Sunday, May 22, 2016

iPhone conceded Android-smartphone. Or not? –

iPhone 6s

The last quarter turned out to Apple is not the most successful – the drop in sales and earnings several analysts undermined confidence in the technology giant. The obvious consequence of these results – reducing the share of iPhone in the global smartphone market. But what happened to the others

Apple has lost three percentage points compared to the first quarter of 2015 – now the iPhone accounts for 14.8%, according to Fortune, citing a study Gartner. At Samsung, too, not everything went smoothly: 23.2% versus 24% a year earlier. Best of all it goes for Huawei, which has increased its share to 8,3%.

If you look at the overall statistics, iPhone here for obvious reasons gives Android-smartphone. Surprisingly another – smartphones with Google’s operating system on board the captured more than 84% of the market. Blackberry and Windows quietly live their and soon, it seems, will join to the “other».


At this time, share iPhone «slipped ‘more than usual, but experts believe that after the release of iPhone 7 all change dramatically. But before long it will take another quarter, so analysts will be one more reason to corporations prophesied the imminent sunset.


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