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Google has introduced a new beta version of Android Nutella – BBC

Android Marshmallow, according to Google, occupies only 2.3% of all employees “Googley” OS. The leader is Android 4.4 (KitKat) – 34,3%. Next comes the Android 5.1 (Lollipop) c the result of 19.2%. On Android 2.2 – the most “old” version “- currently has about 0.1% of devices.

While the devices continue to slowly upgrade to Android Marshmallow, Google unexpectedly released a new version of the mobile OS. Usually, the announcement of a new version of Google doing at the event for the Google I / O developer, which this year, by the way, will be held in mid-May. However, this time the developers have decided to hurry up.

While there is no accurate data on what will be the final version of the name of the new OS. In December last year it was reported that Android N is stands for Android Nutella. In an accompanying email to launch Android N Developer Lokhaymer Hiroshi, head of Android-direction at Google, indirectly pointed out that this is true. Responding to the “hot” question of the final title to Hiroshi deliberately inarticulate English wrote: «We’re nut tellin ‘ yet», which translates as “We do not yet speak.” However, the phrase itself was suspicious in tune with Nutella.

New Android introduced several “chips”. One of the most important – is multitasking. Previously, she has appeared in several Android shells (including the new Samsung S7), it is now interested in Google itself. While this feature is enough “raw”, its implementation will have to adjust and improve the developers. The final version of the OS, is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2016.

Multitasking and windows

To start a multi-tasking, you need to open a list of running applications. Here, each window will have its own button, which opens the program in multitasking mode. Special slider on the screen allows to adjust the place that occupies one of the two applications running on the display. However, a new feature in Android, added by the developer of the system, will make Samsung and Huawei to revise its own shell, which implement a similar feature multi

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also, Google has added Android N «window in the window” mode. After running a single application before the program can be left open to the mind in the form of a small window in the corner of the screen. This is reminiscent of watching a video on YouTube, where the player is located in the corner.

menu of running applications also received a couple of minor but interesting updates. Now the windows themselves have become more and, in addition, there was a special timer, after which the application from the menu of recently opened restarted.

Double-tap on the button “multitasking” instantly launches previous open application.

In general, the menu itself looks more aesthetic and faster.

renewed blind

Google also slightly redesigned shutter quick settings and notifications . The Marshmallow, to get to the quick settings, it was necessary to make two vertical swipe (movement of a finger on the touch screen). The Android N one swipe will open not only notice, but also strip the basic settings. There will be Wi-Fi icon, activating mobile data, flashlight, battery settings. However, all this kastomiziruetsya: the user can choose which icons are visible in this field. Sheer curtains are now covers the entire screen fully.

Notification window also undergone changes. Now all notifications are grouped depending on the application, which sends them. For example, the new messages in the mail will not overlap or appear in a chaotic manner – a group of e-mail notifications can be rolled up and deploy. The Android N warning will be separated from each other is not a strip of empty space, and a small gray line. Himself profile changed colors – now it looks more fresh and contrast

Cherry on the cake in the notifications menu is the ability to respond to messages directly from the opened curtain notifications, open the app without having to.. This feature worked before, for example, in Hangouts, but now it will be available for other applications.


Google could not release a new version of the OS, not having worked in detail on functions that optimize operation device. It is about Doze mode, which reduces power consumption devices, and algorithms Project Svelte, reducing the load on the memory.

Doze already shown efficacy in Android 6.0. The Android N developers have gone further, deepening penetration in Doze control processes. Now Doze creates a subset of constraints on the use of RAM and data transfer applications in those moments when the device is not in use. The longer the device is “resting”, so less memory and traffic “eat” the running applications. Doze off the screen activation and returns all parameters to normal consumption. This algorithm works in the long run will affect the duration devaysa work.

Project Svelte is designed to work with other problems. Thus, the devices can often be switched with the Wi-Fi network to the mobile and back again. It makes applications running in the background, and use Internet traffic, “wake up”, thus increasing the power consumption and memory. A similar situation with applications that use the camera. Project Svelte does not “sleeping” applications to be notified about the change of the connection method, or activate the camera. It also has a positive effect on the lifetime of the device and its free

«RAM» Night mode

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Ability to change the main color theme in Android on dark colors appeared in earlier versions of Android Marshamallow. However, the final version of the OS “dark”, or night, the regime did not appear. However, it recalled when creating Android N.

Night mode can be enabled in the settings screen. There you can adjust the display colors and shades. For example, you can add shades of red, which will reduce eye strain. It is also possible to independently set the brightness. All configuration items are stored in a personal night mode. There are also automatic switching depending on location and time in a particular time zone.

Other useful innovations

Back in Android N an opportunity to increase the size of not only text, but also the entire display generally. In the settings you now a special slider that lets you adjust the zoom. The function is useful for visually impaired users

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Among the useful innovations it should be noted the emergence of “health card” user.

When you press a button on the device’s screen would display all important data, which can save a life in case he has suffered, and it needs immediate assistance.

There will be given the name of the owner of the device, date of birth, his blood group, allergies to various drugs, as well as other supporting information.


«Raw” version of the operating system could not go without flaws. After just a few hours of the testers noted the challenges to be faced by the developer Android N.

While the installed Android N application hangs and depart in a multi-mode bit “lame” interface. Also reproduced correctly and freezes the video. errors were observed in devices with bluetooth-keyboard. The standard ring tones and messages can not be played, and the buttons in the settings do not always respond to pressing.

With all the problems will help Google in the future to cope developers and other enthusiasts. The users also have to wait for a new version to the third quarter of this year, when Android N will be released to the masses.


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