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The September announcement of the geography of Android-HTC hours will be limited to a few regions –

According to some sources, HTC is required to submit its “smart clock” until the end of the year, because if the IFA 2014 more you can skip the reluctance of “lost in the crowd”, then late for the Christmas sales season is like death. On the resource upleaks , which is his “home” chose Twitter, appeared More information about the features of the debut of “smart clock” HTC.

The source claims that the clock on the platform HTC Android Wear will be presented in September this year, but the area of ​​sales initially limited to the following regions: North America, Europe, Middle East and countries in Africa, Japan, Brazil, South Korea and Taiwan. By the way, according to the classification of some manufacturers to “Euro-African” region includes and CIS countries, so we can not exclude the emergence of new products and in Russia. Anyway, since this apparently solid company wormed Brazil with its growing economy, then Russia might be a place.

It is also interesting that the source called novelty “HTC CWZ”. Most likely, this is some internal designation, as other sources have repeatedly mentioned “smart watches” this manufacturer under the brand HTC One Wear. By the way, in spite of fashion trends, they can retain a rectangular shape, a characteristic of many devices in the electronics, worn on the wrist.


The Norwegian company has introduced one of the most secure Android-smartphone – VIDEO –

31.08.2014 21:50

Norwegian company Bartec Pixavi presented one of the most resistant to external influences on the smartphone market – Android-device Impact X. Details of the new product according to the portal 3DNews.

Impact X has an aluminum body, and the display device 4.3-inch and a resolution of 480 * 800 pixels protected from damage by two-millimeter glass Gorilla Glass. Smartphone is fully compliant with protection IP68, which guarantees protection against the ingress of dust into the body. Smartphone also not afraid of immersion in water to a depth of three meters.

According to the manufacturer, Impact X can operate in temperatures from -20 to 45 degrees Celsius (in the cold can not remove gloves) and without -or the consequences will survive a fall from two meters. In addition, the device has been certified for use in hazardous areas. This means that the work of the smartphone can not cause ignition or detonation of flammable liquids, vapors and their etc.

Externally Impact X differs little from that of most modern smartphones. Catches the eye only mechanical keys on the front panel and two of the same camera on the back. One camera is rotated relative to each other by 90 degrees, which allows you to shoot video in full screen mode, regardless of the position of the smartphone.

Impact X running system Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The smartphone is equipped with adapters, Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0, receiver GPS, three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, electronic compass, temperature and pressure sensors. Battery capacity is 3000 mAh, and weighs 200 grams novelty.

Short video presentation of the device was made available on YouTube-channel company Bartec Pixavi.


Surrealistic puzzle of lunatics Back to Bed appeared on the iOS and Android – 3DNews

The owners of devices running Android and iOS can now join the unusual three-dimensional puzzle Back to Bed from Studio Bedtime Digital Games. 5 August it became available in digital service Steam for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

In this game you need to help gamers character named Bob (Bob), suffering from somnambulism, in a dream to get to his bed unharmed. Running his subconscious custodian on behalf of the Sub-Bob (Subob), they will have to find a way out of the maze of interlocking stairways and platforms, using different items and avoiding dangers. Despite the apparent simplicity, puzzle, say the developers, can be hardcore. You can verify this by selecting a difficulty mode Nightmare, addressed the smartest and patient players.

Back to Bed primarily notable level design, inspired by the paintings of the Dutch artist Maurits Escher (Maurits Escher). As a platformer Echochrome, FEZ and Pavilion , architecture structures, which moves the hero, “flirting” with the spatial logic and creates a special surreal atmosphere.

Whimsical game adds visual style, which is reflected in works of the great Spanish painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and directed by Salvador Dali. The choice of graphics solutions, according to developers, is also influenced by the work of cult American director David Lynch (David Lynch).

Back to Bed boasts a highly prestigious awards and nominations. She won in the category of student projects at the Independent Games Festival in 2013 and surpassed the competition in the category Guts & amp; Glory Award Dutch Game Awards 2012. Also, she managed to reach the final Nordic Game Indie Night 2012, check in at the nominees for the Unity Awards last year as the best student project and interest jury Casual Connect Europe 2014, which placed it in the category of “Best casual game consoles ».

Back to Bed is available in Google Play store for $ 3.99 (the Russian equivalent is equal to 145.47 rubles.). As for iTunes, then the game is not yet available when only American Section. The game will be able to run the owners iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with OS is earlier than version 4.3, but acceptable performance is guaranteed only to holders iPhone 5. In the mobile version, there are two ways to control – using the touch screen and virtual controller MOGA.



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Tools month. Major Android-application of August – BBC News

August was not too generous with iconic news for Android, but on Google Play there were many updates, fundamentally changing the work has long been familiar with the program or expanding their capabilities. In a review of the major Android-application of August – a simple way to send directly from your smartphone huge files “moon prism” for photos, the best tool to capture an interesting shot, and much more. Besides, all this can be run using the classical stock launcher Google Start, which this month is now available on all smartphones with a version of Android 4.1 and above. But first things first.


smartphone manufacturers have long known problem of long access to the camera – yet get one unit of the pocket until razblokiruesh while running the appropriate application navedesh and sharpness, interesting shot will be missed. The traditional solution already – start the camera from the lock screen, one more thing – Dedicated “fotoknopka.” But there is an even faster option that someone certainly seem more convenient than others – application Snapshot.

The program uses the accelerometer to determine the position in the smartphone space at the time of release. If the position is the same as in the settings (default – landscape orientation of the screen, the screen “looks” per user) – the camera is triggered. Many (but not all) Applications- “camera” will be able to run, even if you set the digital code to unlock the screen. Pro-version allows you to “bind” different applications (for example – one for the photo, and the other – for the video) to a different camera position in space.

For more information about the program can be found here. In Google Play Snapshot can be downloaded for free, but the possibility of a Pro-version will have to unlock via the built package.


In August, Google Play appeared application called Fragment allowing you to quickly add photos to interesting “prismatic” effects that give images of the original.

The application is available over a dozen different filtrov- “prisms”, transforming the selected area on the image. In addition to selecting distorting “lens”, the user can change the contrast of the selected areas to give the picture a more pronounced effect.

Over the areas located in the prism can be” fun “as your heart desires – move, flip, move and so on. In general, the application is very simple, fun and convenient. Using the software, you can for a few seconds to get something resembling a full conceptual art.

Fragment can be purchased on Google Play for 72 rubles – and the absence of the free version (even if only with limited functionality) – perhaps the main drawback programs.


Taking Videos in FullHD is no surprise, surprise it is necessary by the video – so it was fun. But what if you want to show shot anyone without shelling out the material on YouTube, even in private mode? Rescue application WeTransfer, a customer of the same name service for sending large files over the network (up to 10 GB).

First, it is beautifully realized. Second, the program explicitly aims to minimize the chain of actions required to send the file. All you need – to select files (or from anywhere in the Android select WeTransfer from the system menu “Share”), and to specify a mail address of the recipient. It will be sent an email with a link, in this case to create their own account on the service to download is not required. If you wish, download, you can pause and resume later from the same place.

The application is available for free download in Google Play.

Calc +

course if you use the calculator on your smartphone only from case to case you will most likely perfect staffing solution. But those who need to perform computations constantly (drag behind a laptop with Excel does not offer), a normal application “Calculator” can not hold. For them and created Calc +.

The developers have positioned your application as “user friendly” alternative. Friendliness begins with a pleasant appearance and modern interface, as well as the availability of plenty of opportunities to change the appearance of the program – different themes, fonts (from the “Gothic” to “digital” in the spirit of classic calculators) and colors.

But it is not only in appearance: Calc + and aims to make the process of computing, as well as work with their results, as comfortable as possible. For example, the result of each calculation is shown on a separate line, and the results can be used in the following calculations. In case of any typos entered number can be edited by clicking on it, you do not have to delete all button “Back” or “C”. Calculation history can be easily copied to any other application or share it via the built-in menu.

The application contains built-purchase, available for free download in Google Play.

Wunderlist 3

In August, renewed, perhaps the most powerful available on most platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Mac, Chrome) List Manager – Wunderlist. The next, the third version numbering, which users waited more than a year, brought a lot of improvements.

The most important thing – the program is now perfectly synchronizes lists” on the fly. ” At the very least, the situation “- Yes, I also added you to the list of buckwheat” Supermarket “- Do not know, have not seen, probably not synced again.” in our family no longer repeated.

In addition, Wunderlist 3 animated design, simplified editing lists and tasks, as well as added control with swipe. On what other functions appeared in the application can be found in our detailed material


The application Foursquare last month replaced not only the design and icon, but his very essence – is now “Chekina” is not there, they need to download a separate program, Swarm. And Foursquare has become a sort collectively compiled a guide to restaurants, businesses, services, attractions etc.

The developers explain that in the division of the application into two parts” guilty “by its users. Analytics data showed that the two groups of users employ Foursquare differently: some basically “Chekina” to receive badges and “merstvo”, while others are mainly looking for information about places, Chekina while neglecting. This service spodviglo owners create two separate applications to develop them independently of each other for different audiences.

Details about the new “people’s guide” on Foursquare, you can find on this page.

Download Foursquare app can be on Google Play Free.


Finally, in August received the update to version 3 is one of the most popular fotoprilozheny for Android, VSCO Cam. The application will have access to the supervised administration of the service gallery of the best images, users can now subscribe to updates from the authors whose pictures they liked. True, the “likes” and comments in this elite “psevdoinstagrame” is not and is not planned. “VSCO Grid has never been and never will be devoted to the figures,” – said earlier this year, the head of Joel Flory, stressing the importance of VSCO as a platform for creativity and self-expression.

In VSCO Cam 3.0 offers advanced tools to adjust the exposure, contrast and temperature picture. Have the ability to quickly view the original and the edited image. The application for Android-powered smartphones updated interface, made some minor improvements “under the hood”. Thanks to them the program runs a little faster and “responsive” than the previous version.

Download VSCO Cam 3.0 may be on Google Play for free. The application has built-in shopping – “packages” of creative filters for photos.

Google Start

Now on system updates from the developers of Android. Launcher Google Now Launcher (“Google Home”), which serves to activate voice commands from the main screen, fast search and launch applications, became available in early August on any Android-smartphone, regardless of manufacturer. The only requirement to install it – firmware version 4.1 and above. Previously could only use shell holders “standard” devices in a series of Nexus.

installing a shell on the machine with the “normal” Android, users will get the same home screen, like the Nexus 5. right with him (saying aloud team “OK Google”), you can go online and to dictate SMS, change the wallpaper and flip through notice-cards, quickly launch applications and services Google – such as mail Gmail or YouTube.

In general, “Google Home” makes smartphones closer to the Nexus-models with “the drain” Android, changing the home screen and application list. However, if the manufacturer or service provider is modified notification center and multitasking menu, installed any of its add-ons – they will remain the same as they were. Here you can read more about the new product, and this link – free download in Google Play.

Multilingual Voice Search

Another innovation ecosystem Google, came to the rescue August – Multilanguage Voice Search. Now Android-smartphone will be able to recognize up to five languages. This will eliminate the problem faced by the majority of bilingual users – if you usually are looking for “a voice” in Russian, but then you need to find something in English, you have to change the settings, or perhaps just use traditional, non-voice search. Now, this inconvenience is eliminated, more can be read here.

These reviews applications come with us on a monthly basis. With this link you can see the best Android-applications for July.

Review Nicholas Belkin prepared with the participation of Oleg and Svyatoslav Ilyuhina Leontiev


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Android-card Nokia Here will be exclusively available on smartphones Samsung – 3DNews

Google Maps is one of the strengths of the platform Android, but Samsung has decided to offer its users as an alternative to other high-quality maps Nokia Here. The beta version Here for Android will be available exclusively for Samsung Galaxy devices by the time of sale of new smart hours Gear S.

Clock Gear S will get step by step through the Navigator application pedestrian navigation Here, support for public transport, and will be able to sync routes with compatible smartphones. Partnership agreement, which brings Here at Android-phones Samsung, is just an extension of that license agreement that provides mapping capabilities for said new hours of the Korean company on the platform Tizen.

Here for Android can offer detailed maps for more than 200 countries, step by step navigation while walking or driving a car in nearly 100 countries; traffic information in more than 40 countries, information about public transportation in more than 750 urban areas.

Rising popularity of portable devices and automotive electronics allow mapping companies have confidence in the growth of their business. The next step in the development of digital maps is mapping indoor: for example, to navigate to the shopping malls, train stations, museums and so on. Here are maps in more than 90 thousand rooms in 71 countries.

In recent years the relationship Google and Samsung are a growing concern. Initiatives like hours Gear S, in which the platform is no place on Google, as well as the upcoming (but all the time-delayed) launch smartphones based on its own platform Tizen show that Samsung would like to reduce the dependence of its business from Android and the whole ecosystem from Google.

Here for Android – a new small step in this direction, although how strong he can make an impact – is not yet clear. Initially, in November 2012, Nokia is going to bring their cards on the platform of Google and Apple, but last year the application Here for iOS missing from the app store App Store. It is worth noting that the mobile environment the web version of the map service Nokia can access any modern device, but it is unlikely to greatly affect the dominance maps Google.

In the latest announcement of Nokia and Samsung are actively’s features work in offline -rezhime and quality of Android-version mapping service Here. However, the latest update of Google Maps largely negate these advantages – Annex added offline mode and other significant innovations. However, the choice does not hurt anyone.



Microsoft and Samsung want to buy “alternative Android» –

Microsoft and Samsung want to buy "alternative Android» –

The biggest IT company Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and Yahoo are showing interest in Android-developer of alternative firmware CyanogenMod. And with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella startup founder even met in person. Whether it was on the acquisition or partnership, is not specified.

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Smartphones Android One of Micromax, Karbonn and Spice will be released in early September – 3DNews

Google, as eternity is going to come to grips with the markets of developing countries – to this end, the company introduced at the June event Google I / O Android One initiative for the production of standard low-end phones. It will allow manufacturers to quickly and easily to market the device based on the latest standard version of Android with guaranteed fast OS updates.

The cost of vehicles, as reported at the beginning, will be about $ 100, but the program will significantly improve the quality of the final devices budgetary level. According to data announced earlier, the first smartphone Android One had to go out into the Indian market at the end of October. Recent reports indicate that smartphones Android One will come a little earlier and at a higher price.

It is reported that the device will be released by manufacturers like Micromax, Karbonn and Spice in early September, and their price in India will be in the range of $ 115-$ 165 The sources said that the increase in the final cost of vehicles driven by the desire Google to implement additional hardware features and provide better application performance. However, the nature of the changes are not reported – I would hope that instead of the 2-core 40nm CPU MediaTek MT6575, which was reported earlier, will be used a few more new and powerful chip.

As early exit smartphones Android One would mean that the device will initially be running Android 4.4.4, and not later than anticipated Android L. However, L updates should come to smartphones immediately after the official launch of the operating system in October. Perhaps in the future there will be smartphones and Android One for less than $ 100, but at first it is better not to wait.

Google at a conference I / O said that the smartphone Android One of the Indian company Micromax will get a 4.5-inch screen , support for two SIM-card slot for microSD, as well as support for FM-radio.



HTC may introduce Android-clock in the current half year –

We are not the first time we hear that HTC is going to release a “smart watch” on the platform Android Wear, but as long as competitors are actively experimenting with form and content, the Taiwanese manufacturer has plans to create a device that would be attractive in terms of design. In any case, the company prioritizes this way.

As explained by the publication DigiTimes , mobile device manufacturers are now actively jostle pioneers market, not least due to the aggressive pricing. Platform Android Wear ready to support Asustek, Motorola, LG and HTC – appropriate devices must leave this half-year, or have already been submitted. An example of a Chinese company Xiaomi, which released “intelligent bracelet” cost only $ 13, shows how far can go electronics manufacturers in an effort to take the place of the growing market.


Overview android-tablet NVIDIA Shield Tablet –

Device Type

Operating System
Android 4.4

Body Materials
Plastic, glass

8.0 “, IPS, 1920 x 1200, 386 ppi

NVIDIA Tegra K1, 2.2 GHz (4 cores)

The video
Microarchitecture Kepler
(192 CUDA core)


Permanent memory, GB

Connectivity and Data Transfer
USB 2.0, Wi-Fi (b / g / n / ac),
Bluetooth 4.0, mini-HDMI

Cameras, IP
Basic 5, front 5

Battery mAh

Basic sensors and sensors
light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope

Dimensions, mm
221 x 126 x 9.2

Weight, g

Price, RR
13 990/18 990 (32 GB version with LTE )

Tablet NVIDIA can rightly be considered one of the most powerful devices on the market because of the opportunities for rendering 3D graphics in real time. But apart from a good stuffing he received and other opportunities that below.

Packing and equipment

Meet on clothes, and in this case NVIDIA Shield Tablet appeared in a really big box of this size I’ve encountered for the last time in getting acquainted with the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet.

450x448 79 KB. Big one: 1500x1493 669 KB

This time, however, this turned out to be a press kit package with everything you need. At the time of writing, information on any sets was not.

346x450 75 KB. Big one: 1154x1500 623 KB

In review we have provided the following elements:

  • Tablet;

  • Wireless Controller;

  • Mini-HDMI cable length of 2 m;

  • Case-Book Cover.

The gadget hidden in a box of standard size, matt black with a glossy image of the device.

450x368 92 KB. Big one: 1500x1229 726 KB

On the back side there is a recommendation to purchase a wireless controller maximize the use of the experience.

450x371 93 KB. Big one: 1500x1237 716 KB

In the box, apart from the tablet contains the following items :

  • Instruction;

  • Cable microUSB;

  • power supply (5.2 V, 2.1 A);

  • Two types of output at the outlet of the European standard.

 450x362 95 KB. Big one: 1500x1207 725 KB

The next item is the packaging gamepad.

450x395 106 KB. Big one: 1500x1319 838 KB

It is made in the same style.

450x396 106 KB. Big one: 1500x1322 855 KB

In her case, the delivery easier:

  • Instruction;

  • Cable microUSB.

 450x435 120 KB. Big one: 1500x1450 956 KB

A separate option offered Case Cover, equipped with a magnetic mechanism podtsepleniya with two protruding fasteners.

450x386 78 KB. Big one: 1500x1288 719 KB

the holder itself (though the machine keeps excellent) tonkovat and careless use may be damaged. On the main surface of the canvas provides a magnet for off / on the display when opening / closing. Outside rubberized case with fine texture, inside a soft padding.

450x303 57 KB. Big one: 1500x1010 532 KB

The tablet in the bag can be set in three distinct positions, which may be required in a given situation.


Android L: Give the name of “green robot”! – Sotovik


What is the code name for the upcoming Google chooses the scale of release of the mobile platform Android.

In late June, Google announced Android L, the following bigger version of world’s most popular mobile operating system, and soon released and its beta Received for some Nexus-devices. The Internet giant announced that the final release of the platform will be held in the fall. Nevertheless, two questions remain open: what version number received by the system, and under what code designation it will pass.

A few days ago in the database benchmark AnTuTu information surfaced about the upcoming Nexus-authorship smartphone Motorola, which goes on sale likely as Nexus X. Related information indicates that Android L has a version number of 5.0. However, it is clear: the numbering should be raised, because the platform is considerably revised in comparison with the current Android 4.4.

As for the code name for Android L, Google will continue to follow the naming issues of “green robot” in alphabetical order and sweet -desertnoy topics. Chronology is: Android 1.5 Cupcake («cake»), Android 1.6 Donut («donut»), Android 2.0 and 2.1 Éclair («Eclair»), Android 2.2 Froyo («frozen yogurt»), Android 2.3 Gingerbread («gingerbread” ), Android 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 Honeycomb («honeycomb»), Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich («waffle ice cream»), Android 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 Jelly Bean («chewy candies»), Android 4.4 KitKat (chocolate bar ” Kit Kat »).

First it was thought that for the letter L hidden word Lollipop (« lollipop “), but recently everything has changed. Before release Android 4.4 KitKat, developers thought to call her Key Lime Pie («key lime pie”), but at the last minute decided to make friends with Nestle and Hershey, letting out chocolate bars “Kit Kat”. As a result, the theme of pies remained suspended in the air, and now is the high time for her to remember.

In a preliminary SDK-package Android L, documents, Wi-Fi-certification tablet HTC Nexus, as well as the repository Android Open Source Project found abbreviation LMP. This means that Android 5.0 will be called Lemon Meringue Pie («lemon meringue pie»).

It is understood, Google is able to easily take the risk again bestow benefits large confectionery brands like Lemonheads, Lindor or Laffy Taffy.

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