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Select the application for android-devices to IP-Surveillance: IP Webcam and Alfred –

rank in Google Play

Number of downloads in Google Play
1 000 000-5 000 000

application compatibility with other versions of OS Android
Varies with device

The size distribution
Depends on device

Application Version
Depends on device

In-app purchases
From 299 to 4990 rubles. per unit

* In this case, install the version 1.11.1r size of 28.12 MB

Key features:.

  • Multiple ways of viewing through a browser: Flash, Javascript, or built-in browser;

  • Record video in WebM format, MOV and MPEG4;

  • Audio Broadcasting Wav formats, Opus and AAC (AAC requires Android 4.1 +);

  • The motion sensor with the creation of events in Tasker and sound recording;

  • The imposition of the date, time and battery status on the video;

  • Capture sensors and display them on a chart through the web interface;

  • Support for emulation camera for video chatting (running under Windows, only transmits video through a generic driver);

  • C service Ivideon online viewing from anywhere in the world, the push-notification of movement and sound, storage, video, and motion events sound Ivideon cloud;

  • Plug-in, which opens the ability to download recordings to Dropbox;

  • Plug-in, allowing you to transfer files to a local network via e-mail, FTP, and SFTP

What’s new in the latest version:.

  • Ivideon Support for broadcast via the Internet (requires Android 4.1 +);

  • Support for hot-switching between cameras during operation;

  • Ability to choose a different placement of the recorded files;

  • Korean translation;

  • Various fixes and improvements



  • The approximate location (network-based);

  • The exact location (based on GPS and network)

Photo / multimedia / files.:

  • View your data on the USB-drive;

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • View your data on the USB-drive;

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Taking pictures and videos


The data on Wi-Fi-connected:

  • View Wi-Fi connections


  • Run the device is switched on;

  • Prevent device from sleeping mode;

  • View network connections;

  • Show UI elements on top of other windows;

  • Unlimited access to the Internet

The first impression

The first thing that offers us the IP Webcam -. The possibility to configure it. Indeed, without the original program settings it will be difficult to use. Moreover, once it becomes clear what the app is capable of, the benefit of setting themselves in Russian with detailed annotations to the functions. Personally, I liked this approach immediately.

188x300 30 KB. Big one: 800x1280 208 KB

since many parameters, to avoid confusion, let’s start with the top of the order, categorized settings.

Basic Settings

It should be noted that the program supports loop recording, ie video shooting will take place in a circle with different time segments. This last set can have anything – it all depends on the memory device. As a result, you do not get one big file, and a kind of series, which is easy to understand.

188x300 25 KB Big one:. 800x1280 167 KB  188x300 22 KB Big one:. 800x1280 128 KB 188x300 17 KB Big one:. 800x1280 116 KB

By the way, the developers provided and limiting the recording during a certain amount of memory. However, the record will not be stopped, but simply begin to overwrite old clips with new ones. Threshold of free space, you also expose yourself.

188x300 22 KB Big one:. 800x1280 136 KB

I was also pleased with the fact that the bit rate can be set manually – from 400 to 16 000 kbit / s, as well as choose the format: MOV, WebM and MP4. Used as the codec VP8 + Opus and H.264 + AAC.

Let me remind you that WebM – open multimedia format presented by Google at the conference Google I / O May 19, 2010. The format does not require royalties, based on open VP8 video codec and vp9, audio codec Vorbis and a subset of the Matroska media container. The new format along with VP8 is designed to replace proprietary standard H.264 / MPEG-4.

188x300 17 KB Big one:. 800x1280 127 KB  188x300 15 KB Big one:. 800x1280 112 KB 188x300 19 KB Big one:. 800x1280 136 KB

You can also select the storage recording place, although change the last I did not succeed. By default, the folder is stored in ipwebcam_videos, but change the location – it is rather the prerogative of the paid version, which is also present here.

Free also includes non-intrusive advertising, but does not support the generation of Tasker event, can not be used to edit the interface and recorded video has a banner “recorded with IP Webcam”. Remove restrictions possible for 99 rubles, which, frankly, is godly.

188x300 13 KB Big one:. 800x1280 88 KB  188x300 15 KB Big one:. 800x1280 112 KB

in addition, available to change the video resolution (depending on the camera unit) – from 176×144 to 1280×720 pixels in my case, and the photo (from 320×240 to 1600×1200 pixels). So, you decide what you need quality.

This solution is very helpful if you have a low speed internet or a small flash drive. For example, the daily monitoring of the child to exhibit high resolution is not necessary.

188x300 20 KB Big one:. 800x1280 144 KB  188x300 19 KB Big one:. 800x1280 145 KB

Here we change the orientation of the video, which can be a portrait, landscape, upside down and upside down portrait. This solution is especially true if you are using a tablet, and prevents the charging cord – is checked up on personal experience.

188x300 19 KB Big one:. 800x1280 138 KB

You can also enable mirroring, only use the front camera and limit the FPS, and manually. But that’s not all. Available to change the focus, adjust the screen refresh rate, choose a scene, set the white balance, set the color filter, and set the exposure compensation (-3 to +3).

188x300 19 KB Big one:. 800x1280 141 KB  188x300 19 KB Big one:. 800x1280 138 KB 188x300 20 KB Big one:. 800x1280 138 KB
 188x300 18 KB Big one:. 800x1280 134 KB 188x300 18 KB. Big one: 800x1280 127 KB 188x300 17 KB. Big one: 800x1280 122 KB
 188x300 24 KB. Big one: 800x1280 147 KB

Advanced Settings

Effect settings

It is worth noting, “night vision.” At the same time exhibited by frame delay (by hand), as well as the intensity of a specific multiple of the number. I’d add that this case is at least up and running, but on a good camera. In the budget that gets bride, and the battery is not weak sags.

188x300 12 KB Big one:. 800x1280 76 KB  188x300 20 KB Big one:. 800x1280 113 KB
 188x300 20 KB Big one:. 800x1280 116 KB  188x300 16 KB Big one:. 800x1280 100 KB

In addition, the recording can impose the date, time and even the battery charge level. It is possible to select the date format, its position on the screen, color / background and text size. Yes, the developers really did their best.

188x300 15 KB Big one:. 800x1280 109 KB  188x300 22 KB Big one:. 800x1280 126 KB
 188x300 26 KB Big one:. 800x1280 163 KB  188x300 17 KB Big one:. 800x1280 109 . KB

power Management

Here manually expose period of inactivity, it is possible to stop the video surveillance and recording, if the camera is not in use, as well as the screen auto power off when idle.

Sleep Mode provides the latest lock option (for Android 3.0), as well as the complete shutdown of the screen, which has a positive effect on the work of the web service, but at the same time causes strain the processor.

188x300 22 KB Big one:. 800x1280 137 KB  188x300 20 KB Big one:. 800x1280 141 KB

sensors Management

This setting item will activate the motion sensor (increases the drain on the battery even if the camera is turned off). Then adjust the sensitivity. The default value is 250, but for a small room such as the kitchen, this would be too much, since recording is triggered at the slightest fluctuations hands in front of the lens.

In general, the best experiment for yourself, because it all depends on local conditions, and you will constantly shoot flying flies. For this purpose, provided timeout movement – at most five seconds of time, but can be set more.

188x300 28 KB Big one:. 800x1280 184 KB  188x300 24 KB Big one:. 800x1280 163 KB

I must say that while working in the home Wi-Fi network entry is performed in the memory devices, when you dial up – in Ivideon cloud. There are tariffs, which we discuss below.

188x300 27 KB Big one:. 800x1280 172 KB

With regard to the adjustment of sound sensor, then there is also provided timeout and sensitivity similar to the motion sensor. In this video you can start zavis not only movement, but also the noise around the camera, for example, the roar of falling spoon. That’s what I was convicted cat steal bread from the table at night .

188x300 25 KB Big one:. 800x1280 165 KB  188x300 28 KB Big one:. 800x1280 184 KB

In addition, separately configured action on the motion is detected. For example, stop recording if there is no activity in front of the camera or play a sound, if any, has been observed.

And that’s not all – there is also a built-in Tasker’s, by which a motion sensor can be assigned to anything, but this will need to fork out for 99 rubles.

188x300 23 KB Big one:. 800x1280 167 KB  188x300 19 KB. Big one: 800x1280 132 KB


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