Sunday, May 8, 2016

Android N is significantly less vulnerable to attacks such as Stagefright – RSUTE

Moscow, 05/08/2016 17:41:32, RSUTE.RU.

mobile operating system Android N developers have assured its future users that their new product would be less vulnerable to Stagefright type attacks. Recall that this vulnerability is literally crippled many devices working in tandem with the “Android”.

Recently, experts, who were involved in the creation of a new mobile Android N sample platform, reported that the new OS will be much less defeated intervention Stagefright. Recall that this vulnerability has recently become a real scourge among users around the world. Therefore, a manufacturer of android platforms has now decided to improve their services in this area.

Although the developers have tried as quickly as possible to release a patch, which would eliminate the possibility of vulnerabilities, many users still can not wait for the long-awaited protection. Someone is not possible to connect to the Internet for updates, and someone simply forget to do it. At the same time, there are models of smartphones running on older versions.


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