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A Closer Look at the All Android-phone for 14 000 $ – http://json.tv/ (press release) (Registration)

The most expensive and the most secure consumer smartphone in the world at the moment is called Solarin. His company made Sirin Labs . Regardless of whether you have a price tag surprise 14 000 $ for mobile devices on Android, read on …

How much do you value your privacy? How worried that your calls and text messages are being monitored? If the answer to both “many” of the question, then perhaps you will be interested to learn about Israel’s first smartphone coming from the startup Sirin Labs. Solarin The device is equipped with a titanium case Android-smartphone, which allows you to quickly switch between an ordinary Android-powered device and secure, locked means of communication.

Of course, many may shock the price of 14 000 $ (plus tax), or £ 9500 in the UK. At this price, the gadget is expected to sell the titans of industry and people from the secret services, as well as private offices, where appreciate secrets. In many ways, this is the first phone that has been specifically designed to keep your private data safe from all the others. Steal can not even one per cent of information.

Closer look at the Android-phone for $     14,000

the system works as follows: good styled for men smartphone running Android looks as if it was designed in secret laboratories for the spy movie agents. But in fact, as soon as you click a tiny switch on the rear panel of the device, it will switch to safe mode, noting the range of user green and white light. In this mode, all but the most important sensors disabled. Calls and text messages are encrypted, read-only trusted devices bearing Solarin application. I mean, yes – your friend will have to install on your smartphone app companion, if he wants to not only write to you, but just call in this mode

All the information is encrypted using 256-bit AES-encryption. developed security firms Zimperium and Koolspan . The smartphone even has a safe concierge service that monitors the status of your phone and alerts about incoming attacks. Telephone knows when it try to attack, and certainly never allow to send someone to spam.

When you use your phone as usual, this is a very average Android-smartphone with the Snapdragon processor 810 (not even a Snapdragon 820) and 4 GB of RAM (not even 6 GB). In addition, you get 120 GB of internal memory (with no memory card slot) and 23.8 megapixel camera on by Sony. It should be noted, however, that the Japanese manufacturer has deliberately made a four-LED flash for the camera.

A closer look at the Android-phone

Taking in hand a 5.5-inch device, you will notice that it feels just hefty. And the phone itself is unusually tight, even heavy. Such cracks will not go on the first drop.

It may seem that the titanium case back is covered with natural leather for comfort. But it is not the skin. This “technical leather” – carbon fiber, designed under the skin. Even though experts are unlikely to notice a difference.

Solarin exudes a very masculine charm, offering itself to all kinds of business and politics. 5.5-inch LCD display QHD IPS has fantastic viewing angles and amazing color saturation. Of course, the Snapdragon processor 810 is not new, but this compromise was deliberate. Released even last summer chipset has been selected to ensure that the company had a whole year to make sure it is safe. smartphone manufacturers also declined to 4K display to a lower resolution to reduce the load on the battery capacity of 4040 mAh.

The company promises that the device will work with any LTE-networks around the world, what can not boast of any other device on the market. Regardless of whether you are in the network or not, you can change the SIM-card in an instant thanks to hot swapping. Self slot Micro-SIM-card is located on the upper right side. Communication also proposes to use gigabit Wi-Fi and MIMO packets to handle multiple connections simultaneously. BlackBerry trying to offer a similar promise, but was not able to implement it

Now that you have some idea about this device, you have to ask. Are you the device at all necessary? Android-smartphone, of course, attracts attention with high-level encryption and security, but the highest levels of security available only in protected mode. And in this protected mode, you can use only some of the features – to make calls and write texts. And not the fact that this text is not to steal “one” side. So for complete protection should be at least two smartphone Solarin.

The founder of a startup Moshe Hogek said that services such as the NSA are not interested in business people. Most of the company products are offered for protection against hackers. So you can only ask yourself, how likely is that the exact details of the deal will be set forth in a voice call to the criminals can then use the information to play the stock market? And is it enough to lead people away from the comfort of their Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s?

The answer is up to you. But Solarin smartphone with a fabulous price tag will simply do its job to protect information

Author:. Stepan Mazur

Original photos: engadget


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