Friday, February 7, 2014

Steve Wozniak Apple offers to release a smartphone on Android - Interfax

One of the founders of Apple believes that the creators of the iPhone and iPad could release a quality smartphone operating system main competitor


Moscow. February 7. INTERFAX.RU – One of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak offered her release device on the operating system’s main competitor – Google Android.

In an interview with Wired Wozniak proposed to expand the cooperation the two main competitors in the market of mobile software – Apple and Google.

“There are no constraints to the Android market has become the second most important for Apple, – said Wozniak. – We could very well compete with each other. People like premium style and workmanship of our devices in comparison with analogues on Android. We could play well in both markets “.

Note that Wozniak himself has long been retired and is not directly involved in the work of Apple. In an interview with Wired, he did acknowledge that the release of the Apple phone on Android is unlikely, but “there is nothing technically impossible.” Android – an open system that any developer can freely adapt the device from any manufacturer of smartphones.

Apple might even release its version of Android, as did the American Amazon or Chinese Xiaomi. At the same time Apple will have to purchase a separate license for the services Google: Google Maps, Google Play, and so on.

Despite this offer, in whole Wozniak insists on the rightness of the marketing strategy of his former company. He did not agree with the fact that Apple delays with the release of innovative products – smart hours or Apple TV. Cause delays Wozniak believes that the iPhone and iPad inventors waiting the right time to release a major product innovation.

This is not the first statement Wozniak with a proposal to his former company to merge with competitors. In November, he gave an interview to BBC, which until just offered by Apple and Google join forces.

“Sometimes I say,” The road to Joe’s Diner “(refers to the voice search system Apple. -” Interfax “), and she does not know where it is. And often I find that Android knows such things,” – says Wozniak. “The future of computers is that they will become smarter and someday they will have artificial intelligence. God grant that Google and Apple have become partners in the future”.

In 2007, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said jokingly about a business combination. While they worked together on the adaptation of cards and a Google search for the iPhone. “The collaboration was so dense that two people could combine their companies and call them AppleGoo”.


emergence at the end of the last decade, much spoiled attitude of the then Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the top management of Google. Jobs perceived emergence of mobile operating system, similar to Apple iOS, as a betrayal on the part of Google.


Apple won a legal battle against the Patents Samsung, which is a major manufacturer of smartphones on Android.

Nevertheless Apple and Google are still partners in many areas. In particular, Google annually pays Apple millions of dollars to be a major search engine on its devices.

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