Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Android-smartphone manufacturers do not add encryption due to lower performance – BBC

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Only 10% of the 1.4 billion realized Android-smartphone, according to studies, have high-quality data encryption. This writes the The Wall Street Journal .

Google adds encryption company contacts, photo and video content in their own Nexus devices, such as Google approach demands from other manufacturers of smartphones on Android. Those, in turn, in no hurry to add similar technology because they fear compromising product performance.

Google, however, set an ultimatum. Manufacturers of smart phones with powerful processors wishing to upgrade to Android 6.0, must necessarily add serious encryption in their own devices. Meanwhile, the proportion of devices released in October, the OS is still insignificant – only 2.3% of all Android devices of different versions of the

In the first the need encryption on Android smartphones, Google seriously started talking in 2014. . At the same time it reinforced the application performance tests, which showed only a slight decline in her. However, manufacturers of smartphones noticed that budget encryption technology devices cause quite a serious delay in the opening of the application.

Previous Google has released a version of the new OS Android N for developers.

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