Monday, June 27, 2016

Google wants to control the production of smart phones on the Android platform – BBC News

Google plans to more tightly control the production of standard smartphones on the Android platform. What this means for consumers who are tipped to technical partners and when to expect the first truly real “Google Phone”?

Google, may release a smartphone under its own brand, and, at the end of this year. This was reported by the British newspaper Telegraph. She refers to the leakage of cellular operators with which the Google reportedly in talks to certification of its smartphone. Thus, if you believe the rumors, Google, in fact, is going to enter into direct competition with Apple as a manufacturer of mobile devices.

This is most likely talking about the premium segment, in which Android is clearly losing competitor, despite on the dominant position in the market as a whole. Partially confirmed this version and another leak, which appeared at the end of last year. According to the newspaper “The Information”, Google has entered into direct negotiations with manufacturers of microchips for Android-devices. In particular, the leakage refers to such giants like Qualcomm. According to rumors, the company from Mountain View want to directly control the chipset release to best optimize them for your device

In fact, if all this is true, for the sake of it -. For the sake of optimization – Google and is taking the steps above. Obviously, no one does not develop Android system like Google. And some of the new features the company wants to bring to the market earlier than others. Actually, it’s a little hint in an interview Recode CEO of Google Sundar Pichai.

“Today, when we deliver the Nexus Phone, we supply a pure Android. But soon you will see how we are adding more and more new features on top Android on Nexus Phone we have many software innovations that we can implement. “- he says

For example, VR-platform Daydream, which is built on Android N. The This is an extremely energy-intensive thing and that. to implement it properly in some particular phone would be nice to have a full control over the development and production of his software, and at hardware component.

it is hardly a coincidence that this year, Google has hired the former president of Motorola Rick Osterloh, who just had to lead at hardware division of the company. It is, inter alia, supervises and development nexus. At the same time, he Sundar Pichai, in the same interview, flatly denied that Google would develop their own phones.

However, perhaps there is no contradiction in the words of leaks and Sundar Pichai, really, no. Next Nexus manufacturer – HTC is a company that has managed to have even a little “light” of the new device specifications. Given the critical situation of the Taiwanese producer, he will do anything for a partnership with Google, which can be the salvation for him. Not only to provide full control of development and production, but even perhaps to remove the device from your logo and replace it with Google. At the same time, as promised Sundar Pichai, the smartphone will be manufactured Google.

In general, the rumors around his own Googley phone ply has, at least since the autumn of last year, when, according to the leaks, the company wished to get “more control “of the Nexus Phone manufacturing. How then wrote the newspaper, “in the style of Apple.” According to initial assumptions, the unit had to be called Pixel Phone, by analogy with the Chromebook the Pixel, which Google has released under its own brand.

Another device under the brand name of the company, which may see the light in the near future, a modular smartphone Ara. It is, however, no earlier than 2017 year. The last decoupling intrigue we see already next autumn – it was then, as he promised on Google, the market will have a new machine with support for all the latest software development company



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