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Messenger from Google, the new Android and the column-assistant – new items from Google – BBC

The next conference Google CEO Sundar Pichai began with words about how the company was able to move forward in the 17 years of existence, and placed special emphasis on Google’s search capabilities – the fundamental product of the company. Pichai also said that this conference has already become the tenth, along with this decade turned and Android mobile operating system. A new generation of OS below and will be discussed.

Android N

For the first time Google has announced a new version of the operating system is not at the conference, and two months earlier, so that virtually all of the major innovations were already known . One of the exciting moments was the name – whether new Android Nutella? As it turned out, the developers decided to transfer the burden to the public. On Android, the site appeared Page , where anyone can suggest the name of a dessert that starts with the letter N

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Among the major OS updates can be noted improved performance, security and productivity of Android N

With the new graphics API called Vulkan. reduce the load on the graphics smartphone chip performance increase. Using the JIT Compiler technology will reduce the loading time of new applications by 75% and abandon the optimization of applications when upgrading.

Especially updates were expected interface. Thus, in Android N button appears close all applications and the ability to quickly switch to the previous program by double-tap of the button multitasking (Quick Switch).

In addition, the Android N appeared multitasking and the ability to open the “picture in picture”, when one application is displayed on top of another.

Google also spoil the opportunity to respond to messages right from the curtains, open the app unnecessarily. For dessert – the developers have added 72 new Emoji

In the public beta test, which starts May 18, will be able to take part smartphone owners Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P. , Nexus Player, Pixel C, Android One.

Update and Android Wear. As stated by the developers, now the smart watch on this OS will be less dependent on smartphones. To reply to a message the other party can draw with your finger.

Messenger and video

As it turned out, the Google messengers can not be too much. Therefore, the company decided to work closely and to provide a new generation of applications for communication. And if at first you might think: why the world is another messenger, then a careful study of it can be seen that the Allo – great potential

Allo – is Google’s smart instant messenger that combines messaging, search, as well. as Google Assistant (to be described later). He is able to decrease or increase the message to be sent and received the opportunity to SmartReply (quick response) based on machine learning. For example, if the person sends you a photo of the dog, the program will analyze the photo and offer as a quick response of the phrase “cute”, “Cute dog” etc.

Google Assistant, built in Allo, allows to seek information directly within the application. In addition to separate chat bot Google search can be activated directly in the dialogue with a live person. For example, you can search for the nearest restaurant and instantly post a favorite companion. (With photo, address, evaluation – all in the familiar Google search) and then book a table without leaving the dialogue

Messenger also received Incognito Mode – there all posts strictly encrypted, and after the conversation instantly deleted. Google developers have stressed that security in the application is all right.

Complete with Allo is a video application Duo. Among its features is marked encryption of transmitted data and the opportunity to work with poor Internet

Duo got an interesting feature -. During an incoming call the user can see the caller on the other end before pick up the phone.

Both Google applications promises to present this summer.

Column assistant

Rumors that Google is preparing its own rival Amazon Echo, we went for a long time. Mario Kueyrozu, the Google vice president of Management, had the honor to present the product the general public – Google Home

But what distinguishes the Google Home on Amazon -. It opportunities Google Assistant machine learning, advanced voice recognition technology and years of experience development of search technologies

Google Home -. a small device, the column that takes voice commands and the voice answers. The range of tasks that are able to implement Google Home, is very wide. Voice commands set the alarm, call a taxi, order a meal, set a timer, etc. And, of course, Google Home willingly answers all questions, whether it’s the weather, traffic jams or request other information.

At the heart of Google Home are Google Assistant capabilities that will collect information about users, to shape portrait of a man according to the requests and provide relevant information based on the received picture or context.

Google Out Home is scheduled for the end of the year, developers will be able to try it now.

Virtual reality from Google

Google introduced its own mobile platform virtual reality Daydream, as well as the concept of VR-points. But despite the high-profile news, specifics in this announcement is so far very little.

It is known that Daydream will become the basis for creating their own applications ecosystem. While Google itself has introduced several programs that are ready to work in Daydream: YouTube, Street View, Play Movies and Google Photo. By building applications have joined Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Netflix and HBO.

Also, representatives of the company immediately made a reservation that Daydream pull only a very powerful devices. However, the specific requirements is not a word.

As for the hat, Google showed a nice concept “on paper”, which will complete with a remote control. They will show their most likely closer to the fall.

What is the result?

Two hours Google presentation could talk about a lot of new products and innovations, thus showing that the company has many plans and projects that it is ready to gradually introduce users to life.

in addition to the duty update of Android and the announcement of two Google apps has clearly indicated that he wanted to live in their homes and to take as much as possible goals. Sundar Pichai enthusiastically tells how technology companies can facilitate the daily tasks, and on the screen, meanwhile, happy people rely on Google Home solution absolutely all pressing issues.

«Okay, Google, turn on music. Okay, Google, book your table at 9:00. Okay, Google, Book

pizza. “And all this, as they say, without hands.

The two-hour presentation Pichai completes ode machine learning and artificial intelligence. For example AlphaGo he notes that the AI ​​becomes creative. In medicine also emphasizes the head of Google, he still has great prospects.

And the conclusion is the same: soon there will be no areas in which Google would itself did not show.


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