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Select a skin for android-devices: Google Start and Yandex Launcher –





Laboratory site continues to study the most relevant applications for mobile solutions based on the Android OS. Last month we completed the review of the segment of software keyboards and brought corresponding итоги.

Now we go back to the cycle of articles devoted to the selection of the best “launcher” (GUI and not only) for smartphones and tablets based on OC Android.

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In this article, we will compare the shell leading (and, of course, competing) players in the market mobile software – Google and Yandex. The first participant – Google Start – offers cutting-edge design, a minimum of features and excellent performance. But the second, “Yandex Launcher”, is positioned as a simple solution that will be clear to all users and contains a lot of buns.

As the test equipment used smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V7 on OC Android 4.4.2, the Dalvik runtime, processor MediaTek MT6592, 8 x 1700 MHz videosoprotsessor Mali-450 MP4, 700 MHz, 2 GB RAM) and smartphone Jinga Basco M500 3G (OC Android 5.1, the ART runtime, processor MediaTek MT6580, 4 x 1300 MHz videosoprotsessor Mali-400 MP2, 1 GB of RAM).

Google Start


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Simple, stylish and trouble-free – so you can characterize the free “launcher» Google Start. But in general, to be more precise, what the given program? We read it in detail.

Main features “launcher» Google Start:

  • Swipe right to open Google Now and tips to get the necessary information in the right place at the right time;

  • Look for the information on any page of the main screen;

  • Say “OK, Google», to start a voice search, send SMS, launch music, and more;

  • Easy search on the device and on the Google Play by alphabetical list with quick scrolling;

  • Applications that you’re looking for is in the list above the rest.

Getting Started


Since OC Android 4.0, Google the company has created a common interface for all of its systems and gadgets that more stylized and improved from version to version.

But not all device manufacturers have agreed with this approach, for example, the Samsung as a “molded” the TouchWiz all their devices, and “sculpts”. And Google employees, it was decided to lay out in the open access of the very skin that was used in the Nexus line of devices.

253x449 89 KB Big one:. 720x1280 589 KB  253x449  25 KB Big one:. 720x1280 64 KB

The appearance of Google Start with a five-inch smartphone screen ..


Google Start, namely the so-called interface, offers a completely “stock” look. Working screen presented classical unchanged net labels, the size of which depends on the diagonal of the smartphone and DPI.

Google search bar is present in the upper part. During its activity corresponds to an application service Google Now. If earlier it was possible to remove or install the jacket and continued to be fully operational, with the exception of research, it is now “launcher” completely depend on it.

By the way, if you make a “knight’s move”, rather swipe to the right on the main screen, then we have to open Google Now assistant said.

253x449 65 KB Big one:. 720x1280 383 KB  253x449  47 KB Big one:. 720x1280 212 KB


In addition to the shortcuts on the desktop can be placed and graphic modules (widgets). However, they do not scale.

253x449 94 KB Big one:. 720x1280 677 KB


It is also worth noting the presence of Google branded wallpaper. They are completely transferred with the latest relevant system, it is now OC Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

253x449 78 KB Big one:. 720x1280 327 KB  253x449  90 KB Big one:. 720x1280 412 KB


The menu with the installed applications in the Google Start looks interesting. If in the earliest versions of the system, starting with 1.0. menu scrolls vertically, to the OC Android 2.2 / 2.3-4.0 developers switched to horizontal scrolling.

Now, Google returns to the roots and makes vertically to scroll through the menu. Besides adding a search bar and make the four most used application on the most prominent place – top of the list.

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And this is how Google Start looking at a seven-inch screen tablet.




350x300 131 KB


Google does not change himself, and that in the shell Google Start no settings. However, craftsmen are not asleep. They dismantled the application by cogs and released application module Xposed GEL Settings for Xposed Framework. Through this program we will be able to set up a grid of shortcuts on the desktop, to increase / decrease the size of icons, font and many other parameters. All this depends on the version of the application and the specific device.

Do not forget that for Xposed Framework need root privileges. Additionally, we recommend that you make a backup copy of the system overall, since the program alters the essential components of the system, affecting the operation of the mobile device.



Google Start works great on any device with OC Android 4.1 and newer. This shell does not require your device’s modern processor, hundreds of MB of RAM and at the same time will delight you with a fast and smooth operation. That’s what creates the optimization of life-giving!

application version

The size distribution

Application Size Installed

RAM consumption
30-50 MB

One of the drawbacks of Google «launcher”, which relates to its performance – the need for Google Now assistant. This application is quite resource-intensive, creates additional load on the processor and memory and increases battery consumption.

253x449 69 KB Big one:. 720x1280 282 KB  253x449  36 KB Big one:. 720x1280 124 KB

Programmers from Google did something with the application and required to activate a full waiver of the standard” launcher “. And MIUI firmware 7 and later, it is in principle impossible, since the Chinese developers completely “looked over” system under its own way.

I will specify that the method of activation of the launcher “craftsmen” did not work. It is possible that Google Start will not work on other customized firmware, this time to check.


Google Start – one of the best skins for android-devices. It is simple, stylish and current, as developed by employees of Google. The shell can install and forget about it for a long time, it does not cause any problems and not satisfactory as if Google Start is present on all the default gadgets.

The product itself is completely free and contains no advertising. Likewise can be said about the settings, and about functions. Google has Google, all of the applications as much as possible simplified and standardized for the understanding of a large number of users.


 245x245  31 KB

Skachat Google Start
for android-devices
from Google Play

Скачать Xposed GEL Settings
for android-devices
from Google Play


Developer Google Inc.
Cost FREE.
To OC Android 4.1 and later.

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