Sunday, March 6, 2016

It created the world’s first universal cable for iPhone and Android – RSUTE

Moscow / 06.03.2016 20:03 /

created the world’s first universal cable for iPhone and Android. Reported resource. The device was named LMcable. According to preliminary data, the cost necessary thing for many holders once a couple of smartphones in 13 Australian dollars.

Recently it became known that one of the groups of craftsmen able to unique cable technology that would ideally like to charge both devices based on the “Android”, and gadgets that relate to the numerous “apple” family. Novelty called LMcable, and now a lot of wishing all over the world joined the request of the cable.

Another amazing feature is its LMcable considerable strength. As the authors of this creation, the secret lies in a leather wrap, which is an additional protection for gadget accessories. In this case you can also select and strap, which is set to the basic proposal. The manufacturer even bothered about the presence of modest colors, so that the client could choose.


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