Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Plants vs. Zombies" and Subway Surfers - the most popular games for Android - Sevastopol news

The most popular games for Android

Nowadays, the game industry is experiencing a real boom in its development: every day there are hundreds of new projects, and thousands of people are joining the ranks of gamers. Playing computer games, the user has the opportunity to experience several lives and experience the emotions, which in real life would never have felt.

no doubt that large-scale gaming projects have enormous popularity, but the modern world puts other conditions. Given the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets to the fore mobile games and applications. Publishing experts for investors “Market Leader” figured out what game applications for Android are the most popular among users.

first place in popularity among gaming applications for the Android OS has taken the game “Plants vs. Zombies.” During the game, gamers will protect your home from the onslaught of virtual “living dead”, landing on the way to the house of a variety of plants. Some plants will produce solar energy, while others are designed to slow down the enemy, and others may attack the enemy.

In second place was rated game «Subway Surfers», the essence of which is that an amateur graffiti must escape from his pursuers police officer. However, in the process of escaping the player is faced with some difficulties, among which are constantly increasing speed and moving trains.

top three finishes world famous series of games called «Angry Birds». The essence of most of these applications is that the player is shooting birds with a slingshot at pigs game, and the level is passed if all the pigs will be released.

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