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Beta-version “desktop Android» –

«Desktop Android»

Established in 2014, Beijing Jide Technology released a beta version of Remix OS for PC operating systems. It is designed for desktop and laptop computers and is a desktop version of Android with support for more than 1 million apps available in Google Play.

Remix OS for mobile devices

Remix OS for PC is based on the Remix OS. This is another operating system from Jide Technology, but is designed for mobile devices. In fact, this is one of the many Andriod-firmware available on the market, for example, CyanogenMod.

Remix OS is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Its feature is the graphical user interface. He is as close to the interface of desktop operating systems. For example, it has a desktop, task bar, system tray and a file manager. The operating system is optimized to work with the keyboard and mouse, and supports the popular hot keys (eg, Ctrl + N to create a new document, and so on.)

Remix OS -. Has completed the OS. It is available on its own branded devices Jide – 11,6-inch tablet with a keyboard Remix and a magnet (very similar to Microsoft Surface) and desktop Remix Mini.

Remix OS for PC

Remix OS for PC

In turn, Remix OS for PC – it’s Remix OS, but for desktop computers with Intel processors and AMD in the x86 architecture. Work on the operating system is continuing. It is missing some components. For example, there is no client Google Play, the user must install on their own.

How to install Remix OS for PC

The site developer published the ZIP-files with the installation files Remix OS for PC, and there are instructions for installation. file size is 717 MB for 64-bit and 562 MB for 32-bit.

An operating system can be installed on a hard drive or USB flash drive. When installed on a hard disk it is possible to save the current configuration and select a bootable operating system (only with Windows 7, 8 or 10).

To install, you must have at least 8 GB of free space.

Instructions for Google Play customer installations also have the developer’s website


Remix OS for PC -. The most successful a project to create a desktop version of Android. Closest to it other similar projects – Android-x86. In February 2016 the team signed a cooperation agreement: Android-x86 developers will assume responsibility for the debug system components, and developers Remix OS – Improved graphical interface.


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