Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Android-device owners will get to know without a password – Lenta.ru

Google has said it will provide developers Project Abacus technology that allows access to the Android-based applications without entering the password to the end of 2016. It is reported by Android Authority.

With the help of built-in sensors gadget algorithm calculates for each user parameter Trust Score, which determines how much a person is similar to the device owner. Account shall be taken voice tone, facial features, typing speed, location, and distance to the nearest Bluetooth-transmitters and access points Wi-Fi.

Simple applications like games can be started with a low index of authenticity, at the while important services (eg banking) require a Trust Score, close to the maximum.

The first tests Project Abacus began in 2015 in educational institutions, in June 2016 it will begin testing the large financial institutions.

In March, Google has allowed users of Android Pay payment service shop to confirm their identity using voice Hands Free applications. Smartphone it does not require activation.

Hands Free is in the testing phase, which involved the residents of the southern San Francisco. Among the institutions where it is possible to pay the bill by voice command, – fast food restaurants McDonald’s and Papa John’s



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