Friday, May 6, 2016

In Russia, began the development of Android competitor – BBC News

The company “Open Mobile Platform”, established in the beginning of April, started the development of a national mobile operating system. According to Twitter, Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov, the development center of the national “OSes” for smartphones and other mobile devices has started in Innopolis

The new company is headed by Paul Eiges, who previously led the McAfee (currently -. Intel Security ) in Russia and CIS. According to Nikiforov, “WMD” has already opened a number of vacancies for developers and testers.

According to a source the newspaper “Kommersant”, the Russian competitor of Android is based on open components Sailfish platform. This OS has developed since 2012 the Finnish company Jolla, founded by former employees of Nokia, but now it belongs to Hong Kong Sailfish Holding.

Earlier, Nikiforov said that it is on the basis of Sailfish can create an excellent alternative “to existing closed or closing the mobile platform” – that is, iOS and Android. The main advantages of OS Minister took the open source code.

According to the newspaper, is already being negotiated on the future use of the OS on smartphones YotaPhone. Also, it is interested “Russian Electronics”, which in March announced plans to release the Russian budget smartphone is not more than $ 200

. Source: Kommersant


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