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iPhone SE is too costly to prevent the leadership Android – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)

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There are several reasons why the iPhone SE does not become an obstacle to further the dominance of Android. First of all, the phone with a 4-inch screen is too small for today’s users. But this is not the only reason. Sales of Android-based phone grow in emerging markets, as these devices are inexpensive and have a high resolution. However, there is an audience of consumers for which the iPhone SE would dream phone – compact and powerful at the same time

In the published resource Greenbot note Ion Florence (Florence Ion) «Android has nothing to worry about from the iPhone SE» examined the factors that hinder iPhone SE significantly affect the Android market share.

According to her, the new phone is designed for those users who are so accustomed to the iPhone 5 or 5s, do not imagine how to manage without it, and as a more affordable alternative for teens who want to exclusively iPhone. Of course, set out its point of view one of the possible, there are other opinions about the new phone.

It should be noted immediately that there is an audience for which the iPhone SE will be the most suitable phone. According MixPanel, approximately 18% iPhone users still have a 4-inch iPhone 5s, the model, which is already three years. Moreover, before the announcement of the company SE Apple continued to sell these phones.

But the age of the model began to be felt, and the company decided to refresh her more. Thus, it becomes available to users with the design of the phone 5s and features modern device -. A new processor, and support for Apple Pay

However, the small size of today can hardly be called the phone an advantage. Statista Analysts predict that this year will be sold 146 million smartphones with a screen diagonal of 5 inches, and that’s not counting the hundreds of millions of smart phones, diagonal screen that is in the range from 4.7 to 5 inches.


users who prefer smaller phones, can also choose between the proposed Motorola and OnePlus models that will cost them virtually half the price to be paid for the iPhone SE, which was . presented March 21, 2016

There is no doubt that the emergence of iPhone SE – an important event for fans of Apple. Research director at Gartner Brian Blau (Brian Blau) said that for users who prefer of iOS, now expanded range of devices. Adding another model with more powerful hardware and a smaller screen, according to him, made the line of Apple products wider than it has been until now.

But there is one important issue. For many iPhone SE users too expensive. And on the world market, as it usually happens with the iPhone, it is likely to become even more expensive. Phone Pricing starts at ~ $ 400 for a model with a 16-gigabyte drive. 64-gigabyte version of the iPhone SE will cost about 500 US dollars. Is it too high a price for such a small phone? Hard to believe that the phone of this size and at this price will be able to reduce the sale of Android.

At the same premium phones running Android, which will cost consumers about the same money, a lot. Nextbit Robin, Moto X Pure Edition, Nexus 6P and HTC One A9 – enough high-phones that are not completely level top Apple models

Motorola even gives users the ability to customize devaysa, thereby allowing more clearly emphasize its individuality. . To get a gorgeous modern Android-smartphone, you do not have to spend more than 400 US dollars. Those people for whom price is a decisive factor when buying a phone, can and does find the device much cheaper.

So, fans of the Android operating system does not have to worry about the fact that the share of Google developed operating system may be reduced. iPhone SE – a phone that will help Apple meet the users of its products, which did not like the idea of ​​a large phone

It is also important to remember that the smart phone market enters a phase of stagnation, which means for the vendors need to take every opportunity to check. how the new phone like the users.

Brian Blau believes that smartphone sales may start to decline. Over time, the market is expected to slow down, which means that Apple and Google will have to work harder and competition becomes increasingly fierce

Innovation -. Not the only way the company to attract the attention of users. After equipping looks like iPhone 5s phone accessories iPhone 6s real innovation is difficult to call. Nevertheless, considerable number of iPhone 5s users like it, and thought that now the favorite phone found more modern components, it can be very pleasant for many connoisseurs of the company’s products. In addition, if the small phones like and not the majority of users, the first-class compact devices is still a lot.

Android users make up a considerable share of the iPhone 6s buyers. To date, the difference between the most popular operating systems for smartphones are not so great to experience strong emotions, moving from one to another.

As far as on the background of today’s Android-smartphone attractive phone, repeating the design of the iPhone 5s, but hardware iPhone 6s?


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