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Better than iPhone: 5 budget Android-smartphone – L – L!!

“Why pay more?” – The question asked by thousands of people and finding no response, acquire inexpensive device to Android. Life has prepared a guide for those who have already realized that overpay for iPhone does not make sense.

In the second quarter of this year, Apple for the first time in the history reported a drop in sales iPhone. Tim Cook explained the failure of very simple words: the market is satisfied, and so people are provided with smartphones, so sales will fall further. The general director of the company from Cupertino was right: in the third quarter, Apple once again issued a depressing report, reporting 40.4 million iPhone sold against 47 million in the same quarter of 2015.

Cook could talk about again that everything is bought on the gadget, if not grim statistics: according to Counterpoint Technology Market Research, in the last quarter has sold 360 million smartphones around the world, and the sales pace It increased by 3% compared to last year. Accordingly, the problem is that all people have phones. The problem is that people do not choose Apple.

The threat from the east

By 2013, the company from Cupertino lived in paradise. Samsung lost war champions with only one goal, and the Chinese are worried about only copies. But all messed flourishing Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei, Oppo and other vendors from China.

Previously, Tim Cook claimed that his company, despite the relatively small quantitative market share, receives huge profits at the expense of high the price of smart phones. Now repeat this thesis can not: according to research analysts Counterpoint, Apple share of the global mobile revenue fell from 38% to 29% in just one year. Yes, Americans continue to occupy the top spot, but the same report Counterpoint it is clear that, firstly, to the approaching Apple Samsung (22,7%), and secondly, the Chinese have taken a total of 23, 3% of the market. In addition, one can not discount the column “other” – in it were noticeable vendors with small shares of global revenue

Why people do not choose Apple

In a rapidly declining Apple’s popularity, there are three. reasons that are related to each other: 1) Manufacturers have improved over the years “iron” their devices to make them better than the iPhone; 2) Google over the years grind Android, occasionally borrowing the “chips” iOS, and the sixth version of it works more or less stable. At the same time parallel to the vendors themselves have the opportunity to make their branded shell interface, improving an already good system. 3) Android-smartphones much cheaper for a variety of reasons (the value of the “iron” to no margin on the brand). Anyway, for $ 200-300 it is now possible to buy a decent, reliable and up-to gadget that will give way to the flagship only in the details.

Of course, low cost, yet powerful and advanced smart phones sold in Russia. We picked five most adequate iPhone competitors have with the best value for money.

LG Nexus 5X

 & # x424; & # x43E; & # x442;  & # x43E ;: & # xA9; Tech News Today

Price: of 16 thousand rubles for a model with 16 GB of memory, 19 thousand rubles for the version with 32 GB of memory

The main trade-off: there is no slot for a memory card

What you should know: Nexus 5X released in the fall of 2015, but will become obsolete long time: for speed meets Snapdragon processor 808 (one of the most stable), for the quality of the photos – the flagship 12.3-megapixel module. The advantages compared to the competition are two: First, the original Android with instant updates (it’s Nexus), and secondly, convenient fingerprint scanner on the back panel. The screen on the top level: 5.2 inch, 424 pixels per inch (for iPhone 6s – 326 pixels). Battery capacity 2700 mAh enough for a day of active work (including optimization). Cases come in three colors: black, white and mint. Initially Nexus 5X sold in Russia for more than 30 thousand, but now the price has dropped to appropriate values. It is possible to take.

Huawei Honor 5X

 & # x424; & # x43E; & # x442;  & # x43E ;: & # xA9; Flickr / K & #  x101; rlis Dambr & # x101; ns

Price: from 14,5 thousand rubles

The main compromises: Snapdragon processor 615 (the unit can think for a few seconds in resource-intensive applications), the budget screen (weak oleophobic coating, need the maximum brightness of the sun)

What you need to know: Honor 5X – one of the leaders of the rankings in the ratio of “price / quality.” It should be four times cheaper than the iPhone 6s Plus, but definitely not inferior to Apple’s flagship four times. Model of Honor boasts a metal body, fingerprint scanner (before it was the prerogative of expensive devices), dual slot for SIM-cards, a good camera (13 megapixels, flash) and a capacious battery (3000 mAh – a half day of work). But the most important thing this summer Honor 5X received an update to Android 6.0, and is now functioning better. If you do not mind a large body (and what can still be a smartphone with 5.5-inch screen?), You should consider buying.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro

& # x41A; & # x430; & #  x434; & # x440; & # x438; & # x437;  & # x432; & # x438; & # x434;  & # x435; & # x43E; C4ETech / & #  x421; & # x43A; & # x440; & # x438;  & # x43D; & # x448; & # x43E;  & # x442; & # xA9; L FE

Price: of 17 thousand rubles

The main compromises: rather fragile glass case (it will be difficult to find spare parts for the repair) and the average battery (2525 mAh, but it is possible to discharge half a day)

What you should know: in the 2014 startup OnePlus noisy all over the world, and in 2015 strongly I surrendered and lost almost all positions. OnePlus X came out late last year and was created for the release of a sudden crisis. It should be noted that the company as a whole coped with a mission: for not very much money is provided an apparatus with a quad-core Snapdragon processor 801 (not yet obsolete), 3 GB of memory (enough for them all) and two different cameras (13/8 megapixels). Android 6.0 for OnePlus X is already out, and this is great news. There is also a very nice bonus – Silicone Case included. From small minuses can remember except that lack of fast charging and a fingerprint reader – in OnePlus felt that these options should be left to the flagships

Lenovo Vibe S1

Price: from 14 thousand rubles

The main compromises: Chinese processor (suddenly it scares you) and the battery is 2420 mAh (must be sufficient for the day, but can be discharged in 4-5 hours)

What you should know: Vibe S1 – stamp illustration of “cheap and cheerful”. Smartphone does not pretend to be the leader or the most stylish device status on the market, nor for the position of the King of benchmark tests. This unit was manufactured for those who use a smartphone as a working tool, rather than as a part of image. Here there is a gentlemen’s set in 2016: five-inch IPS-screen with high resolution (FullHD – is no longer needed), two cameras, with a stock level which is enough for social networks (13/8 megapixels), 3 GB of RAM (no departure applications) and metal housing (to make it a pleasure to hold in your hand). No wonder that for a long time Vibe S1 was worth more than 20 thousand rubles. Now the price is much more attractive and smart phone capabilities are the same, so the purchase of Vibe S1 will be a good investment.


Select the call manager for android-devices: Truedialer, True Phone and PixelPhone –

rank in Google Play

True Software Scandinavia AB

Number of downloads in Google Play
10 000 000-50 000 000

application compatibility with other versions of OS Android
4.0 or later

The size distribution
5.2 MB

Application Version

In-app purchases

Key features:

  • Search integration with Truecaller provides access to more than 2 billion contacts in Russia and around the world;

  • T9-search for quick access to contacts;

  • Support for more than 500 devices with two SIM-cards;

  • Nimble and easy to use dialer;

  • Convenient shortcuts quick access to various functions (eg, swipe to the right opens a detailed information about the subscriber, swipe to the left – a new message);

  • Various color themes to choose from


Identification data:

  • Search accounts on your device;

  • View your contact information;

  • Add / Remove Accounts


  • View your calendar events plus confidential information


  • View contacts;

  • Change the contacts;

  • Search accounts on your device


  • The approximate location (network-based)


  • SMS Reception;

  • View SMS and MMS


  • Get the data on the status of the phone;

  • Redirect outgoing calls;

  • Make Phone Calls;

  • Change the call log;

  • View the call log;

  • Change your phone’s status;

  • Implementation of the phone calls

Photo / multimedia / files.:

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick

The data on Wi-Fi-connected.:

  • View Wi-Fi connections

Device ID & call information.:

  • Get the data on the status of your phone


  • Connect to the service of viewing notifications;

  • Get the data from the Internet;

  • Manage vibration function;

  • Unlimited access to the Internet;

  • View network connections;

  • NFC-module management;

  • Change the system settings;

  • Create accounts and set passwords;

  • Use accounts on the device.

The first impression and configure

So, as mentioned above, the application requires that the user has registered their phone number. After this program will make it automatic redial, and you will “confess everything”, still pointing your name, or using the quick registration through social networks.

253x450 30 KB Big one:. 720x1280 64  KB  253x450  32 KB Big one:. 720x1280 70 KB

After all this, I got a nasty surprise. These something about myself, I sent, but to enter the Truedialer could not. It helped only restart the application. In short, he shone once again, I have friends from the neighboring continent.

253x450 35 KB Big one:. 720x1280 77  KB

This was followed by auto-detection of unknown numbers from the call log and telephone book. Disassemble and understand what it is, I can only record and the hard-hitting. The rest of the subscribers to specify a set of digits and letters of foreign.

253x450 28 KB Big one:. 720x1280 57  KB

When it comes to the interface of the program, it is standard . Provided a list of calls, there is a quick search at the top, the dialer screen on the floor, as well as the label indicates that with which of the two I SIM to make calls.

253x450 45 KB Big one:. 720x1280 106  KB

The label phonebook hid in the bottom left corner. Its dimensions mean little fingers and enviable user accuracy. In the book itself and all the standard, there is an alphabetical index.

253x450 41 KB Big one:. 720x1280 97  KB

Find the settings and call sort are not so just. The whole thing is hidden under the three dots in the search bar.

. 253x450 54 KB Big one: 720x1280 104  KB

In the settings of the interesting things worth noting status – when activated Internet other users of this offspring can see that you are busy, and are at a certain event. Simply put, and did not even dare to call, not yet be free. In general, a kind of status in the messenger.

By the way, step by step guide is provided for clarity. The latter is really more than evident and greatly facilitates the process of getting acquainted with “dialer”.

253x450 31 KB Big one:. 720x1280 56  KB  253x450  32 KB Big one:. 720x1280 73 KB


A custom version of Android 7.0 Nougat will be released in August –

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OS version Android 7.0 Nougat Developer Preview 5 is now available for download less than two weeks ago, and according to the source, in August released a custom version of Android 7.0 Nougat.


As usual, the first to receive the update Nexus series of phones, but the source said that an update should not expect the model to owners of Nexus 5. It is a smartphone Nexus 5 sample of 2013. At the time, this smartphone comes with the new OS at the moment Android 4.4 KitKat.

Source: @evleaks


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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Select a skin for android-devices: Hola Launcher, Atom Launcher and Action Launcher 3 –





Laboratory site continues to acquaint its readers with relevant enclosures for android-devices.

Such a huge number of applications, even if only to consider Programs- “one million”. Actually, we did act. The current trio of participants was three actual “launcher”, which are in great demand among users of mobile solutions based on the Android OS. For example, Hola Launcher downloaded over 100 million times. A company he will ensure uniform and restrained shell Atom Launcher and Action Launcher 3.

600x293 158 KB Big one:. 1024x500 351 KB


However, before proceeding to review the heroes, be sure to pay attention to other materials on the choice of the best shell for android-gadgets.

As the test equipment used smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V8 on OC Android 4.4.2, the Dalvik runtime, processor MediaTek MT6592, 8 x 1700 MHz videosoprotsessor Mali-450 MP4, 700 MHz, 2 GB RAM) and Jinga Basco M500 3G (OC Android 5.1, runtime ART, processor MediaTek MT6580, 4 x 1300 MHz, videosoprotsessor Mali-400 MP2, 1 GB of RAM), and the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (CM 13 based OC Android 6.0.1, the runtime ART, TI OMAP 4430 processor, 2 x 1200 MHz, PowerVR videosoprotsessor 540, 384 MHz, 1 GB of RAM).

Hola Launcher


600x292 136 KB




Hola Launcher downloaded from Google Play 100 million times, what can I say? Sense granted and proceed to the consideration of this shell.


Features free shell Hola Launcher:

  • Search – slide your finger down the screen to quickly find the applications, contacts and websites. Available voice search.

  • Safe Hola – Protect privacy, move two fingers up to hide or add applications that should not be visible on the desktop
  • .

  • Accelerator – free up memory (RAM) and speed up the work at the touch of a smartphone
  • .

  • Personalization – free of charge and for all to download, install and use high quality themes, wallpapers and fonts. New items every Friday.

  • Screen lock – set addition Hola Screen lock for tools, double-click – locks the screen, empty the power button and to extend its service life
  • .

  • Weather forecast – through visual weather report for the next six days (supported by some cities)
  • .

  • Notifications – never miss important messages from friends and family thanks to the notifications from the desktop icons for calls, SMS and other applications
  • .

  • Smart Folders – Hola help you make automatic distribution of applications to your phone was clean and tidy
  • .

  • Heart Attachment – open for themselves new high-quality application every day, without looking at the app store

Getting Started


«Start» in the classic application, therefore miss all the official and go to the main screen. It is made without any chips, features and differences from a dozen other skins.

253x449 200 KB Big one:. 720x1280 1151 KB

Appearance Hola Launcher on your phone screen to 5.5.


In fact, what stands out free shell Hola Launcher from C Launcher, Line Launcher or GO Launcher? By and large – nothing.

And it’s sad, because the developers do not show imagination in creating their products, but simply copy already created solutions and use marketing miracles. Actually, what happened with Hola Launcher.

253x449 83 KB Big one:. 720x1280 525 KB  253x449  204 KB Big one:. 720x1280 1183 KB

253x449 85 KB Big one:. 720x1280 436 KB  253x449  56 KB Big one:. 720x1280 198 KB


The shell had a classic layout: desktops and menus with installed applications. Each desktop has a search bar, the good of it, you can hide, “dock bar” with five labels, and application icons, folders, and widgets. We can change the grid of icons and stuff like that.

At first glance, we face a classic jacket with a beautiful weather widget unusual icons and the panel with the tools in the “status bar”.

253x449 119 KB Big one:. 720x1280 653 KB  253x449  111 KB Big one:. 720x1280 552 KB


Oh, yeah, the leftmost desktop with news summary – analogue Google Now. In fairness, I will say that this feature is made easier and more beautiful than all competitors. Any news you can immediately open the built-in menu, add to favorites and share it with your friends. In addition, we ourselves can choose the news categories offered.

Menu applications appears as a vertical list of programs. There is an alphabetical search, the search string and the number of icons with advertising applications – where are we without advertising? Perhaps that is so, and think developers. But that’s okay, because in Hola Launcher no advertising banners, and other nasty things, that’s it for the developers is to say thank you.

253x431 73 KB Big one:. 600x1024 305 KB  253x431  70 KB Big one:. 600x1024 278 KB

Appearance + Home Launcher on the tablet with 7.0-inch screen.


Hola Launcher can be installed on the tablet, but it looks awful spectacle. Not only does the desktop grid can not be set more than six labels in width, so more pixels and menu items scattered on the big screen.

It’s over the same, the Hola Launcher was left without support. For the shell, there are several thousands of different decorations. They change the background wallpaper, as well as replace the icons of installed applications. It is a pity that the architecture and menu elements remains the same. By the way, there is a shop with wallpaper.

507x300 99 KB


I’m From additional funds Hola Launcher can note manager for RAM cleaning, a search bar, which has a dedicated widget, and “defender” of applications. All three of these options will replace the three applications and it does not work worse than the majority of similar programs in the Google Play. For example, the built-in “defender” is not inferior to its functionality App Protector app, обзор which my colleague did earlier.

Back in Hola Launcher has a shop with applications, games, “Bones”, “Slot” and other trash. But like we will not focus and immediately transfer those labels in the trash.



253x449 27 KB Big one:. 720x1280 79 KB  253x449  31 KB Big one:. 720x1280 96 KB


Settings Hola Launcher neatly divided into relevant categories, and something interesting there really is. I will not surprise you the ability to change the font color and similar trifles, and talk about the more useful features, such as automatic wallpaper changing, turning effect, displaying notifications and support for gestures. You should also mention the blocking and charging manager screen, which increases the speed of charging. Of course, we understand the physics do not cheat and this is another gimmick to attract attention minded users.



To work envelope Hola Launcher did not have any complaints, because it never reboots, he never “took off” and did not force me to do extra movements. Jobs – offset, animation – plus, and other times at a decent level.

application version

The size distribution
4.5 MB

Application Size Installed
10.6 MB

RAM consumption
50-70 MB


Hola Launcher – Mighty, but does not stand out from the “launcher” crowd for android-devices. The shell is not bad, the average includes the appearance and the required number of functions.

What is something specific to say about it is difficult, because it does not contain any distinguishing points in comparison with their competitors (for example, with the same Line Launcher ). The only advantage of the shell – a small amount of advertising and the lack of paid features.

 245x245  26 KB

Skachat Hola Launcher
for android-devices
from Google Play


Developer Holaverse.
Cost FREE.
Requirements for OC Android 2.3.3 and later.

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  • GTX 1080 XPERT .RU dramatically cheaper than anywhere
  • Sales in Citylink: discounts of up to 40%

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Android-application allows you to watch YouTube-video from … – BBC News

On the Android-smartphone went Flytube application through which users can watch videos on YouTube multitasking – for example, during Internet browsing. The new program operates on a “picture in picture”: the video plays in a small pop-up window that appears on top of any other application or the home screen

If the window obscures the view, you can freely move to another corner or decrease (. paid feature). Flytube run every time a user clicks on a link to YouTube. In some cases (such as when the video is embedded directly in the web page) Flytube can be called via the Share button.

There is one caveat: Flytube works only when the screen is turned on and the Android-powered device is not locked. As explained by the developer, YouTube’s Terms of Service do not allow video playback in the background, so it is impossible to implement such a function, otherwise it will disable the program from accessing the Google service API.

Flytube available for download from Google Play. The program is free, but the built-buy (about $ 1.2) allows you to disable ads, set custom colors and change the size of the video

Source:. Flytube


Android-application allows you to watch YouTube-video from anywhere – BBC News

On the Android-smartphone went Flytube application through which users can watch videos on YouTube multitasking – for example, during Internet browsing. The new program operates on a “picture in picture”: the video plays in a small pop-up window that appears on top of any other application or the home screen

If the window obscures the view, you can freely move to another corner or decrease (. paid feature). Flytube run every time a user clicks on a link to YouTube. In some cases (such as when the video is embedded directly in the web page) Flytube can be called via the Share button.

There is one caveat: Flytube works only when the screen is turned on and the Android-powered device is not locked. As explained by the developer, YouTube’s Terms of Service do not allow video playback in the background, so it is impossible to implement such a function, otherwise it will disable the program from accessing the Google service API.

Flytube available for download from Google Play. The program is free, but the built-buy (about $ 1.2) allows you to disable ads, set custom colors and change the size of the video

Source:. Flytube


Choosing a convertible tablet with Android –





A couple of weeks ago we talked about the недорогие windows-transformers . Basically, there were devices of Chinese and domestic brands. What can be found in the segment of android-Transformers?

More recently, this class mobile solutions actively developed. One of the pioneers was the company ASUS, which rolled out a whole line of Transformer Pad series devices. And these tablets released Acer, HP, Dell and many other vendors from around the world. But just a couple of years everything has changed, and today the range of significantly reduced.

450x337 46 KB Big one:. 811x608 75 KB


Because of this, we do not have to divide the market into segments, and we’ll look at a fundamentally different models: the 30 thousand rubles, and 3000 (yes, there are such, too).



ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CG

The line of ASUS ZenPad 10 includes several models. And if you remember, and different versions of the same model, the bill will go to the top ten. They are all united by the style: the back cover is made of soft-touch textured plastic, and the front part of the delineated chrome edging. It turns and stylish and practical.

450x300 37 KB Big one:. 1500x1500 277 KB


Let’s start with the model ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CG. It uses a screen diagonal of 10.1 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The Hardware includes quad Intel Atom x3-C3230 with integrated graphics chip Mali-450 MP4. The amount of RAM is 2 GB, and it is happy. Embedded can be either 8 or 16 or even 32 GB. The difference is leveled supports microSD cards up to 64 GB.

In addition, ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CG got a battery capacity of 18 watt hours, Camera resolution 2.0 megapixel and 0.3 and 3G communication module. OS version – Android 5.0 Lollipop.

450x350 29 KB Big one:. 1000x1000 125 KB


Prices version ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CG with 8 and 16 GB of internal memory start around the mark of 12 000 rubles. In addition, the Russian market is represented by adjacent model ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300C, the main difference is that the processor Intel Atom x3-C3200, operating at a slightly lower frequency.

In general, ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CG / Z300C can be found in 12 000 rubles. However, the keyboard is in this case not included. But the main problem stems from the fact that the proprietary dock ASUS hard to find on the market (it is called the ASUS Audio Dock keyboard, and in addition also contains built-in speakers).

450x432 40 KB Big one:. 890x914 127 KB


The family ASUS ZenPad 10 applies to the recently published model ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300M. By and large, this is just a minor update of the line: the key differences between this version of the installation are reduced to chip MediaTek MT8163 (quad-core Cortex-A53, Mali-T720 MP2) and Android 6.0.

ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL

Another device family ASUS ZenPad 10 is ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL. It is made in the same body, but differs in hardware.

450x315 35 KB Big one:. 1379x964 376 KB


The ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL used quad-core Intel Atom Z3560 processor with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz and graphics PowerVR G6430. The amount of RAM is 2 GB, constant – 16 or 32.

450x326 67 KB Big one:. 980x850 296 KB


In addition, ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL received battery capacity 4890 mAh, the camera resolution of 5.0 and 2.0 megapixels, as well as mobile communication module compliant with LTE Cat.6.

In general, the characteristics ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL look very good, but the screen resolution is still modest – 1280 x 800 pixels.

450x425 62 KB Big one:. 795x750 175 KB


Included with the keyboard ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL worth of 22 000 rubles.

ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CG

On sale you can still find some older models of ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CG. But it really comes a keyboard dock, so do not have to look for anything extra.

450x384 45 KB Big one:. 1266x1080 289 KB


The ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CG used an old quad-core Intel Atom Z2560 with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and a minimum of 8 GB of internal memory. IPS Display resolution 10.1-inch diagonal is 1280 x 800 pixels.

450x413 34 KB Big one:. 1500x1377 435 KB


It should be noted that the ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CG has integrated 3G-module. However, against the background of old fillings and widespread 4G networks, this aspect is hardly significant advantage.

450x286 26 KB Big one:. 800x508 32 KB


In view of the keyboard ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CG cost of 17 000 rubles.