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In Google Chrome 28 beta for Android adds the translation bar - 3DNews

26.05.2013 [15:09], Ivan Agueyev

Users who frequently visit foreign websites, are familiar with the function of the desktop version of Google Chrome, as the translation bar. This feature allows you to quickly translate the site into their native language.

Now Google has added the translation bar in Chrome 28 beta for Android-powered devices. Now, when you visit sites whose language is different from the language of the area in which the user is located, the mobile version of Chrome will be able to translate the information on the website in their native language.

In addition, Google Chrome 28 beta adds full-screen mode for tablets. Another innovation – comfortable graphs showing how much traffic has saved using compression technology Google. The new beta version is already available for download.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Released popular OS revealed - Corporate News Agency KorpoMIR

& Poyavilas # x44C; information about Dr. , ath output Android 4.3 Photo:

American multinational corporation that invests in a search service, cloud computing, and advertising – Google Inc. no longer contributes to anxious waiting people.

As it became known, the new version of the most anticipated Android 4.3 operating system will be available for 10 June. Information about this appeared in the blog Android and Me, the source remains anonymous.

significant changes the new version does not have, most likely it will be minor changes. The most important will be the support for wireless personal area networks Bluetooth, characterized by very low power consumption – Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE.

Around the same time, the company will supply a smartphone co-developed by LG Electronics and Google Inc. – Nexus 4. It is known that the new product will be available in white color and will not have any differences from the previously released version in a black casing.

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Facebook and Twitter Basics & # x430; relatively cooking ed to the output GoogleGlass Facebook and Twitter thoroughly preparing to enter GoogleGlass


largest social network in the world – Facebook with a system that allows users to send short text notes, using the web interface – Twitter, presented their own applications under GoogleGlass.

Microsoft Corporation decided to & # x443; stepping Google Inc. Microsoft Corporation has decided to give Google Inc.


already started the confrontation between Microsoft Corporation and Google Inc. on the basis of a mobile version of the service that provides video hosting service YouTube, the first conceded search giant.

Andrew Mae yson going on & # x442; cover incubate Op startups Andrew Mason intends to open a startup incubator


former head of USA collective discounts Groupon – Andrew Mason said in a blog post to users about what he intends to leave New York in order to establish a new type of business in San Francisco.

Samsung has earned more than $ 5 billion on the Android-based smartphone - FINANCE.UA

25.05.2013 22:00

In the first quarter of 2013, Samsung has once again become the largest smartphone vendor in the world, controlling more than 30% of the market. However, the financial performance of the South Korean manufacturer for the period were even more impressive.

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, from January to March inclusive market of “smart” phones running the Android operating system made a profit of $ 5.3 billion USA . In this case, 94.7% of all the money earned Samsung – its revenues from the sale of Android-smartphone was $ 5.1 billion second place in the list ranked LG from $ 100 million, while other suppliers have got much smaller amounts.

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Automate it. We solve everyday problems on Android - BBC News

on Android-smartphone is often necessary to perform routine actions – to include Wi-Fi as you get home, open the media player when the headset or decrease the sound volume at work. Vesti.Haytek provide an overview of software, which will make life easier by taking these tasks for themselves.

Recall that Android – a platform open source, which means that unlike iOS, it can do almost anything. However, later versions of the operating system Google (4.0 +) vysomye impose restrictions on the automation tools. For example, to use the GPS function to its fullest or switch between 2G-and 3G-networks do not need Android 2.3 above (or firmware CyanogenMod), and Jelly Bean prohibits adjust the volume. Of course, directly related to the scope of system functions can also be bypassed, but it needs to get root-access to the device.

In addition, this kind of program is quite difficult for the average user – with the intricacies of setting numerous rules, triggers, and other algorithms, not everyone will understand. And yet, after spending a couple of hours on them, you can almost completely customize the smartphone to fit your needs and save you much more time.

For example, one of the users with a powerful tool Tasker made it so that when approaching the cottage, Android itself called for the number you want to open the gate with remote control. By gadget while you can never touch. A user of another application, Llama, using it this way: “When I got home – the program includes Wi-Fi and change the profile on ‘Normal.’ Get out of the house – the program turns off Wi-Fi and includes a profile of ‘Loud’. At 23:30 off module GSM (and why the battery at night to wind?) at 6:30 includes GSM. On weekends, audible alarms are disabled before 11 am. ” So the possibility of “Automator” are limited only by your imagination.


Tasker, which we have already mentioned – the most feature-rich tool. The utility interface is divided into three parts: Profiles (“Profiles”) – this specifies a list of conditions under which must be made to an action, Tasks (“Objectives”) – for the actions themselves, which are tied to the profiles, and Scenes (“Scenes “) – a visual editor automation processes (can be useful if you yourself create the application).

There are 6 types of profiles: if the application is launched, there comes a certain day of the week, the exact time of an event, or if the user is close to a point on the map (you can set the radius and turn off GPS, to save battery) or something is going on with your smartphone – is changing the orientation, connects USB-cable, charging falls. Actions can be almost what you want (search the web, send SMS, call, open the file and much more).

Unfortunately, the full documentation for Tasker not, and Russian language she translated, so be prepared to have to master the tool itself. It extends for nearly $ 100. Before payment, be sure to check with a free trial-version (up to 7 days), which can be downloaded from the developer’s site.

It requires Android: depends on the device;
Developer: Crafty Apps;
Rating Google Play: 4,6 (13 284).


“Automator” tied for geolocation. Define the area (home, work, cottage or any other area), specify profile (without sound, loud, quiet, or build your own), and associate them with events in the desired time period. In general, the principle of operation is similar to the Llama Tasker: can perform actions (lock the screen to switch to silent mode, to “kill” all the processes that run the program, restart, reduce screen brightness, etc.), based on the time of day and day of the week, The battery, calendar, headset, etc.

Compared with Tasker, the available tasks in less Llama, but there are two indisputable advantages: the application is localized, and there are pre-event (such as “Silent Night” – a zone of “House” between 2200 and 6:30 change the profile to “Silent”). Calculates the location is not on the GPS, and the signals from cell phone towers and access points Wi-Fi.

It requires Android: depends on the device;
Developer: KebabApps;
Rating Google Play: 4,7 (8525).


stand out against other utilities simplicity and clarity. At the start screen displays two sections: “My Rules” – a list of personal triggers / actions and “Shop Rules” – from here you can download ready-made scripts created by other users (GPS off when downloading maps include vibration after the battery is fully charged, activate Bluetooth a car, etc.).

After installing AutomateIt users are six basic rules – to lower the volume when headphones are connected, to warn of low battery, turn off the sound in the night, and others. Selection of triggers and actions is very large, almost like Tasker, and each is provided with a description in Russian. Basic functionality AutomateIt wide, but if you want to, for example, to read the sensors, combined add rules to take into account the events calendar, you need to purchase the paid version (68 rubles)

It requires Android: from 2.2;
Developer: SmarterApps Ltd;
Rating Google Play: 4,3 (2360).

Android Automate

Home “chip” AA – ability to cling to the event sequence of different actions. Supports rules that do not have many other utilities, if there is a change SIM-card can record what is happening from a smartphone to a file, to track the position and send them to your email or take a photo for shake-up device.

The rest is easy. Create a “program”, assign a trigger (cross to the left), and its associated event (cross to the right). In the Pro-version (68 rubles) Android Automate available, some advanced features disabled and pop-up ads.

It requires Android: from 2.2;
Developer: monkeysoft;
Rating Google Play: 3,4 (25).

Profile Scheduler

‘ll do, if you do not want to create a profile from scratch, as in Tasker. You can select and configure one of five ready-made (“Normal,” Meeting “,” quiet “,” Night, “” On the Street “). Example, in the” night “mode, just place the switches as needed (vibration motor, speaker volume, white list of contacts, data / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, brightness, “wallpaper”, run applications, etc.).

profiles include yourself if you meet some of the rules. For example, if you want to turn on the regime, “The Street” (with GPS), when you enter the car, add a condition to the rule of “docking station.” Feature Profile Scheduler – to define the desired volume call or SMS received from each contact, regardless of the selected profile.

It requires Android: from 2.2;
Developer: Wetpalm;
Rating Google Play: 4,3 (3416).

NFC Task Launcher

The purpose of this program – support for NFC-tags as triggers. You can paste a “smart” sticker on your desktop or dashboard of the car, and when the smartphone will next take off – the utility will perform a specific action. In Russia, a set of five NFC-tags is 500-600 rubles.

Importantly, the program allows you to do without them, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. For example, if your smartphone is connected to a home or office network, you can change the sound profile, put out the brightness of the display, lock the device, or send a tweet to check in at Facebook.

It requires Android: from 2.3.3;
Developer: Tagstand;
Rating Google Play: 4,6 (3446).

Android 4.3 spotted on Nexus 4 with a new camera app - Ferra

: ANDROID Google Android 4.3
25.05.2013, 16:23 Ferra,

Android, Google. , Android 4.3 Jelly Bean “” Nexus 4,,, Thailand Mobile Expo. ,,, .

Nexus four

Android 4.3, Nexus 4,,, . , Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) OpenGL ES 3.0 . , Android 4.3 .

: Droid-Life

? Ctrl + Enter

HTC One with a "pure" Android will appear this summer - Ferra

: ANDROID Samsung HTC HTC One Samsung Galaxy S4
25.05.2013, 15:12 Ferra,

, Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Edition, ” “Android, ., HTC One, ,,, “” Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Sense, “” HTC.


, , HTC One Android . , ,,, – Google Play Store. (,, Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Edition). , “” Android , UI.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Created a tiny computer running Android - Rosbalt.RU

WASHINGTON, May 24. Turn an ordinary TV in “smart” panel with the ability to connect to the Internet will help a tiny device called SmartCandy.

Gadget is a microcomputer operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It is equipped with a dual-core processor architecture Rockchip ARM Cortex-A9, functioning at a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz.

Obem RAM is 1 Gbayt.V addition to the 8 GB of non-volatile memory has a slot for microSD, transmits 3Dnews.

All the electronics fit into the case with the dimensions 67h29h12 mm, weight – about ’30 because of such small size was no place for the controller Wi-Fi and USB-ports – user will get them through an optional external adapter.

In addition, you can connect the optional docking station with Ethernet-controller and three USB-connector.

SmartCandy connecting to a TV and a computer network, you can interact with the website, visit the sites of social services, run a variety of Android-apps, download multimedia content.

The price

SmartCandy is not reported.

Join the “life style” VKontakte and Facebook

In view May 25, 2013 Beauty begins with asphalt In the spring heels clattering on the streets, but, alas, the asphalt cracked and potholes on the laid crooked concrete tile. However, the coating – a key design element. He alone can be enough to create a unique space in St. Petersburg.

Free time

F & # x43E; that Alexander Puskas May 24, 2013 without pop festival and fireworks Celebrate the 310th anniversary of St. Petersburg in the next three days will be a kind of experiment – instead of the fireworks show residents of the 4000th performance of the choir at St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and pop music in the Palace Square replaced by opera and jazz.

Free time

F & # x43E; hopes that the Kra with a new May 23, 2013 Turtles in the spotlight Today is World Turtle Day – an animal that symbolizes wisdom, wealth and longevity. Notably, these quiet, slow reptiles are often at the center of unusual events and get into the news feeds. May 23, 2013 cat Behemoth will be the Pokemon Rinat Timerkaev removes the animated feature in the genre of anime based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita . ” This experiment with the classics has a good chance of success. And perhaps the director even lay the groundwork for the emergence of the Russian anime. (& # x415; Capacity video)

May 23, 2013 intelligent approach to beauty In Russia there cosmetics based on extracts of caviar. Today, innovation Israeli scientists allow hundreds of women feel the rejuvenating effect of previously unavailable ingredients.

In view May 22, 2013 In Russia Jolie does not understand Russian doctors are not allowed to remove healthy organs in humans, even in the case of potential risk of disease. Most doctors tend to believe that the operations of Angelina Jolie’s character is more of an extreme PR, than taking care of health.

Dr.Web for Android and Dr.Web for Mac OS X certified by the Russian FSB -

Dr.Web Android 7.0 Dr.Web Mac OS X ( ) 6.0 ., .

& # xFFFD;

Dr.Web Android Mac OS X.. January 2016.

Dr.Web: Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite ( Android), 7.0; Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite (Mac OS X), 6.0; Dr.Web Server Security Suite (Mac OS X Server), 6.0.

Dr . Web.


Music PlayerPro 2.72 - multifunctional media player for Android -

Music PlayerPro . C ,,.

 Music PlayerPro

. , Music PlayerPro -, , ., –


Android 2.0. . 3,30.


Chrome browser for Android updated with fullscreen mode - Ferra

: ANDROID Google Chrome
24.05.2013, 14:47 Ferra,

Google Chrome for Android 27. Chrome for Android 27.0.1453.90 .

Chrome & # xFFFD; Android
Chrome Android

-, ,,, . – ., “”. , .

, Chrome Android, ,. Chrome Android Google Play.


LectureNotes 2.3.1 for Android - handwritten notes on the tablet -

LectureNotes -, ,,, . LectureNotes, ,. LectureNotes, . , (),, 12 . ( ). .

, – “” ( ,,)., . LectureNotes PDF ( , PDF, PDFView). Evernote .

Android 4 PDF.

Android 3.0.,. .


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why iOS users buy software, and users Android - no? - KompyuterraLab

Author: Sergey Golubitskiy May 23, 2013

question posed in the title of the article was not born of my empirical observations after the change iphone to SGS4: out of habit, the exhausted by three years of life with iOS-gadgets, I bought myself properly in Google Play Sea of ??software, I needed to ensure a comfortable transition from iphone.

Not lazy – look now at home bookkeeping: left exactly on 5,111 rubles 76 kopecks. 35 software. As I said, software for Android costs significantly more expensive than iOS, and it was, by the way, one of the biggest for me (unpleasant) surprises.
Whatever it was, buying the program, I, Old Mother bakunianets, guessed that my behavior neophyte, to put it mildly, is not the norm for Android-powered community, though not possessed by any empirical data, especially numbers.

And then I got lucky. Who knows better than anyone how things are going with the purchase of software for Android and especially in comparison with iOS? Obviously, those developers who create software for both platforms! The other day I received a letter from my old good friend Victor Toporkova, CEO of Vito Technology.

first time about Vito, if memory serves, I wrote in “dovecote” in 2005, when he described the program Sound Explorer under “Tactile saga.” In those years, our compatriots (Vito hails from Novosibirsk) regularly worked in the field of Windows Mobile.

Having bought his first iPhone in 2010, I am pleased to see that my old friends had already thoroughly entrenched on the new platform and program were real best-sellers on iOS (Solar Walk, Star Walk and Geo Walk, described by me in “Magic walks”). Today, the collection added Swine Time, Holy Wars and Dino Walk (about the last program going to tell in the next dovecote).

? 040_1

So, the other day I received a letter from Victor, in which he shared his creative plans for the near future, in which one of the prominent place held a long-awaited debut Vito software platform Android. As if anticipating my bewilderment (“Why so late?”), Victor added: “What is really interesting to me, because that’s your opinion, why Android users spend significantly less on the purchase application? It’s not piracy, just for some reason they do not buy the app … Price Ios and Android devices is the same, the products are the same, like Google Play as comfortable shopping … but do not buy. Write about everything. Greatest Hits on Ios, bring on Android 10-100 times less money ».

on “Piracy” ignore: Victor recently spending too much time in Germany, so probably took over from there the manner of writing, all nouns with capital letters :) Well, seriously: Mr. Toporkova confusion about the reluctance of Android users actively buying program for its smartphones and tablets is very significant: otherwise Vito Technology would already released their hits for an alternative platform and sheared dividends. But no! Looks like there is no assurance that the sale will go in vein if not usual for iOS notices, or at least sufficiently brisk to justify the development costs.

? 040_2

suggest the reader not to plant now futile discussion on “Android users buy the software is as smartly as the users iOS, or do not buy” and take for granted the view in my opinion is quite a competent person. Take for granted and try to explain this economic (or psychological?) Phenomenon.
Leave open the discussion topic for the forum thread, and he himself presented to the readers of his own vision.

begin with – I use a good (or foreign grammatical) spelling Vladimir Toporkova – Piracy. I would personally in place of Vladimir, this factor is not so famously cast. I would venture to incur the reproach in the plane of thought, but still put piracy in the first place on the list of reasons why Android users are buying significantly fewer applications than users of iOS.

fact that the installation program skommunizdennoy andofon androplanshet or produced by several orders of magnitude simpler and easier than or iPhones aypada. Actually, there is nothing to install: find a file with the extension. Apk, copy it to the card and run: there he prekrasnenko and installed.

? 040_3

As I have already mastered the matter, out of the box without modifications installed, not all Android-programs – some require special finishing (patch) – but it is not fatal, because there are hundreds of forums that lined almost all of the best programs from Google Play in the same prepared for a hassle-free installation.
That is the situation of piracy on the Android one to one corresponds to what we see on the Windows or Mac OS X (on the last platform protection of 99% of the programs at all symbolic – enough seriynika and firewall ).

On iOS

situation, as I said, is fundamentally different. In order to install a pirated version of the program required (almost wrote – “Root” :) to jailbreak the gadget. With all due respect to Sauriku (I think one’s father Cydia Armenian?) Jailbreak their toys bitten carries a tiny portion of users IOS.
As I have written many times in the dovecote: too little incentive for such a procedure is not comme il faut. Jail to win a little bit, but not so much to lose stability (to me after a grueling rites still managed to overcome all the problems with his jailbreak on the iPhone 5), but rather on the image …!

? 040_4

Yes, yes, do not laugh, my dear fellow coterie turned green robot: jailbreak community yablonutyh lemmings unanimously perceived as pure zapadlo! First of all, because Jail violates the majestic axiom religion Apple, which reads: “Everyone in our church is working perfectly out of the box! Our happiest boy who has been admitted to our great mercy of higher knowledge, but did not dare playful and your measly little hands to encroach on perfection, picking at what you are not worthy! Do not you dare, worthless, destroy the Divine Harmony! »

This tablet secretly boarded up and irrevocably into the brains of every self-respecting yablofana so dzheylbleyk, anyway – and a lot of people miserable, for the most part, casual in a perfect kingdom bitten (strayed sheep from the flock, Android or Windows 8).

Whatever it was, but even performing a jailbreak, find cracked programs for iOS – not a trivial exercise. Repository, which is laid out piratirovanny software, are periodically closed, subjected to persecution, even in a noble community Cydia. I remember I found a newly analogue destroyed repository Installous (Zeusmos, but there is still ppHelper, vShare, and so on.), And tried to register it in Cydia: the headquarters of the jailbreak just tortured my conscience warnings that this repository is unreliable, dangerous and – the main thing! – Shrouded in universal contempt, because distributes stolen software! What horror.

So kommunizdit software on Android is much cheaper, so it is most actively and kommunizdyat. This, in my opinion – the main reason for frail users purchasing activity Android. Main but not the only one. It seems to me that the refusal to fork-out (forking) is also due to the psychology of the typical user Android.

The top of this charming

iceberg I pinched in previous dovecote devoted my migration to SGS4. Add to what has been said the following. Androintal is born … no, do not guess! – No boom, and a rebel ! If anyone’s really God himself commanded buy bust Mikhail Alexandrovich and install it in the red corner of his hut, so it is an amateur Android!

All this impossible OS (and the fact that it is impossible, I finally convinced, though – again, not guessed it – is not going to give up their SGS4 and cross back) is based on the sacred religion of Mother anarchy! Each goes his own way, each alters everything, shovels, rebuilds, reshapes his own way, by itself, to fit your tastes and moods, whatever they may be delusional.

? 040_5


half of the functions assigned by Samsung by default, stops working, let the reliability and stability of the gadget will be reduced by an order – and I do not care! The main thing is that in my androfone everything is set up the way it is nravitstsa ME!!!

And now take and substitute into this paradigm the idea of ??”purchased software”! Where are you votknetsya it? Which side? And no! Because for bakunianskogo brain to go somewhere to someone on the bow but still something out there to buy, parting with their hard-earned – is even more zapadlo than jailbreak yablofana. If I Khimichev eight o’clock, dopilivaya of custom kernel after flashing that, the device snake thing of the cyclic reboot, so we had another three hours to beg for our stock rekaveri (terms crafty juggling, so do not carp – SG) , do have I omitted before to buy some pathetic “apekashku?” Yes no zhist! On the next branch 4PDA whole shelupon hung like roach on the line: take – I do not want to!

? 040_6

Anyway, I bring it up: Android users buy the software on the order of magnitude less intense than users of iOS, for two main reasons: ease of access to piratiruemym programs and install them – this time, psychological taboos in the brain and in the heart of bushido bakuniansky – two . Of course there are still a lot of secondary causes, for example, obviously a reduced level of material prosperity the average smartphone user on Android, compared with the average iPhone user (already proven by statistics, so no need to grasp at the Mauser!), But these things are not so postpaid, so we will not focus on them.

See also

"Consultant: Basic Documents" 4.0: Code and legal acts on Android -

“: “Android.

. ” “” “” “.

“” : – (,,, ,.) – .:, .

“” (“” ) .. “” 100 ,.

, . ..

“” , .



In Google Drive for Android new option Scan - Ferra

: ANDROID Google Google Drive Google
23.05.2013, 18:32 Ferra,

Google Google (Google Drive) , Android.. .- Google .

Google Android
Google Android

– “” , . PDF, Google. > .

Google Android:

  • , .
  • Google.
  • .
  • , .
  • .

. Google Android Google Play.


Appendix "Yandeks.Muzyka" came out on Android - The Russian Newspaper

The store Google Play firmware application appeared “Yandeks.Muzyka,” according to the official blog of “Yandex”.

application allows you to bring together music from different sources, combining tracks to the playlist from the phone to the user “Yandex.Disk” and from the catalog of music service. In addition, any available on the “Yandeks.Muzyka” album, or track can be saved in the application and listen without an internet connection.

In addition, the program is available to mobile users the ability to save tracks of audio streams in the “Radio”, with the number of tracks stored is limited only by the memory of the smartphone, the developers. Also in the application includes a music recognition feature, searching for catalog tracks the service.

subscription price for the service is 199 rubles a month, the extension is automatic. A number of features, including listening to music from the phone and “Yandex.Disk” recognition by a fragment of music and listening to “Radio”, is available for free.

All new functionality of the application for Android will be available to users of the application for the iPhone, which will be updated. Recall version of “Yandeks.Muzyka” for the iPhone was released in May 2012.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition with the "naked" Android will be exclusive to the United States - Ferra

: ANDROID Samsung Google Samsung Galaxy S4
23.05.2013, 08:46 Ferra,

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, . CNET – , Samsung ,. ,,, , ,.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition
Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition

, Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition “” Android, Touch Wiz UX. ,,, , “” . , Galaxy S4, 5 – Full HD .


"Yandeks.Muzyka" earned on Android -

R?R?R?R?R ° R?ReS? In “R?R?R?R?R?S?V” R?S R?R?S, C <. S?S?V" R?S?R?S?S?-S?R?R "pep · R?.

R?S?R?R?S?R ° R?R?R R?S?R?R?S?S °, P ° R?R “S?R?S, S?R?R ± R?R number R?R” R?R?S?, S?R?R?S?R?R ± R?S

R?S “R?S?R?ReR?S € ReR? R?R” P ° C, R?S?S? R?R?R?R?ReS?R?S? R?R?R “S?R · R?R?R ° C, R?R” Re R?R?R?S?S, R?R?S?R?S?R?ReR · R?R?R?ReS, S? P “S?R ± C

R?R?R?R?ReS?R?R ° ft R?ReS, 199 S?S?R ± R “R?R number PI R?R?S?S?S †, R?S?R” Re R?S “R?S?R?R” S?S, S? R?R? C ‡ · R?S?R?R R?S?ReR “R?R ¶ R?R?ReR?, D 149 S?S?R ± R” R?R number PI R?R?S?S?S †, R?S?R “Re R?R?R” P ° C ‡ ReR?R ° C, S? R?R? R?R S?R ° C ° F number, R? In “R?R?R?R?R?S?.R?S?R · C

P ‘R?S?ReR “R?R ¶ R?R?ReR? C, P ° R?R ¶ R? R?S?S, S?R?R?R?R ° In” S?R ° S?R?R?R · R?R R?R ° ° P “R?R ° The” C S?R?R?R?R?: R?R?R S?R ° ° ± R?S P, P ° R?S, R?R? C R?R?S? Ð ¶ R? R?S?ReR?S ReR?S? †, ‡ C C, the PS R?S?R?R?S?R ° R?R?S

In “R?R?R?R?R?S?.R?S?R · C

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Yandex" produces music application for Android - The Gazette

only premium service “Yandex” – a musical – is becoming mainstream. Until now it was only available to owners of the iPhone, and now appeared in Android


« Yandex” to launch the application « Yandeks.Muzyka” for smartphones and tablets based on the operating system Google Android – the most popular mobile platforms in Russia and in the world, told « Sheets” project leader Konstantin Vorontsov. « Yandeks.Muzyka” – the first paid service « Yandex”: its subscribers get access to a catalog of 8.5 million tracks and can also store your own entries in the phone or in the cloud storage « Yandex.Disk.” Appendix « Yandeks.Muzyka” for the iPhone came out at the end of May 2012, the year he downloaded 700,000 times. Monthly fee for access to the directory – 112-199 rubles.

This unpromising project until there « In Touch,” says a person to invest in one of the paid online music services, subsequently closed. « In Touch” – the massive social network runet its users post on their pages, and music, and movies, including counterfeiting, network administration removes them, but only on complaints holders . And Google Play, and the online store applications for the iPhone AppStore many programs to listen to music from « in contact”. For example, in the section « Music & Audio» Russian Google Play most popular free application – « In Touch music and videos” and in Russian AppStore 6th and 7th place among music applications occupy « I listen to anything in contact” and VK Playlist ( 8 th position – « Yandeks.Muzyka”). No one is willing to buy music, while easy to find free records, summarizes the source « Gazette».

« Yandex” originally was not going to make a music and was even willing to make the service free of charge, but argued against the holders, explained the company. However, it is not the only one who ventures to enter in runet paid music services on the background of rampant music piracy. At the end of 2012 music services for smartphones launched Opera Software and Apple: Opera offers download music from its catalog for 150 rubles. per month, while Apple sells records through the online store iTunes ( 10-20 rubles. per track). « project with Opera’s performance is higher than we expected – and we were optimistic,” – says the managing partner of Rights Communications ( works with Opera and Apple) Nicholas Hams. In Russia enough people willing to pay for the music, he says. People will increasingly pay for music if in runet will be more co nvenient legitimate paid services, agrees Vorontsov of « Yandex.”

The Russians are losing interest in shopping

Russians are losing interest in shopping

article on fraud may toughen

Article fraud can tighten