Sunday, March 13, 2016

Panasonic is developing a new camera with Android OS –

According to the source, referring to the words of the representative of Panasonic, the Japanese manufacturer is preparing to release the camera, running the Android OS. As stated, the device will be presented “fairly soon.”

The use of the Android OS manufacturer explains the desire to make the camera interface simpler and more familiar to the user.

According to a representative of Panasonic, the company received criticism regarding the interface of compact cameras and camera Micro Four Thirds system, which is practically not changed in recent years. Opportunities are expanding chambers, for example, there is support for 4K video, and access to these features and tools are sometimes too complicated.


It should be added that Panasonic has released a camera with Android OS. About two years ago it was a model Lumix DMC-CM1, and in January of this year has been a model Lumix DMC-CM10, shown in the illustration. Whether this time it again on a compact camera or Android desktop can be seen on the screen of the camera system Micro Four Thirds – is still unknown.

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