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How to Install Pokemon Go for iPhone or Android in Russian – Ferra

Game Pokemon broke online – inquiry «Pokemon Go» overtaken in Google even porn! But for now, this is the app for iOS and Android officially available only to the United States, Australia and New Zealand. How to install the Russian customers? There is a way!

Pokemon Go on Android

Owners of smartphones on Android lucky more than others. They just download and install the game in the form of APK-file. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Before installing the need to go to the settings in the section “Security” and put a tick in “Unknown sources”. Then the system will allow to install software from the APK (and the default Android trust only from your own applications store Google Play).

  3. Download the APK-file Pokemon Go to the link and install the application. Be careful on the Web already appeared APK-packs with Pokemon Go, infected with viruses. Our link is tested and is safe.

  5. Go to Settings and uncheck “Unknown sources».

  7. Play Pokemon Go and catch Pokémon.


Pokemon Go on iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

The installation procedure for iOS is more complicated. You have to pretend to be American (Australian, New Zealander) and create an account Apple ID in the App Store for the United States:

  1. Leave the store App Store: Settings – «iTunes Store and the App Store »

  3. Change the region to the US: Settings – General – Language and Region

  5. Launch the App Store app by searching find Pokemon Go. In the first place is likely to be advertising another application, just scroll below

  7. Click GET button next to the application. It will turn into the Install button – press it and
  8. .

  9. You will be prompted to sign in or create a new one. The correct answer – Create New Apple ID

  11. Specify any of their e-mail addresses that you used to register the Apple ID. Fill out the form with your personal data: any name, last name, a security question, date of birth. Below is better to switch off the two “toggle” so as not to get
  12. distribution

  13. On the next screen, select the payment option: «None». Fill in the form to any US location: just open Google Maps, move to the States and see the address of a building. For example: the address 115 W 27th St, city New York, the State of NY, ZIP-code 10001

  15. You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address. Click ‘Verify now’ and on the next page, enter your email address and password that you used when registering.

  17. Return to the App Store, enter the password again click GET and install the game.


After the installation, you can back the settings to select the region “Russia”, as well as to withdraw from the US account and enter the Russian

Important :. Later to get updates for Pokemon Go, will need to re-enter from the Russian your Apple ID and enter the US.

If suddenly you have an American bank card, the 7th step, select it as a payment method. Then you will be able to make purchases within the game.


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