’t offer smartphones without firm shells. And the OS without the shell — is not only an opportunity to try out the system to be what she was up to Google, but a more rapid release of updates, and shows Moto, often before others updating their devices to the latest version of Android.

the Situation decided to use ZTE. At least the company published on its website a survey trying to find out from users why they like the “naked” Android OS. And ZTE didn’t just decided to poll its users. The company notes that the results of the survey will be sent to the development team, so it’s possible that ZTE decide to release at least a few models out of the original shell.

as for the survey, with a big lead paragraph “Clean user interface and design”. That is the most current form of Android OS like it more than the design of third-party shells.

Source: ZTE


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