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Android Schrödinger: how Google manages to keep the platform at the same time open and closed – seonews.ru

<-! wrapper end -> This year, the first version of the Android operating system celebrates 8 years old, although it seems that green robot with us for ages. Now the system is more than 80% of mobile devices in the world, and this figure does not think to fall. The closest competitor – iOS unlikely to soon reach the same results.

Today, few people remember that Android began as an open source operating system. Due to this and turned into Google’s flagship project is working now for the benefit of “good corporate” and all overgrown with a large number of its services. Google, in turn, does everything to bind firmly in the minds of people Google services with Android. This bundle appeared not once, but held tightly with Google agreements c mobile device manufacturers.

In fact, there are two versions of the platform. Open – Android Open Source Project, or AOSP – phones in this version are issued, by and large, only in China. Other – Google Mobile Services, or GMS – This version provides handset manufacturers with only a set of Google services, extended to 90% Android-devices. Version with GMS appeared almost simultaneously with the AOSP and at first was simply a complement of applications such as cards or e-mail client. Over time, the development of core functionality AOSP decreased, and GMS-version enhances and complements the important technological elements, without which the phone work on AOSP impossible. Besides, the GMS-suite of applications has become more. As a result, today buying a brand new smartphone on Android, you’ll see that a significant part of the memory (typically 2-3 gigabytes) already busy with something and does not correspond to the declared “box” data. All pre-installed Google services users can not delete from your phone. It is unlikely that someone would think to carry with your phone or YouTube, for example, Google Calendar. But it is not clear why it is impossible to remove the less popular or Google+ Hangouts. Google representatives say that the final choice between the GMS or AOSP always for the phone manufacturer.

Shitikov Alexander, director of development AGIMA.mobile:  6.jpg


In our work we use the ready-made standard solutions from Google, a third-party assembly needed only for solving narrow-purpose tasks. All Android open source, Google puts them with every new release. But the tendency to have a partially closed due to the gadget manufacturers who make custom assemblies to manipulate the control. But this is not a problem Google, this problem of each individual producer “iron”.


However, one of the circumstances that can not talk about the unconditional openness of the system – it’s the Google Play store. Independently put Google Play on your phone can neither the user nor the manufacturer of the device. Permission to release a smartphone with the Google Play producer receives only if agrees to preset other Google services. Moreover, agreeing to preset GMS package, the manufacturer must take a number of limitations. So, Google needs to establish its basic search, and in addition to give the search widget, and other Google applications on the first position of the main screen of your smartphone. There were cases when completely banned preset competitors. Moreover, if some of these conditions are not met – the manufacturer may not receive Google Play on your device

Anton Krohmalyuk, director of marketing for e-Legion:


Of course, for creating applications, developers use Android – is the most popular mobile operating system, more than 80% of devices are running on it. But to monopolize the market, Android neat ways dominantly uses its position in the OS market to promote other products, such as using presets, including the main product – search.


In the version of the AOSP no Google Play, but because it is very few people are interested. The development of the other app stores greatly limited. On the one hand, it is very difficult to create an alternative to Google Play, and pre-set as the only (alternative) store on Android-devices, because in a situation where the device is not the GMS, the owner of this new app store will have to convince developers to rewrite their applications originally created for Google Play, a new store. On the other hand – alternative applications store is not so easy to be on the device, even in addition to Google Play. For example, to download the other phone application store, the user will have to go a long quest with the settings, and it is only by very advanced user. Published in the Google Play app stores are also can not, which is suffering from, for example, is quite peaceful Aptoide application: the Portuguese did a good shop with a unique “chips” such as user recommendations, but were expelled from the Google Play Store for violating the rules.

Paulo Trezentos and Alvaro Pinto, founders Aptoide:


Our claims against Google as follows : the company has a huge market share in smartphones, and it uses its achievements in the field of operating systems, to reach new heights business in other areas. In our case – at the application stores market. However, there is a competition law, a set of specific rules that Google ignores.



In fact, the pre-install their app stores on the device can be achieved only by the large producers devices (such as Samsung and LG), but only in addition to Google Play, on the second-third-fourth screen; In doing so, these stores are far behind in the number of Google Play apps

Companies that do not agree with the Google limitations, try to do “forks.” – their own version of Android. For example, did Amazon has launched its own Fire Phone – in fact, it is Android, which has its own shop and other important services Amazon, but Google services are not available. But apart from the Amazon, one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones is not picked up production of such devices. This may be due also to prevent Google from participating manufacturers Open Handset Alliance sell the device to “Fork» Android. In this regard, you can also recall the history of cooperation Acer and Alibaba, when the Taiwanese manufacturer wanted to sell smartphones “Fork» Aliyun, but Google has banned this production, then Acer was forced to abandon the idea. Another attempt was the fight with alternative devices CyanogenMod firmware release, which has useful features that are not tied to the Google, such as Privacy Guard (regulation application access settings) or the ability to play audio files FLAC high quality. However, manufacturers still are not ready to release it on their devices, because the industry is maintained distrust unofficial releases and modifications to the software.

Google today – nothing else, as a large supermarket clothes, which summoned sold from different manufacturers, and then, when attracted an assortment of a sufficient number of customers began to make their own clothes and to give it priority in the hall, barring hang to produce mannequins someone else. In such a situation some time there will be an alternative, then they will become less and less, and then we’ll see how the quality of manufactured products monopoly inevitably falls (cuts in the cost of production, an understanding of their own dominant position, stable income). If you do not compete with anyone, why do better?

Anton Krohmalyuk, e-Legion Marketing Director

«Russian Location with by Yandex – an example of a significant off a strong competitor from the fight and due to this, the acquisition of competitive advantages of Google on the Russian market. Unfortunately, it is likely that the FAS decision will not lead to global changes in the structure of Android, because it is to come up with a technical solution is very difficult. It is obvious that Google is guilty: there are documents where the direct text says that Yandex can not be installed on the device, if the vendor wants to use the full package of GMS (Google Mobile Services). Russian business – a good precedent for future disputes, because a large antitrust case against Google brought up in Europe, where Yandex, using his case, be able to help »



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