Sunday, May 8, 2016

Choosing a secure instant messenger for Android: Telegram, SafeUM and VIPole Secure Messenger –

rank in Google Play

Number of downloads in Google Play
50 000 000-100 000 000

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
2.3 or later

The size distribution
26 MB

Application Version

In-app purchases

Key features:

  • Sync across devices via cloud storage;

  • An extensive network of servers for quick messaging;

  • Privacy Protection with a special protocol, and direct communication between two users;

  • Sending multimedia;

  • The group chat up to 5000 people;

  • Absolutely free;

  • Stickers and Emoticons


Identification data:

  • View your contact information;

  • Adding / removing accounts;

  • Search accounts on your device


  • Search accounts on your device;

  • View contacts;

  • Edit contacts


  • The exact location (based on GPS and network);

  • The approximate location (network-based)



  • Get the data on the status of your phone

Photo / multimedia / files.:

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


The data on Wi-Fi-connected:

  • View Wi-Fi connections

Device ID & call information.:

  • Get the data on the status of your phone


  • Get the data from the Internet;

  • Manage vibration function;

  • Run the device is switched on;

  • Show UI elements on top of other windows;

  • View synchronization settings;

  • Create accounts and set passwords;

  • Enable / disable synchronization;

  • View your Google service configuration;

  • Prevent device from sleeping mode;

  • View network connections;

  • Unlimited access to the Internet.

Registration and interface

The registration procedure takes place in the Telegram Using SMS-Code. Cross-platform application, which means messages still stored, or how they are synchronized to the server.

281x450 109 KB Big one:. 800x1280 439  KB  281x450  111 KB Big one:. 800x1280 437 KB

English language program interface, but the situation can be corrected by using a bot, which, incidentally, is growing. I recommend bots I will not, because not all of them are legitimate, but can be used for Russification “of the robot, Anton.” By the way, on each input information will be displayed in the desktop version of the program, which means that your smartphone is not secretly see if you have forgotten it at work when we went for lunch.

281x450 65 KB Big one:. 800x1280 275  KB  281x450  70 KB Big one:. 800x1280 284 KB

And so it does not happen is to look at the settings. Here, in addition to setting notifications, sound, chat background, language and animation especially interests me the tab “Privacy and security”.

281x450 75 KB Big one:. 800x1280 304  KB

Security Overview options


There is no problem to score someone you like in the black list, which, by the way, works on hurray. Also useful are the parameters of the latter activity. So, we note who sees time presence in the system. At the same time, you can hide the information for all users, or for a particular “other.” It should be noted that in this case you will not be able to see the activity of other users, which is fair. To be incognito, till the end.

281x450 75 KB Big one:. 800x1280 305  KB

Almost all the same thing applies to group chats ( up to 5000 people, for crying out loud), that is, you can specify who can add you to an hour or even ban this very opportunity for all users. In general, the right to personal space Durov observes (for some reason reminded of South Park 15 season).

281x450 76 KB Big one:. 800x1280 309  KB


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