Thursday, June 30, 2016

Google released the name of the new version of the Android operating system – TASS

NEW YORK, June 30. / Corr. Kirill Volkov TASS /. US Google Inc. released the name of the new version of its mobile operating system Android, formerly known under the letter designation N. operating system, which is still in the testing phase, will be called Nougat, reported on Thursday by representatives of the company.

Google has traditionally gives versions Android “sweet” name. So, in light of already out running Donut ( “donut”), Eclair ( “Eclair”), Gingerbread ( “Gingerbread”), Lollipop ( “Candy”), Marshmallow ( “Zephyr”).

In this time the company made it possible to come up with a name for Android N users who sent various options in Google “sweet” names that begin with the letter N. “Introducing Android Nougat, – stated in the corporation a statement posted on its page on the microblogging network Twitter – Thank you. thee, and peace for all your ideas of “sweet” names “.

One of the main innovations of this version of Android will be the special regimes, which according to the developers, to optimize energy consumption and reduce the load on working memory. In Google also promised to add to the new OS the ability to encrypt individual files, not the entire unit as a whole. Android Nougat, is expected to be released in late summer or early autumn this year.

Google October 2, 2015 completed the restructuring of its management structure and became one of the Alphabet holding assets. Executive Director of the latter was the co-founder of Google Larry Page. The second co-founder Sergey Brin received a post of the president of the new company.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to live without the “Prism” for Android? – Mobile-review

29 June 2016

Artem Lutfullin

<-! Htc banner ->

Imagine a simple picture – you’re a good, good guy or a girl, you have a family and friends. Some of them are the usual push-button phones, others – smartphones on Android, while others – probably, Apple devices. You live well and properly communicate with all their friends, and those who are sitting on the “android”, and those who like “iPhone”. “Prism” has not yet appeared. Since then, about any normal dialogue with the owners of Apple iPhone out of the question, because they are all free time spent on converting your photos in Prisma application and demonstration to you and everyone else. You as a good smartphone users on Android can not afford the same, because the Prisma for Android is not ready (yet). How to live on? There is an answer!

 & # x41A; & # x430; & # x43A;  & # x436; & # x438; & # x442;  & # x44C; & # x431; & # x435;  & # x437; & # xAB ; & # x41F;  & # x440; & # x438; & # x437;  & # x43C; & # x44B; & # xBB; &  # x43D; & # x430; Android

Especially for you (actually, for myself), I spent the whole day searching Prisma unique application for Android. Installed and tested for more than ten different (awful) programs have tried online services, and even applications for Windows (for PC, yes!) That need to be installed. Almost every application and service, in addition, required to register. In short, it was not easy! But now I can give an authoritative opinion. The good news is that the owners of Android smartphones can join the general (global) hysteria transform photographs into paintings are stylistically similar to the pictures of famous artists. The bad – for that you’ll need at least a browser on a smartphone, but rather just a laptop or computer, because a worthy analogue of the Prisma application – an online service

 & # x41A; & # x430; & # x43A;  & # x436; & # x438; & # x442;  & # x44C; & # x431; & # x435;  & # x437; & # xAB; & # x41F; &  # x440; & # x438; & # x437; & #  x43C; & # x44B; & # xBB; & # x43D;  & # x430; Android

As in the Prisma, the service processes the images using neural networks – you upload the image and specify what style it should be performed, then the system redraws it in the specified style. The difficulty is that each such operation service spends a lot of time. In the case of Prisma no data reveals how serious the power involved in order to allow users to virtually in real time to get ready to work. In the case of it shows that the power is not the most impressive. In the processing of one image is still half a year ago, the service took up to two days, today is much better – free treatment takes 20-30 minutes, paid – 10-15 minutes. In this case the output you get a small picture (preview) about 600 × 400 pixels. If desired, you can buy it in high resolution (HD) for £ 20, or in a very high resolution for huge money -. 150 lbs

1  2 3  4

the thing is really interesting, however, the Prisma’s popularity is so high and so users are now actively using the application that many of these processed photographs flooded the social networks already podnadoest. But if you also want to try and “iPhone” not at hand, then – good option


PS In early July, the developers promise to release Prisma version for Android. Oh, we’ll live!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Google wants to control the production of smart phones on the Android platform – BBC News

Google plans to more tightly control the production of standard smartphones on the Android platform. What this means for consumers who are tipped to technical partners and when to expect the first truly real “Google Phone”?

Google, may release a smartphone under its own brand, and, at the end of this year. This was reported by the British newspaper Telegraph. She refers to the leakage of cellular operators with which the Google reportedly in talks to certification of its smartphone. Thus, if you believe the rumors, Google, in fact, is going to enter into direct competition with Apple as a manufacturer of mobile devices.

This is most likely talking about the premium segment, in which Android is clearly losing competitor, despite on the dominant position in the market as a whole. Partially confirmed this version and another leak, which appeared at the end of last year. According to the newspaper “The Information”, Google has entered into direct negotiations with manufacturers of microchips for Android-devices. In particular, the leakage refers to such giants like Qualcomm. According to rumors, the company from Mountain View want to directly control the chipset release to best optimize them for your device

In fact, if all this is true, for the sake of it -. For the sake of optimization – Google and is taking the steps above. Obviously, no one does not develop Android system like Google. And some of the new features the company wants to bring to the market earlier than others. Actually, it’s a little hint in an interview Recode CEO of Google Sundar Pichai.

“Today, when we deliver the Nexus Phone, we supply a pure Android. But soon you will see how we are adding more and more new features on top Android on Nexus Phone we have many software innovations that we can implement. “- he says

For example, VR-platform Daydream, which is built on Android N. The This is an extremely energy-intensive thing and that. to implement it properly in some particular phone would be nice to have a full control over the development and production of his software, and at hardware component.

it is hardly a coincidence that this year, Google has hired the former president of Motorola Rick Osterloh, who just had to lead at hardware division of the company. It is, inter alia, supervises and development nexus. At the same time, he Sundar Pichai, in the same interview, flatly denied that Google would develop their own phones.

However, perhaps there is no contradiction in the words of leaks and Sundar Pichai, really, no. Next Nexus manufacturer – HTC is a company that has managed to have even a little “light” of the new device specifications. Given the critical situation of the Taiwanese producer, he will do anything for a partnership with Google, which can be the salvation for him. Not only to provide full control of development and production, but even perhaps to remove the device from your logo and replace it with Google. At the same time, as promised Sundar Pichai, the smartphone will be manufactured Google.

In general, the rumors around his own Googley phone ply has, at least since the autumn of last year, when, according to the leaks, the company wished to get “more control “of the Nexus Phone manufacturing. How then wrote the newspaper, “in the style of Apple.” According to initial assumptions, the unit had to be called Pixel Phone, by analogy with the Chromebook the Pixel, which Google has released under its own brand.

Another device under the brand name of the company, which may see the light in the near future, a modular smartphone Ara. It is, however, no earlier than 2017 year. The last decoupling intrigue we see already next autumn – it was then, as he promised on Google, the market will have a new machine with support for all the latest software development company



As before the sale of Android-smartphone really remove all the personal data –

You are mistaken if you think that the smart phone running Android is enough to perform “reset” settings on the “factory” – and all your personal files will be permanently removed.

As researchers have pointed out repeatedly, the user tells the system “daring”, it actually does not delete anything. It marks only the physical space, which was previously occupied by the files marked “here can be written-that.” If “over” nothing was written, then, having the right and not too sophisticated tools, these files can be read as if they were not removed (well, most of them).

So if you give or sell your old “droid” and “at the end” would be quite curious and trained person, it is effortlessly able to assume many of your supposedly deleted photos, videos, documents, etc. ., Etc.

The nearest analogy is with throwing papers in the trash – putting them in a basket in the office, you do not get rid of all papers, because in acute desire to “lost” quite easily return. And even from the tank in the yard, too (well, if you really need). And only when the paper be loaded into a car and taken away far away, mixed with tons of other waste – if and only if it is safe to say that from the documents you got rid of almost all

Since the “roll into a garbage truck” personal. files on Android?

encrypt smartphone

All current versions of Android (since Gingerbread, ie 2.3.x) supports full encryption of “disk”. The sixth version of encryption is even enabled by default. To get to the settings and turn on the encryption can be on this (or similar, depending on the manufacturer) path: Settings & gt; Security & gt; . Encrypt phone

The smartphone is likely to ask you to use all the time full password “razlochivaniya” device – this is the main reason why many do not encrypt the contents of their “Droid”, because it is very much tedious to enter each time this combination . However, in this case, the password should not be an obstacle – you encrypt the contents of the smartphone only once

And then follow the normal reset procedure on the “factory” (Factory Reset), as do all human beings before. how to give away or sell your Android someone built. After completing this striking combination of encryption and reset all the settings, you are, in fact, do not just throw away their “office documents” in the trash – you have previously run them through a shredder. Restore from scraps of documents is possible, but very, very hard.

Overwrite data

If you really have something to hide and you suspect that for smartphone content hunts NSA USA, then you can to go even further. Please encrypt a smartphone, then reset to factory settings, and then – attention – take another step that’s for sure, and 100% “overwrite” data

Re-enable smartphone, set it up without getting into. Google his uchetku, including video recording and video clips hammer all the available space.

Then again encrypt a smartphone and once again reset all settings to factory default. All congratulations – now your files to exactly no one gets. Even the US NSA. At least, until your files that are on your phone …

What do iPhone owners?

In all iPhone encryption is already included so that users of Apple products lucky. In addition, we have already written to them a large text, which gathered everything you need to know: “Cooking the old iPhone for resale or exchanged for iPhone 6s – eight steps”



Google cozdast own smartphone on Android – L!

The American search giant intends to shake up the mobile market, launched its own device.

Google Inc. has already begun negotiations with mobile operators about distributing smartphone, reports The Telegraph referring to its sources. With the release of its own smartphone search giant wants to actively compete with Apple, analysts say.

The new device can see the light at the end of this year. Recall, Google developed Android operating system now stands at 4 out of 5 smartphones sold worldwide.

The search engine is working with manufacturers of smartphones LG and Huawei, are developing devices under the brand name Nexus. However, creating your own gadget will help Google better control over the development process and timely software installation.

Unfortunately, the alleged characteristics and the price of the future Google flagship is not yet reported.


Browse android-smartphone Meizu M3s mini: Mighty CD –

device type

Meizu M3s mini

MediaTek MT6750 Octa core,
4 x 1.0 GHz; 4 x 1.5 GHz

The video

Operating System
Android 5.1

Memory GB
2 RAM; 16 ROM

5.0 “IPS, 1280 x 720

cameras, megapixel
13.0 + 5.0


The number of SIM-cards, pcs.

Support MicroSD

Data Transfer
Wi-Fi; Bluetooth


Battery mAh

Dimensions in mm
141.9 x 69.9 x 8.3

Weight, g

The price, rbl.
~ 13000

Specifications accustomed to smartphones in this price range. I am glad availability of moderately nimble processor and good battery capacity. As a result, the expected performance and stand-alone device for relatively little money. And a closer look at in this article.

Packaging equipment Meizu M3s mini

If the flagship Meizu Pro 6 is supplied in plastic bottles with a strange design of fastening the cover, here we see an ordinary box of thick white cardboard. The design of the traditional – the main box and the lid that covers the ends.

The quality of cardboard no claims, he is strong and dense. For the contents during transportation can not worry and unnoticed access to content will prevent the factory seal.

450x425 15 KB Big one:. 1060x1000 180 KB

a model of the device is shown on the front side. The ends completely empty and nothing but the logo of the manufacturer, with long faces could not find.

Half of the back side takes sticker indicating the model and service information about this instance.

450x389 25 KB Big one:. 1156x1000 344 KB

The lid and box good fit for each other, and here special cutouts for your fingers are missing. As a result, access to content not that simple.

Inside we immediately meet the unit itself. It is packaged in a film transport at both ends and is on a cardboard stand.

450x411 21 KB Big one:. 1096x1000 200 KB

Below is a set of complete accessories of the power adapter and cable USB. Each of the objects packed in a box with a label.

450x371 16 KB Big one:. 1212x1000 257 KB

no additional accessories are not included.

450x261 13 KB Big one:. 1476x856 228 KB

The package includes:

  • The power adapter;

  • cable USB-MicroUSB;

  • Clip to open the tray for SIM-cards;

  • Technical Documentation.

The company Meizu has always differed a good quality packaging of its products. It does not change the situation in this case. Box pretty, high-quality and without any difficulty performing tasks assigned to it. And nothing more is required.

300x217 9 KB Big one:. 1380x1000 170 KB  300x217  8 KB Big one:. 1340x1000 255 KB

Now let’s move on to the fun – to review the hero.


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Android Pay synchronized with mapping service – Business Online – latest news and analytics for business


-> Android Pay synchronized  with the map service <-!


Google Inc. North American engineers have synchronized its proprietary payment system a mapping service. Thus, from now on the payment service users will be available an interactive map with which search Android Pay partners will be much easier. Along with this, the version Android Pay 1.4 has a new button, through which you can see the list of mobile applications that support work with the corporate payment service Google. Simply put, the payment system users no longer need to install third-party applications. For example, to pay for a trip to the Uber is now possible directly from the Android Pay, not bothered searching online wallet or credit card.

The client identification in the new version of the mobile application is carried out both by means of a fingerprint sensor, and by means of a conventional PIN -code. Currently companion applications offer users to take advantage of Android Pay to check the possibilities of the system.

Journalists specialized web resource Android Policy failed to discover the new version of the mobile app are several hidden features. Among other things, we are talking about the possibility of automatic positioning of outlets accepting payment via Android Pay. Simply put, these stores now automatically highlighted on an interactive map application.

In addition, the latest release includes the ability to subscribe to the loyalty program directly from the mobile application, all necessary in such cases, the data will be filled in automatically. For example, going to the store, which supports payment via Android Pay, it will be possible to register directly from your phone as the user of the payment system.

It should be noted that in the Russian Federation this method of calculation has not yet managed to get enough spread so innovations Android Pay payment system is hardly able to interest the Russian users. However, sooner or later, smart phones will be used as a means of payment and in Russia. Recall that according to a recent statement by the head of Sberbank of Russia German Gref in three years credit institution intends to completely abandon the use of traditional payment cards.


The creators spoke about the main “trick» Android N – BAF «Economics today»

Los Angeles, pcs. California, USA, 26.06.16 10:14

The seventh version of the mobile operating system Android N is preparing for the official release only via a few months. However, its feature pack are known already.

creators  spoke about the main
The new operating system from Google will be able to support multiple windows

For example, the new operating system from Google will be able to support multiple windows. This innovation was possible to realize due to the fact that the improved themselves gadgets – on Android-devices has increased the number of pixels the screen

Work with multiple windows as much as possible bring Android to a full-fledged operating system, which are used in personal computers

The innovation will be paired with an additional mode of “hidden window”. With it, windows can be set in different sizes and display them on the screen at once some.

This option will further bring the Android-tablet in function to conventional computers.

The developers hope, Google will actively promote innovation and the use of the new operating system.

Julia Lukin


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Creator showed Prisma application design for Android – Superomsk

One of the developers Prisma Andrey Moiseenko mobile application on his page on the social network Facebook has published a screenshot of Android-version of the design. Now Prisma is only available for iOS-based devices.

«Boom! Android coming soon. Design is not true to the end. # Prisma », – Moiseenkov wrote, explaining in comments that the iOS-version will be updated within a week

Prisma, which is to process the photos instead of the usual filters uses neural network technology emerged. June 11, and in that time I have received over one million downloads, gaining incredible popularity. The image processed by the application, in his Instagram posted including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The investor of the project subsequently became the Group, which runs employee Moiseenkov. The volume of investments and the size of the stake has not been disclosed.


Huawei is not going to give up Android –


We wrote twice this week that Huawei is working on a shell EmotionUI 5.0, which should be more simple and close to the sink version of Android.


Then, sources have begun to consider the possibility of Huawei complete rejection of the use of Android in favor of a completely new self-developed operating system. Recall that the rumors about the development of Huawei Kirin OS appeared a year ago.


However, the head of Richard Yu Huawei (Richard Yu), communicating with users of Weibo Chinese social network, said that he was impressed by Google’s policy and Android. He added that Huawei is not going to abandon the use of Android in their devices, while Google will continue to support and promote the openness of Android, as the platform.


However, Richard Yu did not deny the fact of the development of Kirin OS, the new information which is not.


Source: Gizmochina


Friday, June 24, 2016

The new virus started to ravage the wallets Android owners – Russian Newspaper

The company “Doctor Web,” reported the discovery of a Trojan program Android.Valeriy.1.origin contained in seemingly trustworthy applications distributed through Google Play store.

To infect a smartphone or tablet is to install on he is one of the following applications:

– Battery Booster;

 - Power Booster;

 - Blue Color Puzzle;

 - Blue And White;

 - Battery Checker;

 - Hard Jump -. Reborn 3D

Today, these applications disguised as games and service utilities, downloaded more than 15,500 people and managing the Trojan server contains information on more than 55 thousand units

<. p> Having infected mobile device, Android.Valeriy.1.origin tries to redirect the browser to a different questionable addresses where the owner of the gadget will try to find out the mobile number to place an expensive subscription.

“Among the services advertised Trojan can meet for example, offer to see the materials of erotic character, and download popular software that really is free and available for download on Google Play. Despite the fact that the information about the fact of subscription and its value is shown on the downloadable pages, many users it just did not notice, and include your phone number, “- experts say

. <-! incut b-read-more_width -> <-! noindex ->

read also

<-! / noindex ->

At the same time the trojan begins to track incoming SMS-messages. Should the victim to enter your room at one of the proposed sites, as it comes with the notification message subscription. Android.Valeriy.1.origin deletes these messages, and the user remains unaware that his account begin regularly charged substantial amounts.

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Huawei creates a home-grown alternative to Android – BBC News

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei Electronics is developing its own operating system for mobile devices. According to the website The Information referring to informed sources, the new project supervised by Abigail Brodie, former Apple designer. She is also working on improving the current Android-shell Huawei Emotion UI.

Read also: EU accused Google of violating antitrust laws

As the newspaper notes, Huawei took for the development of home-grown operating system “in the event of unforeseen circumstances” – for example, if Google suddenly make unacceptable conditions Android licensing. After the failure of Windows Mobile Internet search engine, in fact, turned out to be a monopolist in the market of mobile operatsionok. Recently, the EU authorities charged him, related to the fact that the company had abused its dominant position to impose the application and enjoyed manufacturers its own terms

To weaken the dependence on Android for a long time trying to Samsung, which actively develops and supports the Tizen project -. OS open source software, built on the basis of the Linux kernel. The Korean manufacturer has released a Tizen based on several smartphones, digital cameras, premium TV, as well as “smart” watches Gear 2. Nevertheless, the Samsung platform is that it is not in high demand among buyers no, no developers because applications for Tizen created incomparably less than Android.

Huawei makes a very good “hardware”. For example, recently it has manufactured for Google’s flagship smartphone Nexus 6P with “clean” All Android, which has been awarded high praise. However, when it comes to software, the company is often criticized.

Honor 5X with superstructure EMUI 3.1, for example, was criticized for “Far East” flavor, far from the original Android standards, and interface, painted in yellow (this is customers receive a golden model), not everyone will like it. In an interview with The Information Brody said she was going to fix “glaring cosmetic problems” and “pain points” Huawei’s proprietary add-ons

Source:. The Information


Thursday, June 23, 2016

So far, Android! Do we need any other mobile OS world? – Mobiltelefon.Ru

The Bubble Android sooner or later burst. It seems to grow more than ever, because nearly 90% of mobile devices is available on this system, and the remaining share persistently keeps iOS. How long it will be? Once upon a time Symbian rule the mobile world, but Android and iOS have left no trace on the system, and for a few moments. Now the market is maturing, if not something like that, something no less disturbing.

The news of the day was the fact that Huawei is preparing its own operating system to come out of Nokia. This is the number three brand in the world in smartphone sales, and the construction of an alternate aerodrome sober strategic decision appears to be safe. His system has the Samsung and at LG, it’s not a news. According to rumors, Sony is working on even branded mobile system design based on the Vita OS, but its current status is unknown. The common denominator here is simple: Google’s relationship is not satisfied with the company. Samsung did not release Android-TV and recently refused to from the clock on the Android Wear, making both places a bet on Tizen. LG’s TVs will do the same, but with the WebOS, and watch launches on Android and experimenting with all of the same WebOS. One wrong move and the Google system will replace in the Android device manufacturers, and here it is – a variety of systems, which do not have enough

Not only dependent on Google’s secretly trying or have tried to make a third world mobile system!. Serve high hopes, Windows Phone from Microsoft as a result of being sprung and almost buried, and BlackBerry 10 will still be supported by a couple of years, but that’s it. Firefox OS is closed, Ubuntu Touch still somehow moving, and relies on community Linux users. Relatively good feeling Sailfish OS and Amazon Fire OS, but the latter appears only a branch of Android, and the first has not yet gone beyond emerging markets and incomprehensible gestures with the Russian government. In the world of mobile systems at the moment everything is relatively simple and easy. Return variety of platforms on the one hand spur competition, and on the other will only confuse and scare users. But maybe not.

For the most part, ordinary people no matter what platform is now working a gadget, if only it came out under the desired application. The lack of Windows Phone applications killed and BB10. Developing software is expensive, and the company did not begin overnight to rewrite their applications for all platforms at once. It will take more than one year, while the market is the new leader of the software will appear and survive yet another redistribution of the mobile market clearly can not all.

It is unlikely that in the near future someone will be able to present something really comparable in scale with Android, which is all tied to Google. They are not all smartphone users (there are also such, users who even on Google Play does not go), but many. Google The main problem is that the company relies heavily on partners and such a huge share of Android is obliged especially Samsung and Budgetary Chinese. Another problem is that a naked Android currently significantly behind the third-party skins and slowly absorbs their most successful features. Moving several major Android-producers on their platforms could swipe at Google, and the appearance of the variety of systems would put an end to the monopoly of Android.

 UMI Super

© Maxim Kurmaev. Mobiltelefon


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Google will teach you how to write applications for Android – (press release) (Registration)

Get the knowledge to create their own applications for Android, it is not so simple. Especially if this is your first time and you do not understand anything in programming. Where to find the tutorial? Or is it better for a tutor? Or enroll in courses Programming?

Company Google offers the best option. It allows you to take a course through the introduction to Android (available in weekly free trial) on the Udacity , located by Google, which will teach you how to write a simple application for Android, even if you do not know anything about the code .

Online guides, of course, will not make you a guru Android Studio, but you will definitely get all the required package of knowledge on the topic.

you can even pay for coaching, career counseling and other assistance, if you like. Google encourages you to start a career with the company, along with Android nanodegree. And if things go well, Google is ready to even pay you a stipend for training. Only for this purpose it is necessary to show all the prerequisites to ensure that the log in the first top 50 students who finished the course the basics with the highest scores. In the company in it there is a lot of interest. More applications for Android- more profit. So do not think that she does it out of pure generosity.

Many of the creators of the operating system with pleasure will give you the tools to begin work on their software, but they do it very rarely, when you are an absolute beginner. So do not miss the opportunity and start a career with Udacity

Author:. Stepan Mazur

Original photos: engadget


The Opera Mini for Android appeared blocked counter advertising and color themes – Ferra

Opera has introduced a new version of the Opera Mini browser for devices running the Android operating system. The update now has a counter block ads and a number of other innovations.

When the lock icon with the image of poster board on the menu« O »will begin to show the number of blocked ads. Another new steel colored threads. Users select the color which will be colored top panel browser menu “Data Saver ‘and addressable background search bar.

The browser has received an improved statistics section design in the” traffic Savings ” , now has a “Add to home screen”, as well as optimized feature

«Video Acceleration».

The new Opera Mini for Android is available for free download in Google Play.


Choosing a guide for android-devices “Cult-tourist», Ever.Travel and Azbo –

Evaluation of Google Play


Number of downloads in Google Play
10 000-50 000

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
4.1 or later

The size distribution
7.2 MB

Application Version

In-app purchases
From 15.00 to 899.00 rubles per unit

Key features:

  • Photo and attractions description;

  • The history of all cities and regions;

  • The kitchen, great people, chips transport;

  • online and offline maps (maps are downloaded separately);

  • Sports Guide


In-app purchases, location:

  • The approximate location (network-based);

  • The exact location (based on GPS and network)

Photo / multimedia / files.:

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick

The data on Wi-Fi-connected.:

  • View Wi-Fi connections


  • Unlimited access to the Internet;

  • View network connections.

The first impression and configure

«The cult-tourist” immediately took the bull by the horns and offers right to travel, that is, open guides for different countries, of which a great variety here. All States, I will not enumerate, as to get acquainted with the full list can be on the same Google Play.

169x300 113 KB Big one:. 720x1280 1173 KB  169x300  119 KB Big one:. 720x1280 1255 KB

As for the interface, then it is implemented fairly well, there is the major characters and titles, which is useful for navigation when traveling, for example, in the city. There were also a sidebar on the left, where the main menu disappears.

169x300 54 KB Big one:. 720x1280 465 KB

Here you can select the country of destination, that is, return to main screen. For me so this button is superfluous, since it is not clear why the user forwards the round-trip. Although, it is a matter of habit – to click on the screen to the left or to use this key.

169x300 114 KB Big one: 720x1280 1173 KB.

key “map” – opens the map of the world, which can be scaled and used for visual navigation. Immediately, I note that this case does not work without the Internet. There is also a GPS-navigation, but about how it works, let’s talk a bit later.

169x300 46 KB Big one:. 720x1280 241 KB  169x300  90 KB Big one:. 720x1280 697 KB

Without the” Favorites “such a program at all useless, and it is there. At the same time there are several categories, such as “landmarks” and “food”. The latter involves the entry in the “Favorites” of restaurants, cafes and other things.

169x300 14 KB Big one:. 720x1280 74 KB

not without options, of which there is not so and more. For example, you can enable the download only Wi-Fi, clear the application cache, delete the data base of purchases and loaded maps. By the way, “Shopping” suggests a list of purchased goods to the cities and countries that have “bought sneakers in Vienna, Salzburg and pants.”

169x300 18 KB Big one:. 720x1280 74 KB  169x300  9 KB Big one:. 720x1280 38 KB 169x300  28 KB Big one:. 720x1280 150 KB

In general, at first sight before us not so fancy English-speaking guide with a map and a few quasi-useful features. Now look at him closer.


Since now there is a promotion of leisure in Russia, her card and I’ll get it. The reliability of European maps for obvious reasons I can not check.

.  169x300 114 KB Big one: 720x1280 1172 KB

Travel Guide is divided into two categories – regions and cities. At the bottom of the screen can be purchased offline guide, that is, to rid yourself of the constant reference to the Internet. For it will have to pay from 15.00 to 899.00 rubles, but not easier to turn to the same “Yandex”? Now we with you and check it out.

169x300 77 KB Big one:. 720x1280 600 KB

At first glance, the list of cities is impressive. Here you can find the most remote locations, for example, I found my current position in a place with the built-in GPS-navigator.

169x300 39 KB Big one:. 720x1280 247 KB  169x300  12 KB Big one:. 720x1280 56 KB

However, accurate map can not be called as the village in which I now dwell in the Altai is, if you believe the” Cult of tourists “do not exist. Yandex, with its cards in this much more accurate, because it shows not only the houses and streets, and landmarks.

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Anyway, backwoods yet few people are interested. But the city that I know, and highlands (which also happens), which attracts gliders from around the world (Barnaul and the Republic of Tuva). Where are they?

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With regard to the foreign countries and the most famous Russian places, everything is normal. Available to read historical information, learn about famous people and no less famous places, and ask about the local cuisine. All of this is displayed on the map, as, indeed, and routes, such as transport.

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You can download a map, but the map as a guide for himself will have to pay, if necessary.

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The load on the system

Now the load on the system, you can not call a phenomenally high – 167 MB of RAM at 0.2% on the processor (view maps, navigation, map loading). Battery consumption is also pleased – 0.2% for the half an hour of active use.

However, do not forget that GPS and mobile network – a single line capacity consumption, although you and without me know it well (silent, silent, silent). Pro traffic is also silent, as it all depends on you.

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With the permission also okay. The application is compatible with Android 4.1 or higher, is absolutely free of advertising, and the system weighs just under 7.2 15.38 MB megabyte distribution.

169x300 21 KB Big one:. 720x1280 84 KB


Before we really “Cult-tourist”, which offers travel on the already trodden paths (and mostly in Western countries). Check the accuracy of all the hard data, but I personally doubt that the database is updated regularly. In general, the program is not suitable for adventure tourism, and that’s how things are, for example, in Angola, is unknown, and go check that you do not want.

With regard to the load on the system, everything is smooth. Immediately evident that the developers have honed their offspring. The only pity is that the hope for this application is impossible.

Evaluation: 3.0 on a scale.

Excellent (single window interface)

The ability to self-configure
Yes (required minimum)

Total efficiency

Ease of use

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0.0-0.2% / 88 -167 MB

traffic flow by the program

Battery Consumption
0.2-0.5% / 30 minutes

The reliability of cards
uninformative for RF

Offline maps


GPS-module Using the

Ability to record motion path

All aspects

Built guide


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