Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Competitor Prisma application appeared on Android – Information portal of ICT-Online

Mlvch, a program for processing images on mobile devices, received Android-version. The main competitor Mlvch Prisma program, a priori considered a leader as this version does not have.

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Photo service Mlvch – Malevich, ahead of its main competitor, the Prisma application, the first to register in Google Play. Android-version of the application is available for download, while developers Prisma more iOS-version is not yet gone.

The application by the developers considered Mlvch Russian analogue of Prisma. iOS-version of the program was inferior competitor in speed, and the opportunities, but now, according to the information available, the functionality of both development caught up

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Mlvch version for iPhones and aypadov worked slowly, and its services are pricey. Without money per day can be processed only one photo. For every following treatment owner demanded 75 rubles. The process took up to twenty minutes, while Prisma worked instantly. Anton Pronin, head Mlvch development team assures that the gap from the leader overcome. The application works quickly, and pricing policy with the release of Android-version has changed. There was a free version of Light (Light) with disabilities, but quick work, one shot takes no more than a quarter of a second. Advanced Pro version allows you to work with pictures of better quality, and number of treatments for which no fees, increased to five. Then it is necessary to lay out the 49 rubles for a snapshot or 249 per dozen.

According to Anton Pronin, is working to improve the level of quality applications and a reduction in prices for services. In particular, we are talking about increasing the opportunities Light-version.

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