Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chinese virus has infected millions of Android-smartphone – BBC News

On the Android-smartphone wound up the new virus, which enters the system when the victim visits a website infected with malicious code. “Worm” HummingBad, at which cybercriminals are from China, has struck more than 10 million devices around the world.

The experts from Check Point’s HummingBad discovered back in February, and has since been seen in the development of the Trojan. For several months, the number of cases was small, but in mid-May broke a real epidemic.

According to experts, HummingBad exploit “multiple vulnerabilities” and get root access, which allows him to perform on the Android virtually any action, including deleted files, and send data to third-party servers. If the virus can not get root-access, HummingBad tries to trick the user, sending him a fake update notifications system. Requesting authorization for the system level, the attackers set full control over the Android-powered device.

Once on the smartphone, HummingBad begins to install other applications, and navigate through advertising links. According to Check Point estimation, thus HummingBad authors earn up to $ 300 thousand per month. Most of the virus affected users from China (1.6 million) and India (1.35 million), as well as the Philippines, Indonesia and Turkey. In the United States it was recorded about 289 thousand cases of infections in the UK and Australia – is less than 10 thousand

The Check Point suspect that the “worm” was created by the Chinese advertising and analytical agency Yingmob.. This company is a multi-million dollar revenues, based in Beijing, it is also developing a legal platform for tracking and display advertising. According to experts, for the development of harmful components HummingBad is responsible Yingmob team

Source:. CNET


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