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A Closer Look at the All Android-phone for 14 000 $ – http://json.tv/ (press release) (Registration)

The most expensive and the most secure consumer smartphone in the world at the moment is called Solarin. His company made Sirin Labs . Regardless of whether you have a price tag surprise 14 000 $ for mobile devices on Android, read on …

How much do you value your privacy? How worried that your calls and text messages are being monitored? If the answer to both “many” of the question, then perhaps you will be interested to learn about Israel’s first smartphone coming from the startup Sirin Labs. Solarin The device is equipped with a titanium case Android-smartphone, which allows you to quickly switch between an ordinary Android-powered device and secure, locked means of communication.

Of course, many may shock the price of 14 000 $ (plus tax), or £ 9500 in the UK. At this price, the gadget is expected to sell the titans of industry and people from the secret services, as well as private offices, where appreciate secrets. In many ways, this is the first phone that has been specifically designed to keep your private data safe from all the others. Steal can not even one per cent of information.

Closer look at the Android-phone for $     14,000

the system works as follows: good styled for men smartphone running Android looks as if it was designed in secret laboratories for the spy movie agents. But in fact, as soon as you click a tiny switch on the rear panel of the device, it will switch to safe mode, noting the range of user green and white light. In this mode, all but the most important sensors disabled. Calls and text messages are encrypted, read-only trusted devices bearing Solarin application. I mean, yes – your friend will have to install on your smartphone app companion, if he wants to not only write to you, but just call in this mode

All the information is encrypted using 256-bit AES-encryption. developed security firms Zimperium and Koolspan . The smartphone even has a safe concierge service that monitors the status of your phone and alerts about incoming attacks. Telephone knows when it try to attack, and certainly never allow to send someone to spam.

When you use your phone as usual, this is a very average Android-smartphone with the Snapdragon processor 810 (not even a Snapdragon 820) and 4 GB of RAM (not even 6 GB). In addition, you get 120 GB of internal memory (with no memory card slot) and 23.8 megapixel camera on by Sony. It should be noted, however, that the Japanese manufacturer has deliberately made a four-LED flash for the camera.

A closer look at the Android-phone

Taking in hand a 5.5-inch device, you will notice that it feels just hefty. And the phone itself is unusually tight, even heavy. Such cracks will not go on the first drop.

It may seem that the titanium case back is covered with natural leather for comfort. But it is not the skin. This “technical leather” – carbon fiber, designed under the skin. Even though experts are unlikely to notice a difference.

Solarin exudes a very masculine charm, offering itself to all kinds of business and politics. 5.5-inch LCD display QHD IPS has fantastic viewing angles and amazing color saturation. Of course, the Snapdragon processor 810 is not new, but this compromise was deliberate. Released even last summer chipset has been selected to ensure that the company had a whole year to make sure it is safe. smartphone manufacturers also declined to 4K display to a lower resolution to reduce the load on the battery capacity of 4040 mAh.

The company promises that the device will work with any LTE-networks around the world, what can not boast of any other device on the market. Regardless of whether you are in the network or not, you can change the SIM-card in an instant thanks to hot swapping. Self slot Micro-SIM-card is located on the upper right side. Communication also proposes to use gigabit Wi-Fi and MIMO packets to handle multiple connections simultaneously. BlackBerry trying to offer a similar promise, but was not able to implement it

Now that you have some idea about this device, you have to ask. Are you the device at all necessary? Android-smartphone, of course, attracts attention with high-level encryption and security, but the highest levels of security available only in protected mode. And in this protected mode, you can use only some of the features – to make calls and write texts. And not the fact that this text is not to steal “one” side. So for complete protection should be at least two smartphone Solarin.

The founder of a startup Moshe Hogek said that services such as the NSA are not interested in business people. Most of the company products are offered for protection against hackers. So you can only ask yourself, how likely is that the exact details of the deal will be set forth in a voice call to the criminals can then use the information to play the stock market? And is it enough to lead people away from the comfort of their Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s?

The answer is up to you. But Solarin smartphone with a fabulous price tag will simply do its job to protect information

Author:. Stepan Mazur

Original photos: engadget


Keyboard “Yandex” has earned on Android – BBC

«Yandex” The company has released a virtual keyboard for Android devices. “Yandeks.Klaviatura” includes a translator, a search for images and institutions, according to a Received a press release.

The application is able to correct errors and to guess the end user phrases. “The more people work with the keyboard, the more accurate the predictions are, and the less time spent on printing”, – said the “Yandex”. Typing simplify special gestures. For example, to switch the keyboard layout, you must swipe your finger across the screen.

The keyboard supports voice input information.

«Yandeks.Klaviatura” is available for free download on Google Play. The company said that it can be used in all applications installed on your phone.

Earlier, “Yandex” has released Keyboard for iPhone.


Yandex has released a virtual keyboard for Android – Russian Newspaper

Yandex has released its version of the keyboard for smartphones running Android. This was a year after the release of a similar application for the iPhone.

According to Yandex, keyboard downloaded from the App Store more than 300 thousand times. It is noted that this is not only an alternative keyboard for mobile phones, but the symbiosis of useful services, which are often used for personal correspondence or the creation of posts in social networks – emodzhi, SIFCO, search for places and addresses, as well as a translator

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Keyboard from Yandex is able to correct mistakes in words and supports voice input, up to the placement of commas. In addition, she is able to “learn” and eventually will offer the end of phrases – the accuracy will depend on the duration of use of the application. By the way, it works in all applications and knows four languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and English

Yandeks.Klaviatura is already available for download on Google Play



Browse android-smartphone Homtom HT7 Pro: strong state employees with 4G – Overclockers.ru

Type устройства

Homtom HT7 Pro
Homtom HT7

5.5 “IPS, 1280 x 720
5.5 “IPS, 1280 x 720

MediaTek MT6735,
4 cores, and 1.0 GHz
MediaTek MT6580,
4 cores to 1.3 GHz

The video
Mali-400 MP

Operating System
Android 5.1
Android 5.1

Memory GB
2 RAM; 16 ROM
1 RAM; 8 ROM

cameras, megapixel
13.0 + 5.0
5.0 + 2.0


The number of SIM-cards, pcs.

Support MicroSD

Data Transfer
Wi-Fi; Bluetooth
Wi-Fi; Bluetooth


Battery mAh

Dimensions in mm
155.4 x 77.8 x 7.9
155.4 x 77.8 x 7.9

Weight, g

The price, rbl.
~ 6500
~ 4500

Granted testing apparatus does not differ sverhvydayuschegosya characteristics: in front of us a budget platform, the usual amount of memory for such a decision , camera and battery.

However, the manufacturer offers us a large diagonal display and the availability of LTE module for a modest price, that’s interesting. In addition, according to the display resolution, the installation of the processor performance should not lead to problems of everyday performance. Let us understand in detail.

Packaging equipment Homtom HT7 Pro

Review Hero comes in a classic box of cardboard of medium size. Packing a dual. It consists of a main duct and covering the ends of the cover.

450x341 57 KB Big one:. 1320x1000 448 KB

tactile, it seems that the packaging is strong enough without labor protection during transportation gadget. However, it is felt that the materials used for the packaging cost.

On the front side can be seen only brand name in the center.

450x355 85 KB Big one: 1266x1000 554 KB.

In general, packaging Homtom HT7 Pro – is a real kingdom minimalism. At the ends, too, do not have any useful information. And just behind the two labels you can see the name of the model, where it is produced, which has the characteristics and serial number.

English Design. In addition, a link to the official resource of the company.

450x374 59 KB Big one:. 1204x1000 344 KB

After opening the box, immediately find himself smartphone. The gadget is in the package of transportation, and the protective film is adhered to the display.

450x354 71 KB Big one:. 1272x1000 398 KB

Putting the device sideways, and removing cardboard substrate, we see a complete set of loosely packed accessories.

Package is quite modest, it includes:

  • The power adapter;

  • cable USB – microUSB;

  • Additional protective film;

  • Technical Documentation.

450x352 58 KB Big one:. 1280x1000 377 KB

Describe the appearance of the package of fiscal trends is difficult, for the most part they do not. The box looks like a solid, tight lid opens. Some designs are not applied, and admire the simple packaging of Chinese inexpensive smartphone is not the most well-known brand is probably enough. Box normal and properly performs its function.

Note that by making these companies, obviously waiting for a large set of delivery. At least until recently, we have seen this trend. But apparently for the sake of saving, and now you can only count on a completely standard minimum set of accessories. Claims to their quality, by the way, no, that’s fine too.


Monday, May 30, 2016

WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messenger for Android in 109 countries – BBC

According to a study SimilarWeb, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger based on the Android mobile operating system in 109 countries around the world.

In total the company has analyzed the preferences of users in 187 countries. In the three leaders also included Facebook Messenger and Viber.

WhatsApp is very popular in countries such as Russia, Germany, Italy, India. In addition, the app is interesting to users residing in all countries of South America.

Facebook Messenger prefer residents of 49 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Norway.

Viber is widely used in 15 countries, including Belarus and Ukraine.

According to a study SimilarWeb, Telegram popular among Android-users living in Iran and Uzbekistan.

in turn, these countries such as China and Japan, prefer to develop their own. WeChat and Lion respectively.

Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp is testing video calls for Android.


Research SimilarWeb: WhatsApp messenger is recognized as the most popular on the Android world – vc.ru

The study SimilarWeb affected 187 countries. How do I find analysts, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger in 109 countries (55.6%), including in Russia, Brazil, India, Mexico, as well as in Europe, South America and Africa.

The second place in the ranking took Facebook Messenger, which is popular in 49 countries. Generally it is used in Australia, Canada and the USA. The publication Business Insider writes that leadership WhatsApp looks “a little surprising” because Messenger has many more features – there you can play games and chat have become available bots recently.

This is probably due to the fact that Facebook users are forced to download Messenger separately, writes Business Insider. In addition, the popularity of WhatsApp can mean that users will still want to use instant messengers only to communicate, the newspaper notes.

Viber Messenger took the third place, it has become a leader in 15 countries. Service is the most popular among the residents of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova. According SimilarWeb, in April 2016 Viber has been installed on 65% of Android devices in the Ukraine, users spend there an average of 16 minutes a day. This messenger is also popular in Iraq, Libya, and Sri Lanka.

Japanese messenger Line is popular in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Turkmenistan. Japanese users can use it on average 40 minutes per day. Telegram Pavel Durov is popular among users of Android-Iran and Uzbekistan. WeChat is popular in China and Bhutan.

There are also messengers who are recognized leaders in one country only. It KakaoTalk in South Korea, imo Cuba, Zalo Vietnam, Chaton in Eriterii and BlackBerry Messenger in Indonesia. In April 2016 in Indonesia BBM was installed on 87.5% of devices running Android, and the US – only 0.42%.


NVIDIA has certified the new version of Android-tablet brand – Overclockers.ru

Recently, we quite clearly heard from the lips of the head and founder of NVIDIA words the lack of interest in the smartphone segment, which the company not only achieved visible success, but was forced to write off the money spent on the purchase of mobile developer Icera modem. In the segment of the tablet from NVIDIA still it is not very smooth, especially given the revocable campaign due to a defect battery.

However, we have noted that SHIELD Tablet exposed not only “interim modernization” and markdown, but also preparing to adopt a more modern 20-nm processor Tegra X1. This system with a high degree of integration combines four processing cores with the architecture of ARM Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53, respectively, as well as Maxwell graphic generation solution with 256 CUDA cores. Experienced before the tablet prototype had a traditional 8-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, an increased amount of up to 3 GB of RAM and a built-in SSD volume of 32 GB. The device had to work under the control of Google Android 6.0.

Website Liliputing in the past month, I found that in the database FCC certification authority database lit NVIDIA’s new eight-inch tablet with a symbol P2290W. This allows references, mainly to assess the dimensions of news: 120 x 215 x 7.6 mm, and its weight – 349 g Thus, it can be argued that the new NVIDIA tablet will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor. He also rely port micro-USB 2.0, adapters Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. When will the new product on the market, we can only guess, but the fact of the tablet certification by US authorities suggests the proximity of the moment.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Select the VPN client for android-devices: TouchVPN, as well as consideration of the results of the six applications – Overclockers.ru

Evaluation of Google Play

Number of downloads in Google Play
1 000 000-5 000 000

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
4.0.3 or later

The size distribution
6.9 MB

Application Version

In-app purchases

Key features:

  • 100% free, is not offered during the trial use;

  • No restrictions: Valid without restriction. There is no limit sessions, speed or capacity;

  • Easy connection via a single button;

  • SSL-encryption, which will ensure complete anonymity (confidentiality) and safety


Identification data:

  • Search accounts on your device


  • Search accounts on your device


  • The approximate location (network-based)


  • Get the data on the status of your phone

Photo / multimedia / files.:

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick

The data on Wi-Fi-connected.:

  • View Wi-Fi connections

Device ID & call information.:

  • Get the data on the status of your phone


  • Unlimited access to the Internet;

  • View network connections.

The first impression and configure

In the beginning, we were met by a slide show, clearly advertises opportunities and programs designed to show it presentable. Some users to buy it, and from the beginning think that they are dealing with a serious application.

253x450 206 KB Big one:. 720x1280 897  KB

Next, open the main menu, where there is no advertising, but there is a place under the banner, which literally reads as follows: “Advertising allows us to develop the application!”. Ironically, that is, the developers have positioned their offspring as a solid altruism, but with an eye on materialistic desires. But, I digress. In the middle of a big play button, a left sidebar, where from only useful settings.

253x450 30 KB Big one:. 720x1280 66  KB  253x450  34 KB Big one:. 720x1280 81 KB

Discharge the same is meant to remind of unprotected Wi-Fi-networks, ie open. It is possible to disable the VPN, if the screen is off, ie when the last “burn” all data will be transmitted over insecure protocols. In addition, alternative protocols can be used and “go to the dark side” – to use the dark theme. A translator with the humor appeared. By the way, I almost forgot, TouchVPN exists for Chrome – link in the menu on the plug-in is located in the first row.

253x450 45 KB Big one:. 720x1280 106  KB

Well, now let’s try the whole thing in action.


Let’s start with the fact that the program uses, and the VPN, and proxy that redirect traffic by changing the IP-address. However, a proxy server is completely based on browser technology.

Unlike a proxy, VPN-service encrypts all your traffic and will work with all Internet services. As a result, it provides you a lot of freedom in the network, as well as security and privacy.

253x450 34 KB Big one:. 720x1280 81  KB

it should be noted that the application has a rather impressive list of servers countries. Default – Russian, but since we zaglyuchil on Spotify and Google Store, and then will try to move them from US.

253x450 31 KB Big one:. 720x1280 70  KB

Connect to server lasted a couple of seconds (and here advertising’s Crafty!), then the home screen activated built-in monitor speed and connection time. Well done guys – you can really appreciate the throughput capacity of the tunnel.

253x450 40 KB Big one:. 720x1280 89  KB  253x450  202 KB Big one:. 720x1280 887 KB

O-na, that’s the first connection break, and I’m just turned the program to tray.

253x450 31 KB Big one:. 720x1280 72  KB

However, the above Internet site opened without special problems and delays. It remains to see what it all costs.

253x450 218 KB Big one:. 720x1280 895  KB  253x450  70 KB Big one:. 720x1280 319 KB

The load on the system

Consumes TouchVPN within the normal range – 109 MB of RAM at a 0.1 per cent load on the system. Battery sags by 11.6%, which, of course, a bit much, but the traffic has evaporated 12.8 MB – this is an acceptable figure.

253x450 66 KB Big one:. 720x1280 179  KB  253x450  32 KB Big one:. 720x1280 60 KB
 253x450  45 KB Big one:. 720x1280 122 KB


TouchVPN – easy-to-use application that provides confidentiality and openness of the world Wide web. Several guards battery consumption, and full-screen advertising (which supposedly should not) be annoying, but everything else works on hurray and raises no objections.

And if not for advertising and suspicious battery consumption, this decision could be recommended for the installation, but for now we put it in the category of “It is worth paying attention to.”


  • Secure connection;

  • Quick connection to the server;

  • A wide range of countries;

  • The Russian-language interface


  • Battery Consumption;

  • Advertising (full-screen)

Evaluation:. 4.5 on a scale.

Excellent (direct control + Russian interface)

The ability to self-configure
Yes (required minimum)

Total efficiency

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0.0-0.1% / 109 -112 MB

traffic flow by the program
12.8 MB / hour

Battery Consumption
11.6% / hr

page load time
5-6 seconds

Reset connection

Server Auto

Working with blocked sites

Dear visitors!
Comments containing insults, profanity ( including disguised mat), extremist statements, advertisements and spam , deleted regardless of content , and their authors can be applied measures up to ban writing comments and application in the administration of the social network.


Friday, May 27, 2016

Google won the court with Oracle about $ 9 billion in compensation for Android – http://rusbase.com/

Years of litigation between Google and the Oracle, concerning the alleged illegal use of the Java programming language for the creation of the Android platform, ended. The court in San Francisco, Oracle does not receive anything from the requested earlier compensation of $ 9 billion.

according to Reuters, the judges unanimously ruled and acknowledged that Google did not violate copyrights Oracle the right to create Android.

Apparently, Google was able to convince the court that the company has used Java to create their own innovative product, rather than “battened” stealing someone else’s intellectual property, according to Oracle.

Oracle representative, however, has said the company would appeal.

Recall proceedings between the companies took place 5 years – since 2010. Oracle accused the opponent in the commercialization of the Java programming language, which is written the Android platform (and on which all applications for this platform are developed). Add to that language belongs to Oracle, so the company’s attorneys believed that they could get a larger payment.

In January, reached the point that Oracle used the confidential, apparently, data, and opened all the profits Google on the Android platform since inception in 2008 ($ 31 billion in revenues and $ 22 billion in profits, according to Oracle lawyer).


WhatsApp messenger is the most popular among Android users – iXBT.com

The results of recent studies conducted by the research company analysts Similar Web, today the most popular application for the Android operating system is the instant messaging WhatsApp.


SimilarWeb conducted a survey in 187 countries around the world, finding out that WhatsApp is leading in 109 of them, ie in 55.6% of cases. The countries where the leader WhatsApp, include, in particular, Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico and many other countries of Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania.


Facebook Messenger took second place, winning in 49 countries, including the United States, Canada and Australia. Another messenger, who was able to become a leader, at least 10 countries became Viber. He dominates among residents of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and other countries. According to Similar Web, which are valid for April of this year, Viber installed on 65% of all devices with the Android OS, and users on average spend about 16 minutes a day in the messenger.


BlackBerry Messenger was able to rise above the rest in only one country in the world – in Indonesia, where the application takes 87.5% of the market

Source: Similar Web


Thursday, May 26, 2016

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger on Android – iXBT.com

The results of recent studies conducted by the research company analysts Similar Web, today the most popular application for the Android operating system is the instant messaging WhatsApp.


SimilarWeb conducted a survey in 187 countries around the world, finding out that WhatsApp is leading in 109 of them, ie in 55.6% of cases. The countries where the leader WhatsApp, include, in particular, Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico and many other countries of Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania.


Facebook Messenger took second place, winning in 49 countries, including the United States, Canada and Australia. Another messenger, who was able to become a leader, at least 10 countries became Viber. He dominates among residents of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and other countries. According to Similar Web, which are valid for April of this year, Viber installed on 65% of all devices with the Android OS, and users on average spend about 16 minutes a day in the messenger.


BlackBerry Messenger was able to rise above the rest in only one country in the world – in Indonesia, where the application takes 87.5% of the market

Source: Similar Web


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Discloses the secret of the new Android – Russian Newspaper

Already this year, Android-developers will have access to the engine, called Project Abacus, through which it will be possible to create applications that do not require the user to enter a password. This writes TechCrunch.

The technology, designed to replace your password and log on using the fingerprint scanner will calculate the so-called index of Trust Score based on information received from almost all smartphone units.

<-! noindex ->

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For example, the device will be taken into account print speed, especially the user’s voice, his appearance, location and availability of a number of “friends” access points, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

According to the plan of developers, simple applications, such as games, you can start with a low Trust Score, while bank programs require a high level of protection. Value Trust Score is constantly refined, and the higher becomes the “trust” of the smartphone to the user, the lower the probability that it will need to enter your password.

The new system, developed by Google, has tested some universities in the United States.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Android-device owners will get to know without a password – Lenta.ru

Google has said it will provide developers Project Abacus technology that allows access to the Android-based applications without entering the password to the end of 2016. It is reported by Android Authority.

With the help of built-in sensors gadget algorithm calculates for each user parameter Trust Score, which determines how much a person is similar to the device owner. Account shall be taken voice tone, facial features, typing speed, location, and distance to the nearest Bluetooth-transmitters and access points Wi-Fi.

Simple applications like games can be started with a low index of authenticity, at the while important services (eg banking) require a Trust Score, close to the maximum.

The first tests Project Abacus began in 2015 in educational institutions, in June 2016 it will begin testing the large financial institutions.

In March, Google has allowed users of Android Pay payment service shop to confirm their identity using voice Hands Free applications. Smartphone it does not require activation.

Hands Free is in the testing phase, which involved the residents of the southern San Francisco. Among the institutions where it is possible to pay the bill by voice command, – fast food restaurants McDonald’s and Papa John’s



Monday, May 23, 2016

Google Android will leave without passwords new authorization system will be presented later this year – Kommersant Applications

Google Inc. may introduce a new passwordless protection and authentication system for Android apps by the end of this year. For authorization to use a combination of biometric and other characteristics of each user.

The new system will be submitted for testing for application developers on Android. This is with reference to the head of Google’s research division said Daniel Kaufmann online resource Techcrunch. The system will operate on the basis of the project Abacus, which the company first announced at last year’s conference I / O. The idea – to replace passwords or PINs that can steal or reveal, the combination of the unique characteristics of each user.

When working on the project Abacus, Google used the assistance of experts from 16 academic institutions and research organizations, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton, the University of Southern California, UAE Masdar University and others-system has been pre-closed beta in these universities and organizations for comments, remarks and suggestions from the experts. The company claims that the new system will be more reliable than those already available today on many devices fingerprint recognition system

The new system passwordless identification will use a combination of symptoms -. A biometric (face recognition, user facial expressions, tone of voice), and other (conventional location, method of data entry, the force pressing on the screen, and so on. d.) “we have a phone, and the phone has a touch screen. Why he can not recognize who I am, without any password and just let me work? “- Said Mr. Kaufman. According to him, since June the new system will be tested in the closed mode in some financial companies. If all goes according to plan, by the end, the system will present to the developers of applications on the Android OS.

Eugene Tail

How does Google show the world a new reality

May 18 in Mountain View (California), near the headquarters of Google, began the annual conference for developers. This year, as expected, on the I / O Visitors learn more about new versions of Chrome and Android operating systems, advances in the development of artificial intelligence and updates in the world of wearable gadgets. The greatest interest was the development of the company in the field of virtual reality: in addition to the new version of the device Cardboard gathered demonstrated a device that can operate autonomously, without needing the help of smartphones. Read more

Android Pay gone beyond the US

According to Google Inc. in March, in the coming months the payment system Android pay, with which users can pay for smartphones on Android OS in stores, will operate in the UK. Android Pay was launched in September last year and is still working in the US alone. Launching Android Pay, Google is going to compete in the British market with a different payment system – Apple Pay. Read more

Google has introduced a new version of Android

Google Company presented in May last year, a new version of mobile operating system Android – Android M, which entered the market that fall. The new version of embedded technology, users who have been waiting for a long time from Google: Instant service Mobile Android Pay payments, the embedded system scan fingerprint analyzer and smartphone status that allows, according to Google statement, significantly save battery power. Read more


As the emergence of Google Play on Chrome OS will affect the earnings of Android-developers? – App2Top.ru

Personal computers based on Chrome OS Google Play will have the chance to set him any Android-application. This was a few days ago as part of I / O 2016 Google said. About how it will affect the market, we have talked with the experts.

& # x41A; & # x430; & #  x43A; & # x43F; & # x43E; & # x44F;  & # x432; & # x43B; & # x435;  & # x43D; & # x438; & # x435 ;  Google Play & # x43D; & # x430; Chrome  OS & # x441; & # x43A; & # x430;  & # x436; & # x435; & # x442;  & # x441; & # x44F; & # x43D;  & # x430; & # x437; & # x430;  & # x440; & # x430; & # x431;  & # x43E; & # x442; & # x43A;  & # x435; Android - & # x440; & #  x430; & # x437; & # x440; & # x430;  & # x431; & # x43E; & # x442;  & # x447; & # x438; & # x43A;  & # x43E; & # x432;

How much impact this step on Android-developer income?

 & # x410; & # x418;

Andrew Ivashentsov, Director of Innovation in Game Insight

Given the pace of sales Chromebook-s abroad , the proportion of devices on the market will continue to grow. Cloud OS and the device at $ 150 with a large number of applications – an unusual and interesting offer for the Enterprise and Education segments. The presence of a full-fledged Story of the large number of applications will definitely make the platform more appealing to the end user, and the only question is, who he is.

Is the company allowed its employees to play at work?

it is unlikely, but at the same time, businesses will be able to centrally deploy the necessary commercial software on all devices. Alternative option – when the staff will use the Chromebook as a primary device and at home; then they may play and use paid services

Children privyazhut school payment methods to pay for applications

.? probably not, but schools and institutions will be able to centrally install the software for all students, and benefit from this segment of the children’s and educational applications.

& # x421; & # x435; & #  x440; & # x433; & # x435; & # x439;

Sergey Cops, Head of Publishing at HeroCraft

Here, as always with the new platform. In theory, a new market and joy. In practice, however – it is necessary to wait until the audience will. At the moment, I do not clear the reasons for which will be massively bought up Chromebook’i. On the other hand, adaptation is likely to improve developer relationship with Google, which will help get unscheduled ficher on the main market

 & # x412; & # x41C;

Valentin Merzlikin Evangelist publishing destinations Creative Mobile

immediately – no impact. Declared support android apps on Chrome OS level affect only new devices on this platform, the delivery of which scheduled this year. The existing park Chromebook is also small compared to the size of the market Google Play

For developers of applications (and games) Chromebook -. Not more than an additional segment of the tablets of the middle class. Google Play, and so continues to grow due to the activation of new devices on Android. If Chrome OS support will increase the number of potential users of another 5-10 million by the end of the year, we are with you it is not even note

Ask yourself -. How much money you earn on the settings on the BlueStacks? I would suggest to focus on the same order of numbers.

 & # x410; & # x41E;

Arthur Ostapenko, founder and CEO of Avallon Alliance

If you look at the cosmic growth BlueStacks platform it can be concluded that the idea of ​​playing mobile games running on the desktop. I do not think it will be worse run on Chrome OS.

However, the Google Play market devices and so huge, and the addition of Chromebook will not affect somehow significantly developers income.

What are the problems poses promised Android-compatible apps with Chrome-applications for developers?

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Andrew Ivashentsov in Game Insight Director of Innovation

According to the announcement, Google Play and Android support based applications will be integrated at the operating system level, not the browser. Accordingly, it is not an emulation, and support for native applications via the platform Apps Runtime for Chrome. They are about 2 billion in Google Play. They are of varying quality, written under a variety of form factors and with different mechanics.

Obviously, the advantage will go to those developers who have experience with both touchscreen and conventional screen, mouse and keyboard. We at Game Insight has repeatedly passed this way, adapting our games for a variety of platforms, including desktops

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Sergey Cops, Head of Publishing at HeroCraft

The adaptation of the interface will be the most expensive task. As far as I understood from the announcement, some technical difficulties did not promise to Google.

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Valentin Merzlikin Evangelist publishing destinations Creative Mobile

The screen resolution, processing power, memory capacity is applied – are not such serious restrictions on the developer as a growing segment of low-cost devices on Android. I would place the developers are not strained. Google will not cut its’ goose that lays the golden eggs “, and punish applications that do not support thin client PC.

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Arthur Ostapenko, founder and CEO of Avallon Alliance

no problems I do not see, in most cases, 1-5 days will be enough work of a programmer, so that the application was incompatible.

Should we expect a similar step by Apple?

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Andrew Ivashentsov in Game Insight

Director of Innovation To date, Chrome OS and OS X they are in different weight classes and the majority of OS X users already have an iPhone or iPad, where they run all the applications they need. Apple has an extremely high standard of quality and usability, and we would not have relied on the fact that they are allowed to run mobile or tablet touch-first apps on non-touch computers

Another thing -. The prospects and potential of the unification of development between iOS and OS X, which will allow developers to more convenient to universal applications for both platforms.

We can say that with the advent of Google Play on Chrome OS, a laptop for $ 150 dollars will play a new meaning for the ordinary consumer is segments Education and Enterprise, and the choice of the first computer in an affordable (low-end) price range will be between Windows 10 and Chrome OS.

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Sergey Cops, Head of Publishing at HeroCraft

Microsoft switched to a unified platform. Google promises to merge Chrome OS and Android. On the one hand, a trend can be traced, on the other hand, I do not see the economic preconditions for merging Mac OS and iOS. They even separated from tvOS of iOS, though, it would seem, at least differences.

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Valentin Merzlikin Evangelist publishing destinations Creative Mobile

Not sure what step will be the same. Talk about merging Mac and iOS platforms are a long time – all updates Mac OS X look like steps in this direction. But for Apple both platforms make good money, and the need to repeat some decisions Microsoft or Google in this area do not have.

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Arthur Ostapenko, founder and CEO of Avallon Alliance

Very much doubt.

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