Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rumor: Apple released iMessage for Android – BBC News

The company Apple is going to move iMessage, is now available exclusively to owners of “apple” devices to a competing mobile platform Android. According MacDailyNews site, citing its own sources, Android-version of the messenger may be announced at the annual conference for developers Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 to be held from 13 to 17 June.

iMessage ( “Messages” ) – it is pre-installed on iOS and OS X program that allows you to exchange text messages, photos, and audio and video content between iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch and other Apple products. That i-company decided to port Messenger on Android, can mean a significant shift in strategy with regard to other “operatsionok”.

iMessage Android-version can be regarded as a Google response, supporters of an open ecosystem, which last month introduced “smart” messenger and FaceTime competitor. Self-learning messenger the Google Allo learning a range of functions (much like Facebook Messenger, but without chat bots), including built-in search, and support through encryption, and in addition to Android will be available on iOS.

At the Allo will another, complementing its Duo software for video calls. Competitor Apple FaceTime, said by Google, provides a very high quality of communication through the use of different technologies (manual tuning and optimization of the codecs, measured bandwidth, etc.). Apple’s, probably saw the threat of cross-platfomernnyh updates to the Google, and decided to make a preemptive strike, making iMessage available on Android.

Speculation, Apple seriously intends to move to Android some of its popular services – for example , and the FaceTime iMessage chats, as well as Apple maps map – emerged late last year, when the company opened a vacancy Android-engineer. Then i-manufacturer engaged in the search for a specialist who could help him “to bring exciting new mobile products to the Android platform.”

Manufacturer “iPhones” previously did not exclude the appearance of their products to competing operating systems. In 2013, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that the company “does not have any religious warnings about porting” of iOS-applications on Android, but only “if it would make sense”.

Source: MacDailyNews


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