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Nokia X: important question Android-apps - Telecompaper


How well

family phones Nokia X compatible with existing Android-programs.

Almost immediately after the announcement of the X-family of smartphones based on Android-system Nokia has opened access to a set of development tools X Platform SDK.

Finnish giant claims that about 75% of existing Android-ready applications to run on the X-phones without any code modification. The remaining 25% of the programs are incompatible because they use services from the package Google Mobile Services, responsible for such, for example, things like push-delivery notifications, maps and navigation,-internal payments. The code for these applications have to be rewritten, switching on their own projects with Nokia, and take it somewhere eight o’clock.

Nokia organized a testing ground for the Android-application developers, which allows to determine the degree of compatibility APK-specific files with the environment X-smartphones.

Documentation SDK-toolkit shows that X-platform code base relies on Android Open Source Project in the wording of 4.1.2 (16th API-level) has its own API-calls to the above functions, alternative Google-services: push-notifications, mapping Here Maps, cash transactions. It seems, Nokia came up seriously enough the issue of incompatible Android-conversion applications.

In developing countries, which are focused on the proposed phones Nokia X, X + and XL, bank card system is poorly developed. That’s why-internal purchases that generate the lion’s share of money from mobile commerce applications will rely on mobile operators billing. Shop Nokia Store has the appropriate agreements with more than 160 providers in six dozen countries.

Application developers will receive 70% of the traditional trade Android-related applications and premium content, and we are talking about “pure” amount without any deduction operator charges. Developers are allowed to publish trial software for windows Nokia Store.


possible to evaluate the practical suitability AOSP-platform Nokia X for the end user. So, Android-phones quite a third-party application support booting process when APK-files come from sources like the connected computer or some websites.

Nokia X knows how to deal with widgets, eg Android-widget factory, responsible for setting the screen brightness, turn on and off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, etc.

If desired, the Nokia X can deploy any other launcher – application launcher, for example, Apex Launcher.

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Nokia will release a couple of Android-smartphone / SOTOVIK


… including high-end model.

Daily News

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How would it look


Nokia will release a couple of Android-smartphone / SOTOVIK


… including high-end model.

Daily News

news for February 23

16:35 Geeksphone Revolution went on sale

dual-platform – that’s a new marketing “trick».

16:34 Jolla comes to Russia

Smartphones alternative mobile operating system, and we will.

16:03 Nokia will release a couple of Android-smartphone

… including high-end model.

15:52 surfaced two smartphone and smart bracelet Huawei

Before the press conference, the Chinese giant stayed a couple of hours.

14:52 Galaxy S5 and its camera

Interesting details.

13:51 Archos tablet and released three “dvuhsimochny” smartphone

Announced Archos 80 Helium 4G, 50c Oxygen, Xenon 64 and 40b Titanium.

13:13 HTC Desire 8: more details

… on 5.5-inch smartphone-tablet middle class.

13:11 Sony urged on birth Xperia Z2

… short and no noncommittal Videozarisovka.

13:09 Lenovo teases new tablet

Showed he will be on the MWC 2014.

12:24 Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo: Meet

Korean manufacturer has revealed the second generation of smart watches.

Google introduced Android 4.5 and Nexus 8 tablet in July? - 3DNews

annual conference for web developers Google I / O will take place from 25 to 26 June at the Exhibition Center Moscone Center in San Francisco (USA), but according to insiders, the presentation of the next version of Android 4.5 on it should not wait.

The conference Google I / O will be presented a number of new services, the search giant, and all announcements related to the platform Android, will leave in July.

informant allegedly working in one of the offices of Google in Dublin, also reported overheard managers about the upcoming release tablet Nexus 8, which will be accompanied by a presentation update Android 4.5.

Google, supposedly completely capitulated in the segment 7 “tablet due to fierce competition among the manufacturers of such devices, and decided to try his hand in the category 8″ Tablet PCs. Now this category is offered only a few models, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and LG G Pad 8.3, so this step may well be justified.

This message is in contradiction with the previous hearing that by April Google will prepare together with the first batch of ASUS Nexus Tablet 8 in the amount of 2 million units.

dribbble . com

No information about the characteristics of the new model yet, as, however, and the new features that are added to the device with an update Android 4.5. However, before the release of the new version of the tablet and software platform ample time to have new information leakage.

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16 +

System Orphus

23.02.14 9:02 Print
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With “AIST-line” You can also monitor the status of the account on the services of mobile operators MTS, Beeline and Megafon, digital television NTV Plus and payment system NCC.

program is constantly being improved and updated with new features. Recently released a mobile version of the application for devices running Android. It displays used tariff plan and the funds for each service.

Download “AIST On-line” for Android, you can absolutely free in the app store Google PlayMarket.

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International Samsung Galaxy S3 will not get Android 4.4 KitKat - Mobiltelefon.Ru

Samsung Android 4.4.2 KitKat, .. ,,, Galaxy S3 () ,. . , (1) TouchWiz, 2 , Samsung,.

, Google KitKat Android, 512. ,Samsung. , Galaxy S5 ( 3) .

  • . Mobiltelefon

  • Galaxy S5 S5 Prime Samsung?;
  • Samsung GT-i9400 5,5 “;
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo 24,990;
  • Samsung Galaxy S5;
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 2K-MWC 2014?;
  • Galaxy S5:, .

MWC 2014: Jolla presented Sailfish 1.0, shell and cover for Android Angry Birds - 3DNews


come from the Finnish company Nokia Jolla announced the completion of work on a full-fledged, ready to enter the commercial market version of its platform Sailfish 1.0. The operating system is able to perform Android-App, the owners of smartphones based on the Google platform will be able to try the new interface by setting the corresponding shell for Android, which looks like a Sailfish.

Life platform Sailfish began as MeeGo, which was supposed to be the future for Nokia, but the latter abruptly changed course, linking its future with Windows Phone (which eventually led the Finnish company to be acquired by Microsoft). Sailfish on the platform, you can set alternative shops Android-applications, developers are hoping that the OS will attract users looking for an alternative platform Google.

«Users can now set your preferred store Android-applications, being able to choose from hundreds of thousands of applications available, – said co-founder and COO Jolla Mark Dillon (Marc Dillon) . – In addition, active and inspired community Sailfish OS has already developed a new platform for the leading clients of social services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Foursquare ».

«We work closely with our user community to make the smartphone user environment Jolla and Sailfish OS easier and individual – he added. – We believe that Jolla can now offer a truly viable alternative for all smartphone users. Naturally, we will not stop and will continue to provide monthly updates for devices Jolla and Sailfish OS ».

first smartphone company Jolla, also called Jolla, so far only sold in the European market for 400 euros ($ 540), excluding shipping and directly from the company website. This device can not be attributed to the higher class, despite the impressive price. It is equipped with a 4.5-inch 960 × 540, a dual-core 1.4-GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal flash memory, 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front camera. The main feature of the device – the rear cover, which not only changes the color of the case, but also design and configure the operating system to suit your preferences.

Simultaneously with the release

Sailfish 1.0 Jolla company teamed up with another Finnish company Rovio and released a special “smart” cover Angry Birds, which includes special wallpaper on your phone, calls, sound effects and so on. «This sharing gives brands Rovio interesting new way to please the fans and expand the environment Angry Birds new innovative way», – said the chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka Rovio (Peter Vesterbacka). Cover in the style of Angry Birds will be released in the summer.

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