Monday, May 23, 2016

Google Android will leave without passwords new authorization system will be presented later this year – Kommersant Applications

Google Inc. may introduce a new passwordless protection and authentication system for Android apps by the end of this year. For authorization to use a combination of biometric and other characteristics of each user.

The new system will be submitted for testing for application developers on Android. This is with reference to the head of Google’s research division said Daniel Kaufmann online resource Techcrunch. The system will operate on the basis of the project Abacus, which the company first announced at last year’s conference I / O. The idea – to replace passwords or PINs that can steal or reveal, the combination of the unique characteristics of each user.

When working on the project Abacus, Google used the assistance of experts from 16 academic institutions and research organizations, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton, the University of Southern California, UAE Masdar University and others-system has been pre-closed beta in these universities and organizations for comments, remarks and suggestions from the experts. The company claims that the new system will be more reliable than those already available today on many devices fingerprint recognition system

The new system passwordless identification will use a combination of symptoms -. A biometric (face recognition, user facial expressions, tone of voice), and other (conventional location, method of data entry, the force pressing on the screen, and so on. d.) “we have a phone, and the phone has a touch screen. Why he can not recognize who I am, without any password and just let me work? “- Said Mr. Kaufman. According to him, since June the new system will be tested in the closed mode in some financial companies. If all goes according to plan, by the end, the system will present to the developers of applications on the Android OS.

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