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Moscow “soon” will distribute tablets to Android –

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In the autumn of 2016 all the ambulances will be equipped with tablet computers in Moscow. In 1200 in the capital of existing teams will be acquired in 1400 devices.

The corresponding tender in the form of an electronic auction was announced in early May 2016 Trades initial contract price of p 72,080,000 (approximately p 51,49 thousand. per tablet) will be held May 27, 2016, and all the goods to be delivered until 31 July. Customer Product information is the Department of the Moscow Technology (DIT).

The Moscow government claim that the gadgets will be integrated with the unified medical information-analytical system of Moscow (EMIAS). It will enable ambulance staff to access the information in the electronic cards of patients. “Already in the way doctors are aware of allergies, chronic and other diseases of the patient, – officials argue. – The tablet will be supplied stylus to help physicians use the gadgets, the gloves »

Now the ambulance crew are not tablets, and communicators old model purchased three years ago, says the Department of Health.. According to CNews, the first in Moscow to appropriate technology a few years ago have joined 103 ambulance crews who used laptops Motorola.

Moscow “soon “equip the new tablets, with which it will be possible to access electronic medical card of the patient right away

at CNews questions about what software is installed on the new tablets, and how they will be integrated with EMIAS in DIT informed that this will become clear in the course of completion of the Integrated automated management system stations of emergency medical assistance to them. A. Puchkov (Kafu SS and NMP). The relevant tender procedure metropolitan government intends to spend the second half of 2016 g.

It should be noted that at the end of 2015 Moscow held a contest to perform research and development work on the development of functionality EMIAS regarding integration with Kafu SS and NMP, including testing of individual health organizations. With a starting price of the contract in p 116 million contract was signed with “Tops consulting” for p 110,15 Mill.

configuration and functionality of the tablet

According to the documents posted on the website of public procurement, the CIO is going to buy the plates on the platform Android, equipped with processors with the number of cores not less than four. Screen size they spelled out in the range of 7 to 8.3 inches, the amount of internal memory the RAM – 1.5 GB of internal flash memory – 16 GB, supports external memory card – 64 GB

Gadgets Bluetooth-enabled will be equipped with a camera with a resolution of 6 Mpixel, batteries with a minimum capacity of 4400 mAh provides autonomous operating time on the Internet as a minimum of 10 hours.

The new tablets will have all the features that are already in smartphones, the replacement of which they come. They will be able to receive calls on-line, to build and to choose the shortest route automatically request a place in the hospital for a medical evacuation, as well as through the GLONASS and GPS search for and choose the most closely located to the place of calling an ambulance.

in addition, new mobile devices will be implemented the ability to automatically transfer information in clinics for patients who, for various reasons, are often forced to seek the help of doctors ambulance. This information is intended to help clinics to respond quickly and adjust the treatment of people with chronic diseases. Also in the online doctors clinics mode will receive information about the need to monitor the patient after he helped the ambulance.

Statistics on the Moscow Emergency

In the capital’s station ambulance named after A. Puchkov has 58 substations and 87 stations, including 28 on the major highways and Ring Road. Employees of emergency daily perform up to 12 thousand. Departures. Currently, the plant employs more than 10 thousand. Man.


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