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New Android will accelerate the old smartphones – Russian Newspaper

After you upgrade to the new version of Android N many older smartphones will run faster. This is related by the operating system developers in his blog.

In order to expedite the work of outdated models of mobile devices, the engineers intend to use the engine (API) called JobScheduler, in which the emphasis is not on the visual improvements, and to increase system performance as a whole, as well as the stability of the software platform.

According to the developers, after the upgrade will increase the productivity of all Android-devices, but in particular the changes will be visible on older gadgets that can permanently think, even when the the simplest tasks

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The updated engine JobScheduler is designed so that applications do not use continuously loaded in memory processes, they need to work and get on the API information they need as necessary. This approach not only speed up smartphones, but also help to more economical use of battery power.

Recall that the release of version Android N developer held earlier in March of this year. One of the major innovations in the Android N was the technology of the split screen (Split Screen), which allows to display two applications at the same time on the screen of the device. In addition, the updated platform appeared Mode “picture in picture”.

Together with the new OSes, developers of Google introduced Data Saver mode that helps to save the mobile Internet traffic.

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Browse android-smartphone Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite: the flagship for half price? –

device type

Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite (K51c78)

MediaTek MT6753,
Octa core 1.3 GHz

The video

Operating System
Android 5.1

Memory GB
2 RAM; 32 ROM

5.5 “IPS, 1920 x 1080

cameras, megapixel
13.0 + 5.0


The number of SIM-cards, pcs.

Support MicroSD

Data Transfer
Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; NFC


Battery mAh

Dimensions in mm
153.6 x 76.5 x 9.15

Weight, g

The price, rbl.
~ 19000

As you can see, the characteristics of the device correspond to the notion of an average price range. There is no point at which explicitly saved, and extremism in performance or other parameters do not look. Pay attention to the large battery, which is a good stepping stone for autonomy.

Packaging equipment

Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite comes in an unusual package. It’s the same box with a lid, which have all become accustomed. However, the stand out of proportion. Packing significantly extended in length. The result was a sort of a long bar with smooth edges.

. 450x258 29 KB Big one: 1500x860 510 KB

The materials have absolutely no complaints – quality cardboard strong, for the safety of the contents accurately we need not worry. Indirectly, a careful approach even says that the box is painted in two colors, not only outside but also inside.

The front side is based on a white color, with a simple but at the same time pretty, geometric patterns of different colors. In one corner of the manufacturer’s logo can be seen. But the model is not mentioned anywhere.

On the back side you can pay attention to the small photo of the device, as well as Dolby Atmos logo – the use of this technology alone is emphasized by the manufacturer.

450x345 26 KB Big one:. 1304x1000 447 KB

It is customary, once the lid we find the unit itself. He fixed on a cardboard base, in a special recess.

450x319 20 KB Big one:. 1412x1000 386 KB

The following is supplied. Each accessory is packed in a box marked by an icon.

450x228 16 KB Big one:. 1500x760 280 KB

There were no additions to the standard komlpektatsii not provided. And in terms of Russia, will either have to find another power adapter, or buy an adapter.

450x265 16 KB Big one:. 1500x883 406 KB

The package includes:

  • The power adapter;

  • cable USB-microUSB;

  • Documentation.

The manufacturer took care of the safety of the gadget by providing quality packaging made of strong materials. Box Design can be called a minimalist, no multi-color images or graphics is not provided. Although it too boring and does not name, the neighborhood of white and turquoise colors proved to be successful.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Google’s $ 9.3 billion required for the use of Java in Android –

The new compensation amount

Oracle demanded that Google pay her about $ 9.3 billion in compensation for illegal use of the Java programming language components in the Android operating system , reports IDG News Service

The amount is made up of two components -. $ 475 million and $ 8.8 billion first term -. this material damage, the amount that Oracle could earn by Java licensing to manufacturers of mobile devices.

The second term – a profit that has received the Google, using Java, in violation of laws. This value is calculated taking into account a period of time includes both the profit from the display advertising on mobile devices, as well as part of the profit received from the sale of mobile apps in Google Play (Google reserves currently 30% of the sales of third-party applications).

A new stage of the proceedings

A new stage trial between Oracle and Google in the field of intellectual property will begin May 9, 2016 In the course of its Oracle plans to publish the sensational details ( «bomb», bombshell) on Google Android business. The Corporation expects to convince the jury that Google should compensate it billions of dollars in losses.

Основатель and Oracle head Larry Ellison reign

On the other hand, Google has a chance to convince the jury that belongs to Oracle Java code has been used in its Android without breaching copyright. The Google link to the legal doctrine called “fair use» (fair use), within which allowed the free use of copyrighted material under certain conditions.

multi-billion dollar revenue from Android

for the first time Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google for Android in 2010. The company blamed the rival of violating patents on Java and copyright (including 37 programming interfaces). Initially it was a question of the amount of compensation in the range of $ 2.6 billion to $ 6.1 billion. However, Google was found guilty only in part, and Oracle still have not received that payment, which continues to count (taking into account the popularity of Android and the fact that its share continues to grow).

In January 2016 the Oracle, preparing for a new hearing, openly published information about the size of Google’s revenue and profits with Android, which became available to her through the process.

According to published data, all time of existence, that is a little more than seven years, the Android operating system has brought its issuing of Google revenue of $ 31 billion and $ 22 billion in profits.

Google has been the publication of this information, so the action Oracle distressed company, and she asked the court to strengthen control over the confidentiality of court documents.

Java in the hands of Oracle

Oracle has not developed Java. This asset is transferred to it, together with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2009 for $ 7.4 billion. The company has repeatedly accused the Google Oracle that its claims it destroys the process of natural development of the market. The market of mobile devices directly to Oracle does not apply. The Oracle – the largest developer of database management systems, and after the acquisition of Sun – and one of the manufacturers of servers (seventh place with a share of 2.5% in value terms by the end of 2015, according to ITCandor)

<. strong> approach Microsoft

Let us add that his own benefit with Android already getting Microsoft. The company appealed directly to device manufacturers and concluded with virtually all of these agreements on licensing its technologies. So, in 2014 it was reported that Samsung Electronics lists Microsoft’s $ 1 billion annually on such agreements.


The latest Android found an unknown secret – Russian Newspaper

The owner of a smartphone running fresh firmware Android 6.0 Marshmallow found interesting “easter eggs” from developers. It turns out that after a certain set of numbers call button starts blinking and changing color. Funny secret discovered by Reddit site

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in order to “cheer” the green call button, simply enter the number 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3 (a reference to the TV series “Programmers”, where the “short” a combination of numbers used by emergency services). Immediately after that, users will be able to see the multi-colored buzzer, flashing red and blue, reminiscent of police signal.

However, it is worth noting that such a focus will take place only in the “pure” Android 6.0. In other firmware versions this “Easter eggs” to work, most likely will not.


Xiaomi Mi 4s: an overview of the Chinese android-smartphone – (press release) (Registration)


The Xiaomi Mi 4s Mi 5. traces of the fans of the series was a quick snack intermediate companies, counting the hours until the new flagship smartphone. The menu appears: PHABLET permission Quad-HD display, a fingerprint sensor, more memory, more RAM and a larger battery capacity. Price is the same -. For the middle segment

Xiaomi adheres to the double glass design in both flagship – Mi Mi 5 and 4s. But compared to 5 Mi Mi 4s it uses different kinds of metal frames, and it cleared the sand trickle turned to soft to the touch and improved traction. Before we go into details, let’s take a closer look at the specs

Key features:.

– 5-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1080p and density of 441 per inch unit;

– six-core Snapdragon processor 808 (2x Cortex-A57 at 1.82 GHz and 4x Cortex-A53 to 1.44 GHz); Adreno 418 graphics on; 3 GB of RAM;

– 13-megapixel camera with autofocus and detection phase, two-tone LED flash; the possibility of Full HD video recording at 30 frames per second;

– front camera of 5 MP with the ability to record Full HD video at 30 frames per second;

– the connection 4G LTE 4 th category (up to 150 MB per second); two sim cards; Wi-Fi A / B / G / N / ac; Bluetooth 4.1; GPS, GLONASS and Beidou; IR transmitter;

– behind the scanner for fingerprints;

– 64 GB of internal memory expandable via MicroSD slot;

– Android 5.1.1 with proprietary shell MIUI 7;

– the battery at 3260 mAh with fast charging

The main disadvantages:

– bounded. regional availability;

– Hybrid slot for MicroSD / SIM: memory card uses a slot for a SIM 2;

– sealed removable battery;

– no FM-radio .

Xiaomi Mi 4s: an overview of the Chinese android

Xiaomi did not do anything unusual with Mi 4S. Flagships for obvious reasons, is paid more attention. Although the redesign smartphone went good. And the six-core processor is a reasonable choice, given the position of the phone in the hierarchy. Its performance should be comparable with the Snapdragon 650, and power efficiency at a higher altitude. And, as usual, Xiaomi offers a sealed battery and a common slot for MicroSD and a second SIM-card.

Packaging Mi 4s

Box Xiaomi Mi 4s contains the usual set of accessories: cable USB Type-C and an adapter with support for fast charging. Injector for extracting the SIM card attached. Headphone is not.

The very Xiaomi Mi 4simeet quite many specifications identical Mi 4c, including a 5-inch screen. His new dimensions – 139,3 × 70,8 × 7,8 mm. With only 1 mm above and 1 mm wider than 4c. The smartphone also has a gram more weight, which is impressive considering the fact that he now has a fingerprint sensor and longer battery than its predecessor.

Design and Build Quality

Xiaomi insists on glass exteriors, since the original flagship Mi 4 back in 2014, as part of the global trend in the design of the phone. Sony uses it in abundance, Samsung moved on the glass for its flagship Galaxy line, and Xiaomi is now selling the second generation of wearing glass smartphones – Mi 4Si Mi 5


that is the smartphone got pretty familiar design – two sheets of glass on the front and rear, which are held together by a beautiful and solid metal frame. The frame of the smartphone has a prominent circular shape and is decorated with a jet of sand. The latter is responsible for the matte effect and feeling like touching the skin. It’s nice and soft to the touch.

Xiaomi Mi 4s: an overview

We appreciate matt pattern on the rear window, as well as metallic accents around the camera and fingerprint scanner. The sensor itself deserves a perfect score. Screen wakes instantly when touched. If the fingerprint does not match, then the phone will let you know a short vibration.

Treatment Mi4s quite pleasant. Telephone compact, thin and light. It looks very nice. Its glass panels are prone to collect fingerprints, but they need to be visible only on the black version. At the same time, the phone is not slippery, with thought-matte effect, which should be a must for any phone with glass.


Above the screen Mi 4s we we find a speaker surrounded by several sensors on the left front and 5-megapixel front-facing camera to the right. Next to the camera lens, there is a status indicator

Under the 5-inch display is a set of capacitive keys:. Task Manager, Home and Back. They all come with white lighting.

On the left is a lone SIM-card tray. We push him and see branching into two compartments. Or for two SIM cards, or for a SIM card and MicroSD memory card.

The right side of the Xiaomi Mi 4s features a twin button for volume control and a button for locking the power, both made of metal.

At the top of the smartphone has an audio jack, IR transmitter, and a second microphone; while the bottom has a port USB Type-C, the speaker grille and the main microphone.

Finally, the two-tone LED flash is next to the camera lens is 13 megapixels on the back of the phone. Below and to the right is a fingerprint reader. On it is convenient to put the tip of the index finger.

Xiaomi Mi 4s

Final words

Xiaomi Mi 4s deserves attention fans of the series. Gadget respects its fans by offering excellent performance, slightly updated design and new features. At the same time it is still not as good as the next flagship of the series. But also offers a cheaper, and therefore the successful smartphone occupies an intermediate position between 4 and Mi Mi 5. One of the provisions. After a number of (from left) are already located Mi 4c. And it is from him is more beginner battery, fingerprint sensor and matt glass and metal finish. That can not help but like. After all, this gadget will work up to 75 hours without recharging. Disappointing only one thing: the Chinese manufacturer is in no hurry to give up your favorite Android Lollipop 5.1 software with proprietary firmware, and it is unclear when any newcomer get Android6.0, and then once Android 6.1. Conservatism in the Chinese market is ahead of the trend updates

Author:. Stepan Mazur

Original photos: gsmarena


Monday, March 28, 2016

Smartphone Elephone S3 on Android will be available in April 2016 – RSUTE

Smartphone Elephone S3 on Android will be available in April 2016. This is the official representative of the manufacturer. A distinctive feature of this proposal is the housing with the use of thin metal.

Recently, representatives of the Chinese technology brand talked about the fact that their latest product called Elephone S3 is worth waiting for the next month. The manufacturer reports that his next child will get a nice body, which will be based on the Heavy-duty metal. The choice will be to select the most appropriate color for the customer, starting from the romantic pink and ending with the standard set in the form of silver, gold and inky black.

In addition to the color palette specialists also unveiled details technical features of the smartphone. So, for example, we already know that as a chipset from Elephone S3 perform MediaTek MT6753. He will manage the 8 cores. Memory in this case drags on three gigabytes. The internal memory of 16 GB.


The Apple Music for Android now has its own widget – 3DNews

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We, LLC “3DNyus” (BIN 1047796098382, legal address:. 121151, the Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, d. 22, p. 1), guarantee the confidentiality of the information received by us. Processing of personal data is carried out only in order to identify the participants, conducted in the pages site, as well as the delivery of prizes to winners of the competition

This agreement covers the following personal data:. surname, name and patronymic, e-mail address, telephone number, address, age, occupation.

The term of your agreement is unlimited, however, you may at any time revoke this consent by sending an email notification to the address info @ 3dnews. ru marked “withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data.” Please note that the withdrawal of your consent to the processing of personal data entails the removal of your profile, making it impossible to Your participation is conducted online competition.


The next version of Android will be similar to the Windows 10 – ProstoTECH

A couple of weeks ago, Google released a test version of Android 7.0 (with the test name N, which will be changed after the official release in the name of the sweets, which begins with the letter N).

release the release version of Android N is planned for the next summer, and the original operating system code indicates that this update will be very similar to the Windows 10.

The site Android Police tried to understand the Android code N and found that it contains the team responsible for multitasking, and even scaling mnogokonnost windows. Full screen dvuhokonny there is already a test version of Android N, and full multitasking devices on this operating system is not available. Android Police believes that the current multitasking in Android N is disabled because Google engineers are not yet completed its development. Most likely, multiple windows and zoom windows will not be available on all devices Android N, but only tablets. In addition, there is a possibility that Android N will be installed on the Chromebook – it is cheap (usually) laptops that run on Chrome the OS (operating system, which is based on the Chrome browser and Google online services). In the past year, Google Chrome OS ported to a few dozen Android-applications, and later announced the possibility of merging the operating system Chrome OS.

All of this sounds familiar. As we understand it, it is this idea embedded in Windows 10 – the same operating system can change its interface depending on the device on which it runs. It is clear that Google’s liked this concept because, firstly, it will bring to the market a completely new device – hybrids, which, depending on various factors can be transformed into smart phones, tablets, set-top boxes and “androidbuki” adjusting while operating system interface to any form factor. Second, Android in this case may become a full competitor to Windows 10. Google will be able to lure some users, which is important when working with multi-tasking applications. In late May, Google will hold a conference for developers I / O 2016. Most likely, her application will be told about multitasking in Android N and what opportunities for application developers and device manufacturers to bring this innovation.

windows in Android N interface is about the same as on windows, however, the color of the title bar of each application will have its own – the choice of the developer. In Windows 10, the color of these panels common and can be changed by the user through the system settings.

Currently, the Android interface and applications for this operating system is adapted for devices with touch screens, and to work with him, using the mouse, keyboard or touchpad, not so comfortable. Windows 10, on the contrary, is strong in the desktop mode and still poorly adapted to the touch controls. One gets the feeling that, and the Windows, Android, and seek common point – a perfect balance when used in hybrid tablets and laptops. Initially, Microsoft and Google have very different approaches to the development of operating systems, but now they have become more and more general.

The documentation Android N, published on Google, stated that multi-mode is called a Freeform, and manufacturers They can use it on devices with large screens. It is possible that Google will not have time to modify this regime for the summer, and it will not appear in the release version of Android N this year. In this case, it arrives to wait a year, and by the time Windows 10 will flee far ahead. As we all know, Microsoft has planned two major upgrade of the operating system. The first will be released in June this year, and the second, which was originally scheduled for November, has been postponed for the spring of 2017. Around the same time, Microsoft plans to show several new devices based on Windows, which will be fully disclosed several innovative innovations. In other words, Google will be very difficult to keep up with Microsoft

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Select the application for android-devices to IP-Surveillance: iCamSpy, WardenCam, as well as the results of the review of the six applications –

Your rank in Google Play

Number of downloads in Google Play
500 000-1 000 000

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
2.2 or later

The size distribution

Application Version

In-app purchases
365.59 rubles

Key features:

  • High quality audio and video;

  • Work with Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G;

  • Motion Sensor;

  • Email notifications with attached photos;

  • Ability to save photos on the device;

  • Optimized for 24/7 non-stop surveillance;

  • Support for any IP-cameras, including cameras laptops

What’s new in version 1.3.30 on 14 March 2014:.

  • Starting with version 1.3.8, an application running on a new server, which means that information is exchanged faster, especially 3G.


Photo / media / files:

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;
  •  .

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Unlimited access to the Internet;

  • Disable the screen lock function;

  • Prevent device from sleeping mode;

  • Manage vibrate function.

The first impression

To get started, select the interface language. Do not hurry – there is no Russian language. Next to us there is something like a software from Marvel film or film about spies. Yes, primary schools will appreciate. There is also a pro-version for 365.59 rubles, of which we have yet to understand.

450x281 165 KB Big one:. 1280x800 631 KB
 450x281 10 KB Big one:. 1280x800 17 KB

Now, I’m interested in the key «connect». Here we propose to create, that is, to drive e-mail address and password.

450x281 106 KB Big one:. 1280x800 410 KB

So I just found out that the application works only with the web interface (monitor), and all other devices are cameras. So, to drive address in the PC browser by registering through the mobile application and immediately begin surveillance. That is, the time between installing / running iCamSpy and broadcasting is only a couple of minutes – just champion ease of access.

. 450x213 65 KB Big one: 1348x639 232 KB

You can select a network for broadcasting on the same device – Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G. The result is a feedback, so we can watch video from the tablet to the PC and vice versa, as well as the use of the camera other mobile device, of course, if the hold on the appropriate application. And all this happens simultaneously, as if we were talking on Skype. Naturally, if you want to have the opportunity to leave only one channel. Yes, indeed there is a certain similarity to the AtHome. But let’s all in order, so let’s see how to start eating an application in a state of rest.

450x281 69 KB Big one:. 1280x800 249 KB
 450x281  198 KB Big one:. 1280x800 340 KB
 450x281 107 KB Big one:. 1280x800 409 KB


Instead of eating program in the background of absolutely nothing. At least this did not fix any system or a third-party monitor. Suspiciously, of course, but the fact remains. This iCamSpy compatible with Android 2.2 and above, and takes in the system as much as 52.09 MB. Interestingly, in most applications the minimum set of permissions from all that I have videos of such decisions. Miracles, and only.

281x450 62 KB Big one:. 800x1280 277 KB  281x450 97 KB Big one:. 800x1280 332 KB

Let’s start with the video through the web interface, and then watch for yourself through your mobile device. Also, I will test both connections – local and remote.


Android Camera can learn to recognize objects –


Sources say that Google is currently working to ensure that a standard application “Camera” on devices running the Android operating system has become more clever.


This is the ability to recognize objects in photos and videos and then search for information about them on the web. Moreover, recognition can be performed in real time before you have taken a picture or start recording. Users will be able to allocate the object of interest on the mobile device’s screen, and the app will quickly provide the information available about it.


In fact, we are talking about integration into the Google Goggles app camera. Released back in 2009 Google Goggles app has been the recognition and retrieval of information is not in the text, namely that embodied in the image. It is best to cope with the Google Goggles pictures, attractions, covers of books or CDs, barcode. Also, the app can recognize text in eight languages, including Russian.


At the moment, the new Android camera functionality is tested in mobile devices and wearable electronics

Source:. SlashGear


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Select the emulator OC Android for Windows: MEmu and Genymotion –





Laboratory site continues a series of articles devoted to the OC Android emulators for computers running Windows. Recall that the heroes of the previous steel materials Nox, Andy, Droid4X and game “player» BlueStacks.

600x292 221 KB Big one:. 1024x500 497 KB


In the new review, we look at two programs that are completely different from all the applications we tested earlier. Let’s start with Memu – a simple, high-quality and productive Emulator Android OS. In contrast, Genymotion positioned as a professional tool for testing on the basis of “green robot” games and programs.

As the test equipment used laptop Lenovo Y510p (Intel Core i5-4200M 2500 GHz, the GT 755 SLI with 2 GB of memory, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB of the HDD, the display of 1920 x 1080, OC Windows 10).



450x337 98 KB




Emulators OC Android very much: there are simple, and there are functional and highly specialized. This time we look at a comprehensive solution that is able to satisfy most of the users – MEmu.

Getting Started


450x296 72 KB Big one:. 1107x728 502 KB


The first thing you need to download the emulator and install. Fortunately these problems should not be, because MEmu – free application and the installation takes place in a couple of clicks. The whole process takes about five minutes, four of them consuming unpacking of downloaded files.

450x254 68 KB Big one:. 1327x748 262 KB


Then boot MEmu, and we become full users of the Android system. By the way, there is a slightly reworked exterior, removing menu with apps and widgets. Optimized desktops under a large screen size, and slightly changed the notification center has arranged a couple of applications, including Google Play, and Superuser. This differs from the classic “green robot” exhaust system.

Since this emulator is to communicate with the root of the operating system, we need special tools. Everything you need for that placed on the vertical bar on the right side of the screen. I see no point in listing all the features, because labels on everything is clear – it’s just, well, nothing unusual there is no – that’s two. If necessary, this panel can be hidden.

450x253 27 KB Big one:. 1500x843 113 KB


MEmu supports full-screen mode, and it is absolutely honest – total immersion in OC Android.

450x256 107 KB Big one:. 1330x756 486 KB


In any emulator must manage adaptations, there she and MEmu. If the game is required to designate press on a specific area, then choose the appropriate symbol and move it to the screen, specify the key to action and ready. All, as elsewhere, for example in Nox.



428x450 35 KB Big one:. 539x567 14 KB


The item with the settings in the emulator MEmu there, but nothing useful there. All that we can – change the screen resolution, language (Russian is not), select the type of navigation bar, to provide information about the gadget and display the coordinates of the device. Yet, supposedly, you can change the number of allocated cores and RAM, though in practice this is not possible.

Test Application


450x254 165 KB Big one:. 1331x751 977 KB


This is the emulator I really liked the performance and availability of applications. In MEmu on my configuration earned all the test files, and how.

450x253 129 KB Big one:. 1329x746 680 KB


We will not take into account the simple arcade and strategy, will begin immediately with the WOT Blitz. At a minimum preset mobile graphics, “Tanks” are working with 45-50 FPS, you can even seize the texture quality – the game will be playable.

450x255 152 KB Big one:. 1326x752 919 KB


Here is a summary table of application performance.


Angry Birds 2
& gt; 60

Riptide GP
50 -60

WOT Blitz
45 -50

Need for Speed ​​No Limits

Clash of Clans


MEmu founded on the basis of OC Android 4.4.2. Loading systems in less than a minute, to be precise, 40 seconds at the account of the bench laptop configuration. This is quite a good result.

any special problems with the performance of this program, I did not feel. Quite the contrary – I Enjoy smooth transitions from application to application, and between screens MEmu, which is rare for Android (and even more so the emulator).

450x254 29 KB Big one:. 1330x751 58 KB

The sensation did not disappoint, as MEmu well in synthetic tests. The Quadrant and AnTuTu Benchmark emulator earned exactly 5 700 and 70 000 points, respectively. While this record result among the tested programs. By the way, all the tests were carried out with disabled VT technology.

Test results:

version of the program

AnTuTu Benchmark
70 000

3.4.1 Build 1047
1250 and 1150


450x412 109 KB Big one:. 900x824 76 KB

In the active mode MEmu consumes 400 MB of RAM and up to 25% power Intel Core i5 4200M.


MEmu, probably one of the best OC Android emulator for Windows, which is to try everything. To begin with, that the application is an omnivore, copes with all existing games and programs, ensuring the best performance. He has a simple and intuitive interface, there are no problems or unnecessary features. In addition, the emulator is absolutely free. What else is required from these types of programs?

Although there were no comments. Note outdated version of the system, namely: Android 4.2.2. Still, Android L, or at least Android 4.4 KitKat it would be nicer to see on your screen. And in the absence of the Russian language is not happy. On this, perhaps, everything.

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