Sunday, November 6, 2016

The best apps Oct for Android – Expert Online

Every Android owner waiting for a new programs, applications, your dear wonderful technology. And now we’ll tell you about the most interesting applications that came to light just last month. As you now see for yourself, note there is something

let’s Start with the app Action Launcher 3. Many of us are familiar with the old version of this app. In October the new version. It is remarkable that you can view the tape of social networks and their emails without opening the respective apps.

Let’s turn our attention to Facebook Messenger Lite. Just once I want to warn you that this application is intended primarily for those who have small gadgets or a slow network connection. It weighs only 10 megabytes. And consumes very little system resources. For an old cheap Android is a great option.

a Few words to say about Paper Planes. This application very quickly gained viral popularity. If we talk about the main character of the project, a paper airplane, which is familiar to everyone who has had a happy carefree childhood. You can on your Android to create a wonderful airplane and launch it into flight. By the way, on the airplane you can set your own stamp. And thus, you will be able to say Hello to each participant in the project. Someone who also is in the Appendix. Quite a fun pastime, frankly.

also Pay attention to Fabulous. This app is perfect for those who love a healthy way of life, constantly watching him, trying to improve. In the core of the application is the methodology developed by the leading minds of mankind. It helps to ensure proper nutrition, sleep and so on. With the app, you will know that you are really interested. You will be offered helpful tips, and informative facts about a healthy lifestyle. So it will be easier to reach the desired result during the same workouts.

And finally, let’s say about Flychat. It’s really a unique kind of aggregator installed messengers. Supported and WhatsApp, and Twitter, and many other services. As soon as you install this application you will be able to simultaneously use all at once.

anyway, choose for yourself what you prefer. Evaluate the benefits of all that offer developers. Download the app, which also benefit.

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