Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Google’s $ 9.3 billion required for the use of Java in Android – CNews.ru

The new compensation amount

Oracle demanded that Google pay her about $ 9.3 billion in compensation for illegal use of the Java programming language components in the Android operating system , reports IDG News Service

The amount is made up of two components -. $ 475 million and $ 8.8 billion first term -. this material damage, the amount that Oracle could earn by Java licensing to manufacturers of mobile devices.

The second term – a profit that has received the Google, using Java, in violation of laws. This value is calculated taking into account a period of time includes both the profit from the display advertising on mobile devices, as well as part of the profit received from the sale of mobile apps in Google Play (Google reserves currently 30% of the sales of third-party applications).

A new stage of the proceedings

A new stage trial between Oracle and Google in the field of intellectual property will begin May 9, 2016 In the course of its Oracle plans to publish the sensational details ( «bomb», bombshell) on Google Android business. The Corporation expects to convince the jury that Google should compensate it billions of dollars in losses.

Основатель and Oracle head Larry Ellison reign

On the other hand, Google has a chance to convince the jury that belongs to Oracle Java code has been used in its Android without breaching copyright. The Google link to the legal doctrine called “fair use» (fair use), within which allowed the free use of copyrighted material under certain conditions.

multi-billion dollar revenue from Android

for the first time Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google for Android in 2010. The company blamed the rival of violating patents on Java and copyright (including 37 programming interfaces). Initially it was a question of the amount of compensation in the range of $ 2.6 billion to $ 6.1 billion. However, Google was found guilty only in part, and Oracle still have not received that payment, which continues to count (taking into account the popularity of Android and the fact that its share continues to grow).

In January 2016 the Oracle, preparing for a new hearing, openly published information about the size of Google’s revenue and profits with Android, which became available to her through the process.

According to published data, all time of existence, that is a little more than seven years, the Android operating system has brought its issuing of Google revenue of $ 31 billion and $ 22 billion in profits.

Google has been the publication of this information, so the action Oracle distressed company, and she asked the court to strengthen control over the confidentiality of court documents.

Java in the hands of Oracle

Oracle has not developed Java. This asset is transferred to it, together with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2009 for $ 7.4 billion. The company has repeatedly accused the Google Oracle that its claims it destroys the process of natural development of the market. The market of mobile devices directly to Oracle does not apply. The Oracle – the largest developer of database management systems, and after the acquisition of Sun – and one of the manufacturers of servers (seventh place with a share of 2.5% in value terms by the end of 2015, according to ITCandor)

<. strong> approach Microsoft

Let us add that his own benefit with Android already getting Microsoft. The company appealed directly to device manufacturers and concluded with virtually all of these agreements on licensing its technologies. So, in 2014 it was reported that Samsung Electronics lists Microsoft’s $ 1 billion annually on such agreements.


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