Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review of applications for fine-tuning the android-devices: All-In-One Toolbox, Android Toolbox and RootToolbox – Overclockers.ru


The ability to self-configure

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0% / 80-100 MB




Control System

Deleting system apps

Work with tweaks
There is little

Terminal manager scripts

The manager of the processor and RAM

Setting the clock CPU


The interface is really reminds Clean Master. Same great “speedometers” at the top of the screen, the same blue design. Only here at the bottom of all three keys: cleaning, acceleration and tools, but in addition to the load memory and the degree of fullness of the drive, there is a display of the load on the CPU.

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In the upper right corner there is a “gift” (proposal establish a “super-launcher”) and the traditional “three-point”, revealing settings. Besides being able to remove the ads and parameterization in this menu, there is also system information about the device. In fairness, we note that the information presented is not only complete, but also reliable. Here you can learn about the processor, network, battery, OS version, etc.

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Well, let’s dig into the settings. They look pale in comparison with the eminent 3C Toolbox, but the program initially does not infringe on his fame. Here include the program icon in the notification area. This bar is available for two color schemes, and its content can be configured independently. For example, to remove the “acceleration” and put “tools”.

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Here It is possible to specify the path to the SD-card and include “full automatic”, but for this you need to install a separate plug-in, but more on that later. Next, put the check if you want to display the load on the CPU, and activate App2SD, ie to notify the applications that can be moved to SD.

In addition, you can receive alerts on balances of applications after the removal, as well as a reminder that you can set the program to backup. Not without such care, as the load on the Notification of RAM (more than 95%, greater than 90%, etc.). It is possible to delete unnecessary files on a schedule (every day, week, etc.).

Well, do not say anything, really, you can configure automatic optimization.

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Here You can activate an analysis of background processes, APK-files, temporary pictures when cleaning, as well as to save large image for a week before final disposal. And suddenly you change your mind? As if there was not a concern, you can deactivate that pleases.

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For those who are concerned about the time of the launch device, you can show time of this operation. There is also a sound check when activating and deactivating device. Further, the traditional “language selection”, “help developers” (sending data on the program developers), and “license”.

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At the very beginning it is clear that this is a fairly an interesting application that really allows you to automatically optimize Android. The “machine” is configured.


All-In-One Toolbox consumes little – only 56.1 MB zero CPU load. Yes, it will be more than 3C Toolbox, but the extra megabytes is probably a tribute to a beautiful interface.

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As for the permissions, then the full “suppository set “, but there is nothing wrong. After all, we face the optimizer system, and it needs all rights to adjust. The program also weighs a paltry 6MB of 14.27 MB and after installation. This All-In-One Toolbox for all of the Android 2.3 and above. Well, not bad.

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Go back to the main screen. We have before us three keys: cleaning, acceleration and tools. To avoid confusion, go over it from left to right.

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Here all like the Clean Master, that is, provides a standard and extended cleaning. In the first case, the cleansing process (application data), cache, temporary files and empty folders. In the second – the history of the browser, mail client, cards and phone calls, SMS, search, download history, logs Wi-Fi data and Skype. In total, cleared about 300 MB, but you can actually hundred megabytes, as the rest of the data into place within half an hour of work. To soothe the soul, you know.

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 281x450 27 KB. Big one: 800x1280 105 KB  281x450 27 KB. Big one: 800x1280 98 KB
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Also in the top right corner, you can configure that to clean, make the necessary program exceptions, and create a shortcut to” the case “on the desktop. You can also open the basket and View “weekly” big picture, about the safety of which we spoke earlier. In general, the program has taken all the best with his rival, whose name you know yourself.

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Acceleration involves disabling background processes. Before us is a kind of Task Manager that shows how the program works and how to ship the processor. It also mentions the battery consumption for each program. Interestingly, 3C Toolbox in cleaning mode RAM good load CPU – 14,2%.

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Tools Several . In particular, it is possible to batch install applications, it saves time when re firmware. The program itself is looking downloaded to SD-card APK-files. Also provided and batch delete. It should be self-explanatory. Select several applications and successfully banging.

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Then you can make a backup of all applications or one to choose from. In this menu you can restore the program from backup.

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Next, an opportunity to remove system files and programs. This is done without difficulty. This All-In-One Toolbox itself recommends that touch and what is not. Incidentally, the correct recommended. This program is not deleted permanently – they can be restored from the Recycle Bin. If you decide to part with them, just clean the basket above.

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But the movement programs on SD-card is disappointing, since the optimizer offers banal systemic remedy for this. And we thought …

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Manage Startup – a useful thing, but here everything is standard. However, you can tease fate and remove from startup shell … (Slavik, I have something …)

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We also offer classic tweak – add any startup programs. It is possible to manage both user and system applications.

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Well, and ends with the tools tab file manager. We would not pay attention to it (so what?), If I had not done a long tap on a random folder. As a result, we open the context menu, where in addition to the standard “open-delete” can also compress (ZIP) folder. This creates a full archive. The only pity is to open it in the Explorer can not. By the way, here is some reason provided cropping images.

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We reached still the most interesting – to plug-ins. On the one hand, it is a wise decision not to load the program” unnecessary “and tools allow the user to choose what he wants. On the other – well, this is “customizer» Android … as here, without any bells and whistles!

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Plug-quick settings essentially duplicates a similar system Android widget . Here we activate the Wi-Fi, GPS, auto sync, brightness, etc. Generally not impressed. Climb into a jungle out there just for the sake of the program to include Wi-Fi as something not particularly want to.

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Plug-sound settings can please only those that can be finely adjust the volume of the different notifications, such as an alarm clock. In short, too questionable option without which it is possible and necessary.

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But the “Timer” we pleased. There activate automatic accelerator (cleaning process data) for a predetermined time (half an hour to once every 12 hours). You can configure the machine to clean the cache (an hour or three days). Also, Wi-Fi and “silent mode” can be switched on at a certain time, for example, with only seven in the morning until eight at night. And what is convenient if visitest the same cafe with free access to the network, such as a lunch break.

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Ad Decect Plugin allows you to view the permissions for installed programs. However, it is of little avail, as prohibit the authorization, unlike 3C Toolbox, you can not.

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The rest of the plug-ins do not deserve special attention, since it reduces the inclusion of” flashlight “, branded screen Unlock boosters games detector QR-code, etc.

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Unfortunately appetites program grow as its use and activation plug-ins. Increase consumption of RAM is about 80-100 MB. But the processor is “silent.” In fairness, we note that there are no bugs, crashes and locked up was not observed. On this positive note and finish the review of All-In-One Toolbox.

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All- In-One Toolbox can not be called a full tuner Android. As well as possible and put in one line with 3C Toolbox. We have before us a rather more thoughtful analogue Clean Master. As a “friendly and easy” System Optimizer is an application amiss, but pokoldovat brains over the Android OS is unlikely to succeed.

Only one conclusion: All-In-One Toolbox – is the first step to trying to fine-tune the system. There batch installation, can be removed from the system startup programs and processes. If we look at the program as an optimizer for a wide range of users, it looks quite bearable, but no more.