Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Shashlik allow Android to run on Linux – Gadgets … – (press release) (Registration)

There are about two million apps available for the Android operating system from the Google . Most of them are designed to run on smart phones and tablet PCs. But the operating system, such as Remix OS and Phoenix OS, can make it so that you can run these applications on the desktop.

One of such projects with open source is Shashlik. He “Kebab”. Rather than turn Android into a similar desktop operating system, “Kebab” seeks to allow you to launch applications for Android, as if they were native applications for Linux.

In other words, it is possible to run applications such as Angry Birds, and even Microsoft Office (mobile), along with native Linux applications:. LibreOffice, GIMP and VLC in Ubuntu, Debian, Arch and other GNU / Linux operating systems

at least that’s the idea. Now the “Kebab” in the process of development, and many applications still do not work. Although below shows the demos with the game Flappy Bird and Spotify app.

Although the “Kebab” does use some features of emulation tools, it also adds a stripped-down version of the Android existing version based on Linux operating system and allows you to run applications in separate windows. Thus, they act more like an application instead of as a whole Android-powered device that is running inside your operating system.

Since Android is already using Linux kernel may “Kebab” can eventually get rid virtualization / emulation in general and the use of the container model instead of the emulator

Author:. Stepan Mazur

Original photos: liliputing


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