Thursday, March 17, 2016

One of Google survey indicates possible names OS Android N –

A week ago, Google introduced Android N Developer Preview. As in all previous cases, it appears it is the name of Android N, since Google calls its version of the OS in some delicacy, beginning with a certain letter of the alphabet, and these letters are changed in order.


So far we do not know whether to get a new Android OS 7.0 or number it will be, for example, Android 6.1 or Android 6.2. It is also unknown what exactly a treat this time, the search giant has chosen as the official name.


A couple of days ago, Google Opinion Rewards app appeared survey. Allegedly, Google gave users the right to choose a name, even though the question is asked indirectly ( “What is your favorite dish from above?” Or “What a tasty dish with the letter N comes into your mind?”). Among the suggestions were: Napoleon, Nut brittle, Nachos, Nori, Noodles, Nougat and Neapolitan ice cream. And some of them do not apply to sweets. This suggests that Google just decided to play the user. An indirect confirmation of this is the fact that the AOSP repository mention sweets found New York Cheesecake.


However, here it is worth noting that Google has always used originally for some sweetness name as a code name during development and system officially came out with a different name. For example, for the KitKat was Key Lime Pie, for Lollipop – Lemon Meringue Pie, and Marshmallow hiding under the name Macadamia Nut Cookie. And in all these cases, the code name consisted of three words. So it is possible that users can still choose to Android N finally name

Source:. AndroidPolice AndroidPolice


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