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Analysts: iPad defeated Android-plates -

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In II quarter 2013 deliveries tablets running Google Android operating system in the world market for the first time exceeded the supply of tablets iPad, on the platform of Apple iOS, according to ABI Research. Specific figures the company has not led.

In addition, manufacturers of Android tablets have reached parity with Apple in terms of money. At the end of the II quarter of this year, tablets were sold in the amount of $ 12.7 billion, which Apple, on the one hand, and all the other vendors, on the other, divided equally.

Analysts also noted that the average selling price of iPad is fast approaching the average market value of Android-plates. Over the last year the average price of iPad decreased by 17%, while the average price of other brands of tablets – has increased by the same amount.

decrease in the average prices of iPad due to the shift of customer demand for lower-cost 7.9-inch model iPad mini. According to analysts, in the II quarter of iPad mini formed 60% of all deliveries and brought the Apple iPad 49% of all proceeds from the sale of the plates.

Total delivery of tablets in the period from April to June 2013 increased by 23% compared to the same period last year.

Analysts have long said that Apple is gradually losing its position in the tablet market.

iPad conceded superiority in the tablet market platform Android

According to Strategy Analytics, in the II quarter of 2013 the share of Apple in the global tablet market in the figure fell almost doubled to 28.3% compared with 47.2% in the same period last year. The company’s share has decreased not only due to the rapid growth of the other players, but also for the reason that the supply of its own tablet, iPad, decreased by 14% compared to the same period last year (to 14.6 million units).

dwindling supply of iPad in the II quarter of this year, analysts attributed the lack of new models: the specified period, the Company did not provide any new products, while last year just before the II quarter, in March, was announced the iPad with a display Retina. On the other hand, a year ago in the line of Apple was not the tablet iPad mini.

According to IDC, in I quarter of 2013 the share of Apple in the tablet market fell to 39.6% from 58.1% in I quarter of 2012

recall that their first iPad, Apple introduced in January 2010 and started its sales in April of the same year. To date, the market was supplied over 140 million tablets iPad.

Tools month. Review of Android-application of September - BBC News

Vesti.Haytek continue to monitor the most interesting Android-apps that have appeared in Google Play or received a major update for the month. September memorable fun retrokvestom Simon The Sorcerer, an alternative e-mail client for Gmail and “Yandex” Evomail, “wiser” Antivirus AntiVirus Security, RRS-awaited book text from Digg and something else.


first mailer Evomail appeared on the i-devices, and has now come and Android-version. Use it very simply: delete, mark or label archiving messages is by using one of the finger, so that with the extensive flow of messages can be straightened in a few minutes.

In general, the Android-client were introduced all the same features that are at version for “iPhones”: push-notifications of new messages, folders, correspondence history and shake the gadget to cancel. In addition to Gmail, the program supports the system “Yandex”, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, and other IMAP-services.

Evomail is free. Need to install Android 4.0 or later.


Digg – simple and undemanding RSS-reader from the creators of the eponymous resource. Web version of a news aggregator we mentioned in the review of alternatives to Google Reader. Since the program started for i-gadgets, and on September 12 – and for Android.

Reader can be called a mixture of the most popular articles on the site Digg (there is always something to read) and a minimalist RSS-reading room with a pleasant interface. The application is much like Feedly: You can add new subscriptions, and organize them into folders spread the news on social networks, put off for later reading (there is integration with Instapaper, Pocket and by Digg).

Digg is a free download in Google Play.


Against Simplenote – probably the easiest in the world “zametochnogo” service – even Google Keep it may seem confusing program. Compulsory registration would be required. But it is better to have a Simplenote account, if you want to synchronize between different devices – a browser on a PC, smart phones and Apple e-book reader Kindle.

To create a new note, you have to press the button with the plus. The first line acts as a header and written in large letters, and all the following, the main text – small. To quickly find entries on the overall theme, you can add tags. Search by content is instantaneous; also have the ability to attach special importance to note the top of the list.

Simplenote, which last year bought Automattic, the developer platform WordPress, and will soon release a client for the Mac. Is also preparing a new version of the iPhone-app, which will be maintained in the style of iOS 7.

Simplenote is available for free in the store Google.

Simon The Sorcerer

Adventure Quest about a young wizard Simon – ordinary teenager who accidentally fell into the fantasy world and wants to go home. The first part of the series (for DOS and Amiga) came out in 1993, the last – in 2009. Simon The Sorcerer – not an ordinary “port” on the operating system Android. The developers have optimized all the graphics for HD-displays, adapted for touch control game and spent the remastered music.

However, fans of nostalgia can bring back all the old settings and even with the mouse. Knowing a foreign language is necessary: ??the characters “speak” in English or German with subtitles in Spanish, French, Italian or Hebrew. The audience like the game: from 225 to 199 Google Play set her “top five”.

about the adventures of Simon’s Quest is 138 rubles. If the amount of your internal memory is very limited, keep in mind that the distribution of the game “weighs” 363 MB.

AVG AntiVirus Security

In September of AVG AntiVirus from AVG Mobile received a major update. Errors have been corrected, you can automatically activate the economy, if the battery has started to wane. Also improved service “antitheft” (Anti-Theft). First, if someone makes 3 wrong attempts, picking PIN-code, the smartphone will start to shoot an intruder and secretly send his photos to you by email. Second, if someone replaces SIM-card, the device is automatically locked.

AVG not only protects against viruses in your browser, third-party applications, and SMS. He still knows how to “kill” stale tasks, to monitor the flow of traffic, and battery. However, these features are available only in the Pro-version. Rating program is quite high: 4.6 of 5 points (473 thousand people gave him five “stars”).

basic version of AVG is free and “premium” – for 160 rubles. C other antivirus for Android, as well as safety tips, you can find in our review.


Since September 19 office suite Quickoffice is free as Android, and on iOS. Previously, he was worth $ 15-20. The package includes three editors – text, spreadsheets and presentations. Documents are automatically saved and synchronized with the “Turn.” By the way, if you read our review and had to go to the program under a Google account before September 26, you will be granted free 10 gigabytes in the “cloud” storage.

Quickoffice is completely free.


C Quip we met in the review of the best text editors for the tablet iPad. Android on its capabilities are the same: the program allows you not only to discuss, but also co-edited writing. So when chatting (left screenshot), over one and the same document (right), several people can work in real time. The changes made by the authors, are immediately displayed on the screen.

Download Quip is available for free at Google Play.


Hotspotio can talk about their “hot spot” Wi-Fi and in return get a thank you on Facebook or Twitter. Running the application, you can view a list of available networks, or include “distribution” Wireless Internet from a smartphone.

creators Hotspotio for your creation do not take money. You can download it in Google Play.

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Tablets with Android Market intercepted at Apple iPad -

ABI Research, . , , Android Apple iPad.

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-, ABI Research , iPad .

17% 23%. , . , IPad mini 7,9 60% iPad 49% .

12 7. . iPad .

, iPad 17% 17%. iPad iPad mini, .

,, Apple.


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Players announced Sony NW-F880 and NW-ZX1 Walkman on Android - Hi-Tech World

Players Announced Sony NW-F880 and NW-ZX1 Walkman on Android

Sony has announced a new player in Japan Sony NW-F880 and NW-ZX1, ??owned by the well-known line of Walkman. Both models are running OS Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and feature 4 “Triluminous touch screen with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels, have on-board wireless adapters Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and an NFC chip, and support the technology S-Master MX Digital Amplifier, providing high-quality sound.

Model NW-F880 series has expanded media players Sony F-series. The device is based on dual-core processor OMAP4 Cortex-A9 processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, supports FLAC and WAV, providing a higher quality music than MP3. To control playback of music tracks on the player’s side of the unit has physical buttons.

To purchase options will be available to the player with 16, 32 and 64 GB of flash memory, respectively NW-F885, NW-F886 and NW-F887. 32-GB version of the NW-F886 was unveiled at the IFA 2013 in Berlin under the name Sony Walkman F886. Players NW-F880 will be available in the case of white, black, blue and pink color, 16-Gbyte version – only in black and white versions.

 Players Announced Sony NW-F880 and NW-ZX1 Walkman on Android

Media Player NW-ZX1 is classified as hi-end-devices. About processor NW-ZX1 not yet known, and the capacity of the flash memory player is 128 GB. The player supports the following technologies S-Master MX Digital Amplifier and Clear Audio from Sony, providing “clean, involving sound with clear Stereo separation, by which each instrument can be heard very clearly.” In order to eliminate the effect of noise on the sound quality was abandoned in the NW-ZX1 from FM-radio and noise reduction features.

 Players Announced Sony NW-F880 and NW-ZX1 Walkman on Android

New items go on sale in Japan on October 19. The cost of the 16-GB version of the NW-F885 is $ 274, NW-F886 (32GB) – $ 304 and NW-F887 with 64 GB of memory – $ 405. Player NW-ZX1 will be available in silver with a price of $ 760.

Affordable and powerful Android-based smartphone - GOCLEVER QUANTUM 4 - Chronicle of world events

Affordable and powerful Android-based smartphone - GOCLEVER QUANTUM 4 In Ukraine, the company introduced a new smartphone GOCLEVER Quantum 4 based on Android, which is celebrated a full set of attributes that are characteristic of the most modern and powerful mobile devices: flexible operating system Android 4.2, powerful dual-core, high-quality IPS-display, two slots for SIM-cards with support for 3G, built-in GPS-receiver.

New works on based on high-performance dual-core Cortex A7 processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz along with a powerful graphics controller Mali400MP2, which is able to easily cope with the playback of HD-video, and most demanding games. Besides Quantum 4 is equipped with a 4-inch IPS-screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. The smartphone is light and proximity sensors.

In the device also involves 512 MB of RAM and flash memory drive permanent memory of 4 GB, which, incidentally, can be extended by using memory cards microSD (maximum 32 GB ). Among other important features you should highlight the presence of two cameras (2-megapixel camera on the back has a flash, a front facing 0.3-megapixel sensor), two slots for SIM-cards, standard 3.5 mm audio jack, a port microUSB 2.0, the module Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi b / g / n, built-in GPS-receiver and FM-radio.

GOCLEVER Quantum 4 will be supplied with the operating system Android 4.2. The software part of the smartphone will also include a set of useful applications, including office software, client access to the e-book store, customers are Facebook and Skype, educational programs for children, exclusive games from GOCLEVER, and free navigation software.

Dimensions of the device are as follows: 127x64x9, 8 mm, weight – 130 g smartphone will be offered in two color variants of the chassis design: white and black. Users will also be able to change the look of your device, using one of five different color covers the back of the case: Royal Blue – Blue, Lime Green – Lime, Sky Blue – Sky Blue, Hot Pink – Pink, Wild Red – Red.

See also: GOCLEVER announced a series of universal tablet ARIES. Photo

Quantum 4 in the near future will be available at retail in Ukraine. Its recommended price is 899 USD.

If you have found a mistake in the text, select it with the mouse and press Ctrl + Enter

GoClever QUANTUM 4 - four-inch Android-based smartphone for 899 USD - Computer Review

GoClever QUANTUM 4 - four-inch smartphone for Rs 899

The features of the new smartphone GoClever is to use a dual-core processor, the operating system Android 4.2, a built-in receiver GPS, two slots for SIM-cards with support for 3G, and IPS-display.

hardware platform includes a CPU model Cortex A7 processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz and the graphics core Mali400MP2. A four-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 800×480 is equipped with a light sensor and proximity. The device has 4 GB of internal flash memory for storing files and applications, 512 MB of RAM, two cameras (main camera flash added), a slot for memory cards microSD HC (maximum capacity of 32 GB). Connectivity options capability include port microUSB 2.0, 3.5mm standard audio jack, adapters, wireless interfaces, WiFi b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0, built-in FM-radio receiver and GPS.

With dimensions of 127 x 64 x 9 8 mm, the device weighs only 130 grams and comes in two colors – black and white.

Soon QUANTUM 4 will be available at retail in Ukraine for a suggested price of USD 899.

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Spire Bliss 9 Pro +: inexpensive 9 "Android 4.2 tablet with dual-core CPU - THG

September 27, 2013, 10:38

Company Spire has released an affordable tablet computer Bliss 9 Pro + on the platform of Android 4.2, which is built on a dual-core processor Boxchip A20 processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz, equipped with Mali-400 graphics MP2 and is equipped with 9 “multi-touch display with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels.


New feature 1 GB of DDR3 RAM and 8GB of internal flash memory that can be expanded by connecting micro-SD/SDHC cards up to 32 GB. The rear 2-megapixel camera is complemented by front VGA-camera. The integrated media player handles the majority of the most popular formats. Another module is to equip the 3G and Wi-Fi 802.11b / g, G-sensor, connector micro-USB, DC-input as well as a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. Running capacity rechargeable battery provides a capacity of 4000 mAh. Dimensions of housing in black or white are 238x148x12 mm. Weight of the device is 490

For the European market price for the product is set at 140 euros. Massive sales of the tablet has already begun.

Earlier edition posted monthly updated stuff that really tried to recommend the best ultrabook in any price range – from just over 20 000, to Flagship solutions cost more than 50,000 rubles. Introduced in June 2013 processors Haswell, which replaced the generation of chips Ivy Bridge, show even more impressive combination of speed and enorgoeffektivnosti and are designed to improve the already outstanding performance of modern ultrabooks. A list of the most successful models and a brief description can be found in the article “ Best Ultrabook : the current market analysis”.

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McAfee noted a sharp increase in Android-Harmful - SayberCekyuriti.Ru

Laboratory of McAfee released a report on the threats for the second quarter of 2013, which recorded an unprecedented since the beginning of 2012 the growth of malicious programs for devices based on the operating system Android. It reached 35%. The tendency is accompanied by a steady increase in the number of malicious programs designed to steal SMS-to online banking, fake applications for dating and fun, intentionally modified versions of trusted applications, including malware, issued for useful utilities.

In the second quarter of lab McAfee registered more than double in the first quarter of the new sample programs for extortion. Thus, in 2013, they found more than in all previous years combined.

The second quarter also showed a rise in the number of suspicious URL-addresses on the 16% increase in the number of malicious programs, authentic signed certificates increased by 50%. In addition, the documented cases of large-scale cyber attacks and electronic espionage, including attacks on the Bitcoin system and expose the operation “Troy”, aimed at military targets the U.S. and South Korea.

Analysts McAfee identified a number of common strategies for mobile espionage, used by hackers to obtain money and sensitive information from the victims:

Malware in online banking. In many banks, which implements two-factor authentication, users log in to their accounts, indicating your name, password, and a transaction number that comes to their mobile device as a text message (mTAN). Analysts McAfee found four serious malware for mobile phones that first intercept user names and passwords, and then intercept SMS-message containing the credentials required for access to bank accounts. This allows an attacker to gain direct access to the accounts and funds transfer.

Fake apps for dating. McAfee lab found a huge increase in the number of applications for dating and entertainment that people are tricked into subscribing to non-existent paid services. Lonely people are trying to get access to profiles of potential partners and other content, but disappointed to learn that fell for a scam. In addition to profits from the sale of rights of access to the profiles of attackers gain additional revenue by selling user information and personal data were stolen from a mobile device.

Applications Trojans. Analysts have identified increased activity of spyware in the form of modified versions of trusted applications. Modified versions of the applications collect confidential user information (contacts, call logs, SMS-messages, location) and unload the data to the attacker’s server.

Fake utility. Cyber ??criminals also use applications that claim to be useful tools, but actually set spyware, hackers collecting and transmitting valuable personal data.

«Cyber ??crime in the area of ??mobile technologies is becoming increasingly clear outline to the extent that as cybercrime groups decide what tactics are most effective and profitable, “- says Vincent Weafer, senior vice president Labs McAfee. – “As in other developed areas of cybercrime, the desire to make a profit by breaking the bank accounts of criminals forces to overcome the technical difficulties associated with the digital system bypass trust. In some tactics of spreading malicious programs disguised as applications for dating and entertainment is successful because of the fact that such schemes are not given due attention, while others simply aim to get that in the world of mobile devices is the most common currency – users ‘personal data’ .

Along with mobile threats in the second quarter of the ongoing trends have been identified that appear to adapt to the emerging possibilities of attack and defeat the weak spots in the infrastructure business, as well as in the inventive combination of noise, distractions and damage to mask the complex targeted attacks:

Programs-extortionists. In the last two quarters of McAfee registered more samples of ransomware programs than in all previous years combined. The number of new unique patterns found in the second quarter exceeded 320,000, is more than twice the rate of the first quarter and confirms the profitability of this tactic.

Malicious programs with a digital signature. The number of malware signed authentic certificates increased by 50% to 1.2 million new samples – this is a significant increase since the recession that began to show in the first quarter. This trend threatens inevitably lead to the erosion of confidence in the global infrastructure of trusted certificates.

Suspicious URL-address. Growth in the number of suspicious URL-address in the second quarter suggests that the “infected” sites continue to play a major role as a mechanism to spread malicious programs. At the end of June, the number of detected suspicious McAfee URL-addresses has reached 74.7 million, up 16% over the first quarter.

volume of spam. The global volume of spam has grown throughout the second quarter. There were more than 5.5 trillion messages. This is about 70% of the global volume of e-mail in the same period.

attacks on Bitcoin. A sudden increase in activity in the market in the last quarter of Bitcoin and attracted the attention of cybercriminals. Along with the distributed attacks such as “denial of service» (DDoS), a group of cyber criminals infect their victims with malware, computer resources to generate and theft of virtual currency.

Operation “Troy.” Analysts McAfee found that attacks on banks and media companies in South Korea in March and June of this year, in fact, have been associated with a prolonged campaign of cyber espionage, launched back in 2009. These computer-technical examinations suggest that the campaign was designed to carry out attacks on military targets in the United States and South Korea for the purpose of detection and removal of confidential files, and, if necessary, to destroy the compromised systems through attacks on the master boot record ( MBR).

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Samsung has blocked the Android-smartphones / SOTOVIK


bought in Europe to use the communicator in Russia will not be.

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How would it look


Samsung has blocked the Android-smartphones / SOTOVIK


bought in Europe to use the communicator in Russia will not be.

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company announced sales in Russia Nokia 515 phone in the premium classic design.

bought in Europe to use the communicator in Russia will not be.

… with income from its sales, which is higher than earn Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Boeing, Intel, and Coca-Cola.

… selling them three to four times more expensive than the cost.

Continued compact Apple-tablet will be released in the near future.

… because the business of network infrastructure equipment is now in priorities.

… September 28 in recreation park “Sokolniki».

… right up to the spring of next year.

… budget “dvuhsimochnik».

Apple quickly cope with the problems.

Search for missing items.

According to the rating

The Boston Consulting Group.

… to create a fourth mobile operator.

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Shadowrun Returns is now available on iOS and Android - 3DNews

R?R?R?R?R?R?S?, 26 S?R?R?S, S?R ± S?S?, S?R?S?S, R?S?R “S?S? R?R?R” R?R?R ¶ ° R?R R?R?S

«R?R?R?R?R P °” ° Ð ¶ R?S?R?R the PS R?R ° F number F · R?R?R? (Jordan Weisman) S?R?R · R?R ° P “R?S?ReR?ReR?R ° P” S?R?S

S?R?S? – R?S?R?R?R?R?R?R?R?S, ReS?R?R?R ° P “Re S?R?R” PEP S?R · · S?R ° F ° F ± R?S, C ‡ ReR?Re pep · ft S?R?ReRe Harebrained Schemes. – R’S?R?R “R?R?R?R ° S? Shadowrun R?S

R § C R?R ± C

PC Re R?R?S?S?ReRe R?ReS ‡ R?R? R?R? R?S, P “P ° ‡ res S?S, S?S? R?S, R?R ° S?ReR R?S °, P ° R?R” S? PC Re S?R?R?R?S?R ¶ ° F, S, R ¶ R? R? 12 -15 ° C ‡ P S?R?R? ReR?S?R?R?R?R?R? R?S?R?S † R?S?S?R ° R?S?R?R?S Re

P ‘° S?R?R?R S?R? S?R “R?R?S?S?S R?R?R? R?R?R?R ° ‰ PI R?S?R?R?R ° Ð ¶ S? R?R?S?S, S?R?ReS, S?S?R ¶ R?S, R?R?R? R?R?R?R?R” R?R?R?ReR? Berlin S? R?R?R?S

R?R ° C, ° F R?S?ReR “C

R? ft R?S ‡ R?ReR?:

Sony has introduced a new Android-player Walkman - Mail.Ru

Sony has announced a new line of players Walkman – premium unit NW-ZX1, ??as well as 3 color variants of the line NW-F880. All of them are running OS Android.

New series of NW-F880 come in three versions: 16GB NW-F885, 32GB NW-F886 and 64GB NW-F887. All devices support the ability to play 24 bit/192 kHz lossless audio formats FLAC, WAV, and have physical buttons on the body to control the playback (not needed once again to activate the touch screen).

Sony introduced & # x430; new Android-Walkman Players Sony introduced & # x430; new Android-Walkman Players

Sony introduced & # x430; new Android-Walkman Players Sony introduced & # x430; new Android-Walkman Players

NW-ZX1 – this premium product in a metal case. There is a FM-radio, and digital noise reduction system to reduce possible interference and a more pure sound. The player comes with 128 GB of internal memory and a digital amplifier Sony S-Master HX, reducing distortion and noise in all frequency bands. Included with this player headphones do not go to music lovers can enjoy high-quality sound using their expensive copies.

Sony introduced & # x430; new Android-Walkman Players Sony introduced & # x430; new Android-Walkman Players

Sony introduced & # x430; new Android-Walkman Players Sony introduced & # x430; new Android-Walkman Players

All players have a 4-inch display with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels and a technology Sony Triluminos. Inside F880 – a dual-core OMAP4 Cortex-A9 chip with a clock speed of 1 GHz, the processor ZX1 Sony does not inform. New running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and feature modules, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC (for fast connection to wireless speakers or headphones).

NW-F880 are available in white, black, blue and pink (64 GB only in white or black). 16 GB version costs 274 dollars, 32GB – $ 304, 64GB – $ 405. NW-ZX1 can only be silver, its price – $ 760. In Japan, the device will be available from October 19, the global release is not reported.

Read also about the unique players Walkman series WH designed 3-in-1.

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Dmitry Smirnov, dmitriy.smirnov @
Source: Android Community


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iOS 7 surpassed Android in user satisfaction rating of Pfeiffer Consulting - 3DNews

Immediately after the release of iOS 7 research firm Pfeiffer Consulting compared the convenience of the interface of the new mobile OS on the market. According to the researchers, is now competition between manufacturers is precisely in the field of user interface.

The Hardware gradually fades into the background, much more important is easy to use device. Pfeiffer Consulting conducted a comparison of iOS 6, iOS 7, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, and Android interface with a shell from Samsung. Their choice, they explained to the high popularity of smartphones South Korean manufacturer. Comparisons were held on four criteria.

first criterion – intuitive: how easy to master control system.

second criterion – Efficiency: how well the important services are integrated into the OS.

third criterion – the ability to customize “under itself”: the user can modify the interface of the system in accordance with their own personal tastes.

fourth criterion – a problem in the user experience: here came literally anything that might annoy the user when working with a smartphone, such as dialog boxes and obsessive constantly tooltips and notifications.

On set of criteria in the first place was the iOS 7. In second place with the same total score is iOS 6. Third place went to Android version from Samsung.


Pfeiffer Consulting noted that Android was able to circumvent iOS only one criterion – the ability to change the interface. The last place on this indicator in Windows Phone 8, which received only 2 points out of a possible 10. The remaining results are presented in the summary table.

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Fake "killer SMS for iPhone» stole the data users Android -

See also:

owners of Android-devices able to download the app iMessage Chat, which provides access to the business of short messaging service Apple iMessage. Apple is not related to the development of applications: it was published in Google Play some Daniel Tsveygartom (Daniel Zweigart). The service itself is officially available for devices running operating systems other than iOS and Mac OS X

attractiveness service gives the ability to determine at the destination SMS owner iOS-device and automatically use the free channel iMessage instead of paid SMS.

According to the user, who managed to install the application, it really works, allowing you to exchange messages with the owners of the iPhone and iPad with the closed protocol Apple iMessage. For application servers, Apple iMessage Chat appeals on behalf of a non-existent computer Mac mini.

Security iMessage Chat, however, is questionable. Author unofficial repository software for iOS Cydia Jay Freeman (Jay Freeman) says that all the messages sent via iMessage Chat, get on a server in China, which apparently belongs to the creator of the program. The application is able to send to the Chinese server details Apple ID as a user, and perhaps its counterparties by correspondence, iMessage Chat. These Apple ID is required for the processing of the protocol iMessage Chat.

Another developer Steven Troughton-Smith (Steven Troughton-Smith) indicates that the application is endowed with the ability to background download and install mobile APK-files. This means that it can be downloaded from the Android-based smartphone or tablet malicious code without the knowledge of the owner.

At the time of publication of the application of this material has been removed from Google Play, according to 9to5 Mac, however, prior to the cancellation, the program set from 10 thousand to 50 thousand people. Application to run on all versions of Android, from 2.2

iMessage Chat

According to the Apple, iMessage should be available only to owners of iOS-devices and computers to Mac OS X. Service allows you to send instant messages, supports emoticons and sending images. Users can see the DSN and separately – on reading the messages with the time. Apple has plans to release apps for competing platforms, unlike the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry planned to provide users with Android and iOS able to download the app for instant messaging BlackBerry Messenger over the weekend, but the launch was postponed indefinitely.