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Functions Android L, which is missing in iOS 8 – androidinsider.ru

 Android L & # x438; Apple

A week has passed since the time when the operating system Apple iOS 8 became available to users. With it came many new features, including those that are familiar to users Android. But Google also has something to please the users. Android L, in addition to the previously discussed Material Design, has considerable set of new features and even more than iOS 8. Despite the fact that iOS 8 was a big step into the future, she has a lot to learn from Android.

 Android L

This is the opinion columnist Android Origin Anna Rose. As an example, it shows the number of such functions, which are in Android, but which lacks the iOS.

(1) First of all, Android L allows developers to integrate their applications with the Web search Google.

(2) In Android L also plan to add interactive notifications, such as those that appeared in iOS 8. But they will have a number of features not found in iOS 8 . appear in Android L advanced notice (Expanded Notifications), which will enable all notifications – not just text messages from Facebook – open in advanced mode. Will also be possible to answer them. Even phone calls will not interrupt what you are currently doing on your phone.

(3) In iOS also lacks the ability to edit the screenshots of the screen updates. This feature is already in Android, and Android L it will continue to develop. When you took a screenshot on your device, it appears in your Notification Wall. And immediately there you can easily edit it by just clicking on the notification and thus opening the image for editing. This function is, at first glance, it is not pretty, but it can save the user a lot of time by reducing editing time and allowing you to quickly share a picture.

(4) The battery, starting with the iOS 6 and still remains the problem of the operating system. In Android L will be fully updated system energy saving battery – Battery Saver mode. Of course, it is not even close to the effectiveness of the regime ultraenergosberezheniya (Ultra Battery Mode) from Samsung. Its main focus will be on how to stretch for as long as possible while the “last drop” of energy in the device battery. Discussed earlier Project Volta from Google is a new software that will add a bit of time working devaysa without recharging.

(5) Apple’s mobile operating system lacks even a single function, which Android has already for a long time. It is about the ability to uninstall preinstalled applications and replacing them with a more pleasant user counterparts. For example, the iOS user can not replace the Apple Maps Maps Google, as the Safari browser to Firefox and make their applications by default. But Android users have such an opportunity.

 Android L

So if these features are important to convince the user to choose an even better Android-flagship of the brand new iPhone 6? Or no phone based on Android can not even be compared with the products of Apple?


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Google teaser final name for Android L on his birthday? – Mobiltelefon.Ru

This weekend, Google celebrated its 16th Birthday. September 27 search giant releases on the calendar since 2005, and before that celebration held on 7 September. Interestingly, neither the one nor the other day is the founding date of the company. The corporation was founded on 2 September 1998, and the Google domain was registered on September 15 last year. By the way, Google is a distortion of the word googol (googol), which represents 10 to the hundredth power (or one with a hundred zeros). Whatever it was, September is a landmark month for the company and Google said the event on his page on Google+, posting a cake with 17 candles (one for growth). At the top of the cake, we can see a wide variety of candies. Most likely, this is a reference to a commercial name Android L – the next generation of world’s most popular mobile operating system. Most often, the rumors say just about Lollipop (lollipop), but there were options and Lion (chocolate bar, continuing the traditions of KitKat) and Lime Pie (key lime pie).

The official release will take place next month. Get a glimpse of the new OS, you can from our review preview for developers.


Google has shown examples of applications for Android Auto – Ferra

In addition to the new mobile operating system, Google Android L also leads the development of operating systems for vehicles, which should see the light of day until the end of this year. And thanks to documents intended for developers, we can see how some will look for third-party applications Android Auto.

Recall that Android Auto will be used in vehicles as a board operating system, and control its functions will be the on-board touch screen car. However, applications for Android Auto will not be completely independent. In fact, it will be all the same applications that are installed on a smartphone or tablet driver and onboard vehicle system will only interact with them. For example, the on-board touch screen, users can read on your smartphone received a notification, control music playback, and use voice control system. The same system is used in the Android version for handheld devices: in order to install the application on smart watches, at the beginning you must install it on your smartphone.

In addition, between Android Wear and Android Auto traced another a close relationship: when creating software application developers for Android Auto also will not be able to show a lot of frivolity because Google decided to carefully protect the automotive user interface operating systems. For this reason, developers will not be able to use modified covers, or skins. However, be allowed to use several color schemes, which, incidentally, for the convenience of the driver will vary depending on time of day.

With the release of Android Auto users will be available a couple of types of third-party applications. These include applications to display on the cockpit display of incoming messages on the smartphone, as well as media players.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

“Live” photos Motorola Nexus 6 support OS Android L – 3DNews

Increasingly, the web there is information about the smartphone Motorola Nexus 6, thus confirming reports his sources about the upcoming announcement in mid-October.

The new representative of the ruler Nexus, also known as Motorola Shamu, was photographed with LG G3. The new model looks a lot more smartphone LG G3, equipped with a 5.5-inch screen. This is consistent with reports on the sources of the 6-inch display Nexus 6.

It is also confirmed that the rear panel of the smartphone is made of plastic, and the body – of metal, like the Moto X (2014). Apparently, Google designers had in mind for the use of the rear of the device Nexus soft-touch plastic, like the Nexus and Nexus 7 5 (2014).

In the Internet there were still a number of photos of Nexus 6 (Motorola Shamu). On the screen you can see the name of the device – Shamu, and the version of the installed OS – Android L.

According to the rumors, the Nexus 6 from Motorola will receive system-on-chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, 5.92-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of QHD (pixel density – 498 ppi), 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal flash memory. 13-megapixel rear camera of the device is equipped with a LED flash and supports video recording with a resolution of 4K. Battery capacity smartphone supposedly is 3200 mAh.

Preview Nexus 6 is expected October 15 – 16 at the event dedicated to the output Android L. According to rumors, the new product goes on sale in early November, with the new version of Android on the board.



Friday, September 26, 2014

Known to the expected date of the announcement of OS Google Android L and recruitment in the family Nexus – iXBT.com


Today we have seen pictures and specifications of the next in the line of smartphone Google Nexus, we now know the expected date of the announcement of new items. Reportedly, the anticipated smartphone will be presented 15 or October 16 at the same time with the tablet Nexus 9 whose specifications are also flashed on our pages.


New products expected will be running Android L, but the announcement last held later devices based on it. Presumably, this event will take place on November 1 and will update members of the family have sold Nexus.



On the part of the innovations Android L can be found by viewing the video. Referred to a new, more flexible system of notification, revised settings menu with a search engine, a new scheme of power management, smoother animation, redesigned lock screen and so on.


Source: AndroidAuthority.com


Most dangerous applications for Android – Dni.Ru

Officials from Google published a list of potentially dangerous applications mobile operating system Android. Applications are in the store Google Play.

The list includes 350 of legitimate applications distributed officially via Google Play and Amazon. The list was created a focal point of response to cyber threats, together with the Institute program at Carnegie Melloun. The main threats identified: lack of proper digital certificate SSL using HTTPS. This allows you to carry out attacks Man in the middle.

Hacker attack Man in the middle (man in the middle) – the so-called attack mediator when an attacker is able to read and modify messages exchanged between correspondents, and neither one of them does not know about the ongoing attack.

According to apps4al, author of the project, Will Dorman, said the tool to check the application to be protected from attacks Man in the middle was developed only in the late August. Therefore, investigated so far only a small part of the application, and a list of 350 names is not a final. Dorman also said that the authors of the project shall notify vulnerabilities found both developers and Google play and Amazon, according to the portal “Computerra . ” With a list of suspicious and malicious applications can be found here.

This is not the first attack on the owners of mobile phones based on Android. Dni.Ru wrote, how did the SMS-trojan that stole money from bank cards. In this case, the malicious program was able to deduct both large and small amounts.

Fraudsters send messages to owners of mobile devices with hyperlinks. Coming in it, the user downloads a malicious program. The virus is capable of without the participation of the called party to seek balance, deposit account with a credit card , if it is tied to the room and to withdraw money from the account of the subscriber’s e-wallets intruders, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to experts, the attackers are constantly developing modified viruses, most of which are in Russia. The user does not even know that his phone is infected, as the virus completely removes incoming SMS-notifications from the bank. Recommend subscribers regularly update anti-virus software on their phones. Also, users are advised not to place gadgets on the links in messages and not to download to your smartphone software from unknown sources.


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Yandex has introduced a new e-mail for Android – Russian Newspaper

Company Yandex Yandex.Mail introduced a new smartphone running on the operating system Android , according to an official company blog.

In the updated version of Mail all the necessary tools – folder settings, the list of accounts – are on the panel on the left side of the screen. Delete messages or mark new messages as read, you can flick of a finger. In order to determine which file – a picture, a table, a document – attached to the letter, open the message is not necessary. Just look at the picture preview.

read as

To quickly find a certain letter in the mail now is not necessarily in the search box to enter words from the letter or the name of its sender. The new Yandeks.Pochte appeared quick filters: they can be used to find, for example, all messages with e-tickets or hotel reservation without typing a word. Recognize the type of writing was made possible by technology “cookie”.

If the user has a smartphone several mailboxes on Yandex, you can work with them at the same time. For example, to check personal e-mail, no need to leave the working account, and vice versa.

New Mail also allows you to work offline with letters – where there is no Wi-Fi or cellular signal. It automatically saves the messages on the device and displays them in the desired user moment. Once again the smartphone to connect to the network, all changes will be synchronized with the server.


Nexus 6, Nexus and Android L 9 represent 15-16 October – 3DNews

Following last week entered the message community MoDaCo founder Paul O’Brien (Paul O’Brien) about a possible release tablet Nexus 9 sixteenth day of October, in the web there are new details about the expected date of announcement of the representatives of the line Nexus.

According to the resource AndroidAuthority, received information from two different sources, knowledgeable about the plans of Google, 9-inch Nexus tablet 9, created in partnership with HTC, will be presented on October 16 or 15.

In addition to the tablet, it is expected announcement of another model line Nexus. Perhaps we are talking about the smartphone Motorola Nexus 6. Despite the fact that Motorola is one of the oldest manufacturers of devices on Android, in the line of Nexus no its model. Only HTC, Samsung and LG until now engaged in production of devices with standard Android OS on board.

At the Nexus and Nexus 6 9, appear to be represented by the operating system Android L. Her release, according to sources , will take place a little later, probably, November 1. This day may begin delivery of new models range Nexus. In any case, waiting for the Android L and next-generation family of devices Nexus, it seems, is nearing completion.



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The second wave of smartphones on Android L and possible release date 9 Nexus, Nexus 6 and Android L – Computer Information Portal

Software complex system utilities to optimize, tune and clean up your computer, which will help you clean Rees …
The program for tuning and optimizing the operating system Windows 7. Supports all the features of the new operating si …
Web-browser with open source developed by Google. Support for Web applications and search, has a high soon …
Resource Editor to change to any resource files PE (EXE, DLL, … ) and create a resource script (Res files) …
McAfee Stinger – a free, does not require the installation of anti-virus detection and removal from a computer known sup …

After downloading the program will display a list of updated software directory

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The first smartphone based on Android said sixth birthday – 3DNews

Mobile Google Android operating system has not yet been passed, even in primary school age – she was only six years old. The original system came out September 23, 2008 (then introduced the first commercial device – HTC G1 Dream) and then the announcement is unlikely many have given too much importance, but today the name of Android sounds in computer news around the world, perhaps even more than the name of the Windows . Those interested can read our review in 2009 of the first Android-devices and impressions of the Android 1.5 Cupcake.

HTC G 1 Dream

Each owner of a smartphone if not using Android-device, then, at least, is well aware of the OS from friends and relatives. Google is constantly reports on all new records: According to the second quarter of 2014 the share sold in the smartphone market is a whopping 85% – these figures show almost monopoly free outdoor operating in this sector.

On the Russian market Android officially came in July 2009 in the form of a smartphone Highscreen PP5420. Android platform was initially calculated mainly on the use of smart phones (although there have been attempts to use the mobile OS and tablets, for example, in the original Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2). With the release of the 2011 version of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet on the way the market was opened officially. Until the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2012, version of Android for smartphones and tablets have evolved in parallel.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2010 could not compete with the iPad

In the tablet market, where previously dominated by Apple iOS thanks to the popularity iPad, today palm also belongs to Google Android (at least in terms of market share). By the end of 2013, according to analysts from Gartner, has sold about 121 million tablets based on Android – this is 62% of the world market for such devices (for comparison, in the same year, the share of iPad was 36%). Today, the gap has certainly increased in favor of Android thanks to an array of affordable tablets and ecosystem development Google.

Motorola Xoom – the first tablet based on “tablet» Android

This is due to the huge success of Android bidding on sensory environment. When the world was represented by the organization Open Handset Alliance November 5, 2007, it was a completely different Android. Google just realized the huge benefits which was released in the same 2007 iPhone and rejected the idea of ​​the release Android as an operating system for push smartphones without touch screens like the once-dominant Blackberry.

The second key factor is the popularity of free and open mobile operating system Google : these two combinations made possible simply breathtaking success. The number of different issued for 6 years smartphones, tablets, laptops and most diverse electronics based on Android defies description. Based on Android are many other more or less successful platform with its own ecosystem of applications and services. The most famous is incompatible with ecosystem Android platform based operating system from Google, you can call the Amazon Fire OS, but in China such OS tens, and in our market, there are examples like smart phones with firmware Yandex.Kit from Yandex.

Great variety of devices, modifications, Android and smartphones refresh problem on the actual assembly of the operating system hinder the development of the platform Google. The search giant is trying to deal with fragmentation. The latest of these initiatives is the Android One – cheap smartphones reference to emerging markets with guaranteed updates for two years directly from Google.

Now Google is preparing the launch of the next major version – Android L, which will bring more innovation than any of the other previously released releases. Promised a new “real” design, energy optimization Project Volta, a new runtime application ART and more. Android development continues – in front, of course, new achievements green robot.



Happy Birthday, Android! – Androidinsider.ru

 happy birthday android

September 23 each, starting in 2008, the year is a great holiday for all fans of Android. Is not difficult to guess that this day at the green robot birthday, and today he is 6 years old!

While human babies in 6 years only go to school to start its long journey of learning and experience, Android is already a mature operating system held that has reached enviable heights in life.

Do you remember how it all began? Unsightly interface design, complex intricate menus rather poor application store …

 first version of android

It’s no secret that today everything is completely different – Google Play has more than 1.5 million applications, the quality of which, according to According to analysts, is no longer inferior competitors, and Android is installed on 85% of all smartphones in the world. Success!

What can we say about the design: in this quarter we have to get on their devices fifth version of Android, to know his new name and enjoy the sweet, finally, the full advantages of Material Design, for which, the way, Google has received the award.

 nexus 5 and android L

To my sixth anniversary of the mobile operating system from Google went beyond the limits of mobile devices and has evolved into an entire ecosystem, having acquired Android Auto, Android TV and Android Wear, and its new achievement, thanks to the program Android One, have become “the next 5 billion” users.

We wish favorite OS further development and success! Happy Birthday, Dear Android! Happy Birthday to you!


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So whether to wait for the owners of Nexus 4 Android L? – Androidinsider.ru

 Nexus 4

In October last year, the owners once the flagship Galaxy Nexus were stunned not the most pleasant news. It turned out that their wonderful smartphone, among the characteristics which appear on a dual-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM will not be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat. Frankly, such a development expected and after the last presentation of the Google I / O: for the Nexus 4 and has not appeared beta version. However, do not hurry to get upset. It seems that there is still hope. What is it manifested? Let’s find out.

Perhaps, most experts Android operating system and Google’s products in general knows about all kinds of bugs and downs of applications made to inform the so-called Chromium Bug Tracker. This allows developers to pay attention to the Preexisting flaws, and we, ordinary users periodically to learn about the future plans of the company.

Nexus 4

Today was no exception. In the above mentioned place, our colleagues from phonearena have found similar messages from two different users. Among the huge number of obscure for the average smartphone owner commands, numbers, and other such records were found references to the fourth iteration of devices Nexus, and even attached a screenshot of the build number of version of Android. By the way, in a strange combination «LRW52G» We shall be interested only in the first letter, which hints at Android L. By the way, the name of the assembly for the Nexus 5 looks like – LRW66E.

 Nexus 4 Android L

Do not rejoice this news can categorically. It is clear that the search giant craftsmen are trying to prevent the repeat of last year’s situation. And is there any basis for this?

Nexus 4, of course, not the fifth version of the famous “guglofonov” with its quad-core Snapdragon processor 800 at 2.3 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, but it is similar to 2 GB memory and processor Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz should be sufficient. At least it hopefully. In addition, the leadership of Google would not want to see another petition with many thousands of signatures, is not it?

if the owners wait for Nexus 4 long-awaited update? Share your opinion in the comments.


Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 can upgrade to Android L by the end of November – 3DNews

The upcoming update of the mobile operating system from Google – Android L – likely to appear on smartphones and tablets by the end of this year. There is no doubt that all the brand’s flagship model will be able to transition to the new version of the system, so in this case the statement of the interests of all the question sounds a little different: “Who and when will receive Android L among the first?»

According to preliminary data, Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 and fableta Galaxy Note 4 transition to Android L will be available as early as late November or early December. And although the exact launch date of update is not officially been announced Google, we can assume that the next version of the proprietary OS will appear in early or mid-November. Rumors say that the planned presentation by Google, which is scheduled for October 8, to be held announcement tablet HTC Nexus 9 together with the launch of next-generation software platform.

Presumably, it is these two devices – Galaxy S5 and fablet Galaxy Note 4 – will, in all probability, the first in the line of the South Korean firm’s devices with Android L. Especially because insider particulars references to other models not it was.

Representatives Motorola, in turn, announced that their mobile devices are ready to upgrade to Android L within 90 days after the official launch of the operating system. Given the close partnerships Google and HTC, the latest products also may be the first in the list of owners of the new program environment.

As for the key changes, innovations and features Android L, they were discussed in detail in the materials of our website.



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Android L is fully compatible with MIPS I6400 – Overclockers.ru

The latest mobile operating system Android L will be fully compatible with the latest architecture MIPS I6400, the authorship of which belongs to the British fabless-of Imagination Technologies Group plc. This writes the Italian online edition Bits and Chips .

According to official representatives of Imagination Technologies, the first 64-bit MIPS-processor for smartphones and tablet PCs will be ready by the end of 2015. And the first devices based on them will be available in early 2016. Jim McGregor (Jim McGregor), principal analyst for an independent market research company Tirias Research, said he was confident in the technical specifications of the SoC, but nevertheless, their success will be determined by how effectively and actively new processors will support mobile developers software. I think that their success is directly linked with the development of … With the software, tools, and intellectual property – he said.


Amazon Fire OS 4 Sangria is based on Android 4.4 KitKat and brings new features – 3DNews

As you know, Amazon in its products using its own platform Fire OS, which is based on a heavily modified the operating system Google Android, complete with its own interface and services. With new tablets Fire HDX 8.9, Fire HD 6, 7, and the company introduced a Kids Edition and 4th version of Fire OS codenamed Sangria, a new design and functions.

Fire OS 4 is based on a modern platform, Google Android 4.4 KitKat. Update brings support for Profiles – each family member can create an account with your own home screen, email, social networks, bookmarks, games and so on. Also coming soon feature Family Library, which will bring together two or more accounts together for the exchange of materials of various kinds: applications, books, games.

In addition, the update brings a feature ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction), which provides the user with TV shows and movies for viewing on the basis of the analysis of preferences. From your smartphone Fire Phone function will move soon Firefly, which allows the identification of 100 million different digital and non-digital products, to recognize phone numbers, web addresses, email, QR-codes, and so on.

Also in the new operating system the company has integrated WPS Office suite of applications for creating, viewing and editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the tablet. The latest version of the browser Silk will soon be incognito and printing support. In order to conserve battery power, provides the function of Smart Suspend, which often turns off Wi-Fi in the standby mode, based on the data about the time when the device is not commonly used.

All the new tablets will be sold starting next month with a pre-platform Fire OS 4 Sangria. And all previous Fire Tablets third generation will also receive an upgrade to the current version of the OS. So far, however, did not say when it will happen.



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Google promised to reliably protect your personal data from Android – androidinsider.ru

 Google & # x441; & # x434; & # x435; & # x43B; & # x430; & # x435; & # x442; & # x448; & # x438; & # x444; & # x440; & # x43E; & # x432; & # x430; & # x43D; & # x438; & # x435; & # x43F; & # x43E; & # x443; & # x43C; & # x43E; & # x43B; & # x447; & # x430; & # x43D; & # x438; & # x44E;

Many people are very sensitive to their data, trying to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. But, as we know, still there are moments when the attackers gain access to personal data or photographs. Google is in a Washington Post interview told what measures will be taken in the Android security of user data.

We are talking about how to encrypt data that is available to Android users since 2011. However, this feature was not enabled by default, and as they say security experts, most people are not even aware of its existence.

Now, however, Google has decided to slightly change the security policy. In the next version of the operating system Android L encryption function is enabled immediately after the activation of the device. Thus each user’s data will be protected.

«Over the past three years there in the Android encryption and keys are always stored locally, so no special services can not gain access to your phone without permission member. In our operating system Android L encryption will work on the device immediately out of the box, so you do not have to worry about turning it on, “- says a company spokeswoman Niki Christoff.

This step, according to Google, is part of a global change in technology companies in the defense of government surveillance. As we know, not just Google, but Apple is introducing more and more different methods to protect users’ personal data.

And how do you feel about the encryption on Android, it is turned on you?


First live photos of Android-smartphone Samsung Galaxy A5 – Overclockers.ru

This week, a new smartphone from Samsung with model number SM-A500 has passed the certification of Chinese telecom equipment center TENAA. And now he’s lit up at the spy shots published a profile online resource SamMobile.

According to the publication, citing its own sources, SM-A500 will be the first of three in the new line of smartphones Samsung. He will receive an official brand name Samsung Galaxy A5. And published spy shots was captured by him. I said earlier that the Samsung Galaxy A5 receive a full metal body, but now sources denied this information. Housing smartphone, according to them, is not made of plastic or metal, but of a different material, cold to the touch. It is possible that Samsung has decided to use a non-standard material in order to reduce the cost of the device while maintaining a sense of “Premium”.
In terms of hardware, Samsung Galaxy A5 is equipped with a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 720p (HD), built-in storage to 16 GB, a slot for memory card format MicroSD, 13 megapixel primary camera with flash and a 5-megapixel front and battery at 2330 mAh. The basis of the device lies SoC platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. smartphone will be running the mobile operating system Android 4.4.4 KitKat with the latest version of TouchWiz, like the Galaxy Note the fourth generation.
Unfortunately, information on the cost of Samsung Galaxy A5 and the timing of its release to the market we do not have.


Vesti.net: encryption on Android and Snowden about Syria – BBC News

In a short time encryption of data on all Android-powered devices will cease to be selective and will become mandatory for each user. Now all devices running the upcoming version of Android will ask the user to create a password to encrypt its data at the first turn on the phone, and to avoid this step is no longer possible.

The aim of Google – to make sure that all information on the phone or tablet running Android was password protected and would be inaccessible to all but its owner. In the first place, according to representatives of Google, it should complicate the process of gathering information about users of the secret services.

However, most likely, this is just a response to the actions of Apple. The fact that the encryption function exist on Android for more than three years, but it was included on request. However, in the wake of another surge of anxiety on the integrity of user data, which occurred after the network flowed private photos of Hollywood stars, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the correction of the company’s image. The first step in this direction was the mandatory encryption of user data in iOS8. And Google had no choice but to do the same.

It is also noteworthy that this happened a day after Tim Cook, broke sharply criticized on how IT-companies in Silicon Valley are treated personal information of its customers. In his open letter, Cook said that Apple has chosen a new privacy policy user data is fundamentally different from that of other companies in the first place – the policy of Google. According to Cook, Apple did not collect information about users of the browser history or e-mail, and will not sell it to advertisers. In other words, does not do than by the scheme of the monetization of Google.

In addition, Cook said that the new system of mandatory encryption, user information, such as photos, messages, mail, contacts, call history , notes and content from iTunes, are protected by a password, which can not get around, even at Apple. And to provide this information secret services have on their hands the device under iOS8 and the corresponding order, Apple can not for technical reasons. However, as noted by the Verge, then Tim Cook disingenuous, without specifying that control the user data, of course, possible. Apple’s website has a page that describes the principles of cooperation with law enforcement agencies, which states that the security services are now just need to bring yourself iPhone, iPod or iPad directly to the Apple headquarters in Cupertino. In other words, the secret services would be more difficult for remote wiretap, but the presence of the suspect device, decrypt the data will not be difficult.


 In a recent interview with Wired former CIA and NSA, Edward Snowden, shared new details regarding the work of the security services on the international scene. According to him, for the shutdown of the Internet in Syria in the midst of civil war, the government stood not, as previously thought, and the error was the operational arm of the United States NSA.

On Thursday, November 29, 2012, hackers from the group Tailored Access Operations tried to remotely install an exploit on one of the main router’s largest Internet service provider in Syria. This exploit was to give the NSA access to Internet traffic most of the Syrian citizens, and in particular – to their e-mail correspondence. But during the installation of spyware something went wrong, and the router is engaged in the distribution of Internet traffic of the country suddenly stopped responding. As it turned out, he was completely worn out. As a result, all Syria suddenly lost all connection to the Internet. According to Snowden, hackers TAO desperately trying to fix a broken their router remotely to hide traces of their presence and remove spyware that same program, but to no avail – the router does not respond. From the words of Snowden, in this moment of panic hackers in the command center Tailored Access Operations were only able to defuse the situation with a joke: “If we get caught, we say that it was Israel” “

Fortunately for the NSA, the Syrians were more passionate about restoring the connection to the Internet, rather than causes of the problem, and the incident no one, except for the NSA, he still had not learned.