Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mitsubishi Connect system is now compatible with smartphones Android – RSUTE

Moscow, 05/07/2016 00:44:03, RSUTE.RU.

Mitsubishi Connect system has finally received official compatibility with smartphones based on Android. After numerous requests from ordinary consumers, creators Mitsubishi Connect listened to the pleas of customers and this month upgraded its system.

Finally, all fans of Mitsubishi Connect waited for the day when and Android platform has also become served in this system. Updating the program took place just this month. Thanks to the modernization of the existing system of all Android owners had the opportunity to be assisted by an expanded navigation system, as well as use voice dialing privileges.

Recall that Android was initially planned service in the last year, but due to some technical hitches release this feature had to be postponed for a considerable period of time. If we talk about models that support this system here is to provide only the Pajero, because on the territory of the Russian Federation there are no other cars branded with the brand Mitsubishi Connect.


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