Sunday, March 27, 2016

Android Camera can learn to recognize objects –


Sources say that Google is currently working to ensure that a standard application “Camera” on devices running the Android operating system has become more clever.


This is the ability to recognize objects in photos and videos and then search for information about them on the web. Moreover, recognition can be performed in real time before you have taken a picture or start recording. Users will be able to allocate the object of interest on the mobile device’s screen, and the app will quickly provide the information available about it.


In fact, we are talking about integration into the Google Goggles app camera. Released back in 2009 Google Goggles app has been the recognition and retrieval of information is not in the text, namely that embodied in the image. It is best to cope with the Google Goggles pictures, attractions, covers of books or CDs, barcode. Also, the app can recognize text in eight languages, including Russian.


At the moment, the new Android camera functionality is tested in mobile devices and wearable electronics

Source:. SlashGear


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