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What tablets on Android OS update is obtained in the first place – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)

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More recently, the guys from Google released the next major update to its mobile operating system Android. update version 6.0, and version name Marshmallow, or “zefirka”. In Google like to give her the name of the operating system any sweets, such as previous versions were called Lollipop (lollipop) version 5.0 and Kit-Kat version 4.0. On assurance of the Google, the new version of Android was excellent – bugs of previous versions were corrected (in this case, new), improved interface, increased security, appeared INDEX mode with some applications, as well as other useful features have been added

<. p> recently published test a new version of Android N for developers. However, not all plates are upgraded to Android M. Typically, the phones get updated operating slightly faster than tablets. Below is a list of tablets that are likely in the near future will be able to upgrade to the new Android.

Tablets Google Nexus

The first thing Google will update your device. However, the update does not get all the tablets and smartphones from Google. Nexus 4 and 10 were in flight, as company policy ensures the ability to automatically update the Android OS only if the device has been presented and put on the market no later than two years before the release of the new OS. Although Google sometimes make exceptions for certain models, for example, the tablet Nexus July 2013 issue of guaranteed upgrade to the new Android.

Vse-taki should not forget that the majority of Google devices production, is likely to see the update. The list of plates on which the operating system is updated, includes: Nexus 7 (models 2013 issue) and Nexus 9. It is also rewarded with a new OS devices that will be released immediately in 2016 and early 2017. If you have an inexpensive tablet even the top-end brand, the OS update, he is unlikely to get.

Tablets HTC

 Nexus 9

This Taiwanese company – a manufacturer of smartphones. Most smartphones this manufacturer successfully updated to Android M. But what about tablets? Unfortunately, HTC has in its portfolio only one HTC Nexus 9 tablet, whose firmware you can safely upgrade to the current version. However, HTC warned that the update can not be reached or not reached in time, depending on the region. Otherwise you will have to update the OS on the tablet manually. Good news for those who are just planning to buy HTC Nexus 9 – soon all sold tablets of the brand will have on board already installed Android M

Tablets Samsung

Smartphones and tablets that. producer confidently occupied leading positions in the world market. Regarding its smartphones that have been released recently or will be issued soon, Koreans prepare ambitious plans, so the upgrade to Android M, these devices are likely to get. But about tablets it is known not so much as we would like. Despite the fact that Samsung has produced more than one tablet lines, which are completely paid for itself, updating earned only model in the series Tab A.

But do not forget that the representatives of Samsung still is not exactly announced candidates for the update, but and Koreans in general do not give any precise information about the update. So if you have a tablet from Samsung, but it is not out of line Tab A or the S2 is not brand new, do not despair, because the company can change its decision and, possibly, your device will receive the update too. Samsung also assured that all the new tablets, which will be produced in the future, will automatically receive the latest updates firmware

Tablets Sony

 Tablet Z

The Japanese company Sony does not give virtually no more or less clear-cut information regarding updates of their devices to Android M. likely to receive all updated line Z. The Sony smartphones more clarify the list of devices for the operating system update. of their tablets Japanese have not forgotten, and give hope to their owners to see on your gadget a new Android. However, the update will receive only the Z4 Tablet and Z3 Tablet, on the rest of the tablets of this manufacturer is not known. But it is necessary to take into account that the data are not conclusive and may More swap.


Many smartphones have already received or will receive their updates, but, unfortunately, the case with tablets formed a little differently. For some reason, few manufacturers update Android on their plates. Let’s sum up a list of tablets that will be updated Android M or have already got it:

  • Nexus July 2013 issue
  • Nexus 9
  • All Samsung line plates Galaxy Tab A and S2. Perhaps other lines of plates will also receive updates
  • Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet
  • Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

This list can be extended more new devices. If you want to have in their new tablet Android M, but your device is not included in the list of updates, you can try to install a new version of their own. But note that in case of failure can be greatly affected performance devices and your data.


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