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Browse android-smartphone Meizu M3s mini: Mighty CD –

device type

Meizu M3s mini

MediaTek MT6750 Octa core,
4 x 1.0 GHz; 4 x 1.5 GHz

The video

Operating System
Android 5.1

Memory GB
2 RAM; 16 ROM

5.0 “IPS, 1280 x 720

cameras, megapixel
13.0 + 5.0


The number of SIM-cards, pcs.

Support MicroSD

Data Transfer
Wi-Fi; Bluetooth


Battery mAh

Dimensions in mm
141.9 x 69.9 x 8.3

Weight, g

The price, rbl.
~ 13000

Specifications accustomed to smartphones in this price range. I am glad availability of moderately nimble processor and good battery capacity. As a result, the expected performance and stand-alone device for relatively little money. And a closer look at in this article.

Packaging equipment Meizu M3s mini

If the flagship Meizu Pro 6 is supplied in plastic bottles with a strange design of fastening the cover, here we see an ordinary box of thick white cardboard. The design of the traditional – the main box and the lid that covers the ends.

The quality of cardboard no claims, he is strong and dense. For the contents during transportation can not worry and unnoticed access to content will prevent the factory seal.

450x425 15 KB Big one:. 1060x1000 180 KB

a model of the device is shown on the front side. The ends completely empty and nothing but the logo of the manufacturer, with long faces could not find.

Half of the back side takes sticker indicating the model and service information about this instance.

450x389 25 KB Big one:. 1156x1000 344 KB

The lid and box good fit for each other, and here special cutouts for your fingers are missing. As a result, access to content not that simple.

Inside we immediately meet the unit itself. It is packaged in a film transport at both ends and is on a cardboard stand.

450x411 21 KB Big one:. 1096x1000 200 KB

Below is a set of complete accessories of the power adapter and cable USB. Each of the objects packed in a box with a label.

450x371 16 KB Big one:. 1212x1000 257 KB

no additional accessories are not included.

450x261 13 KB Big one:. 1476x856 228 KB

The package includes:

  • The power adapter;

  • cable USB-MicroUSB;

  • Clip to open the tray for SIM-cards;

  • Technical Documentation.

The company Meizu has always differed a good quality packaging of its products. It does not change the situation in this case. Box pretty, high-quality and without any difficulty performing tasks assigned to it. And nothing more is required.

300x217 9 KB Big one:. 1380x1000 170 KB  300x217  8 KB Big one:. 1340x1000 255 KB

Now let’s move on to the fun – to review the hero.


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