Friday, March 18, 2016

The figures of the day. Vulnerability Android –

Every morning Rusbase and MoneyMan talk about business trends in the world and technology in the numbers.


95% of Android devices could be compromised via an exploit against Stagefright on Android 2.2, 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1. Stagefright – a software library written in C ++ (programming language), which is built into the operating system. Google has released a patch to fix the error, and promised regular security updates. The report, which was dedicated to Android security, indicated that the number of viruses had reached 9.5 million in 2015. It is twice the total for the last 3 years.


Income from investments in microfinance companies now reaches 25% per annum. It is much more profitable than the three traditional types of investments: deposits in banks, real estate investments, as well as investments in precious metals. If you look at the average rate on deposits of banks of the top 10, it was only 9.76% in February this year, per annum, which is significantly below the level of inflation in the country. The index value of housing in Moscow at the end of 2015 fell to 14.5% in rubles, that is a myth that investing in real estate – it is the most secure investment, was scattered. Buying gold is also not met the expectations of investors, as in the past year the price of the metal has fallen by 19% compared with the results of 2014.


The government of London is planning by 2050 to get rid of transport, which allows emissions to the atmosphere. The first step towards this steel buses Double Decker. Buses were set up by the Chinese company BYD. Their length is 10.2 meters, it is designed to transport 81 passengers. Machines are equipped with batteries to 345 kW and can drive 306 km in the urban environment. Charging takes 4 hours and can be completed at night, when the load on the network is low. Who is contracted to 5 such buses


tablet market in 2015 in Russia decreased by 25.2% -. 6.1 million units were supplied. In monetary terms, the market fell by 53.5%. The most popular supplier – Lenovo, followed by Samsung, Oysters, Irbis and Digma. But increased demand for hybrid devices – tablets with keyboards plug: increased by 9% in the IV quarter 2015 delivery. In this segment, the company has become a leader Asustek.


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