Friday, March 11, 2016

New Android was named in honor of Nutella –

The new OS is only available for Android-developers

Google has unveiled a test version of its the new mobile operating system Android N. as long as access to the operating system is only open to developers, according to a blog Android-developm sors.

Out Android N became a surprise for all, because Google is going to introduce a new OS after two months. Android N – the working title of the new operating system. According to unofficial information, the final version will be released under the name Android Nutella. To date, the current public version of the mobile operating system is Android Marshmallow.

In addition to the correction of errors found in the previous version of the OS and clean design innovations in the Android N appeared and conceptual changes. For example, the new operating system first implemented split screen mode. Now it can simultaneously display the selected application window, change their size and mutual arrangement.

in addition, Google’s claim that the finalized set of Project Svelte algorithms, allows the system to run faster on devices with weak specifications , in Android were built “black list” to filter unwanted calls and SMS a phone number and an improved energy saving th Doze mode.

The exact release date of the final version of the Android N is not reported. It is expected that it will be released to five previews, and the final release will be available in July this year.


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