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The next version of Android will be similar to the Windows 10 – ProstoTECH

A couple of weeks ago, Google released a test version of Android 7.0 (with the test name N, which will be changed after the official release in the name of the sweets, which begins with the letter N).

release the release version of Android N is planned for the next summer, and the original operating system code indicates that this update will be very similar to the Windows 10.

The site Android Police tried to understand the Android code N and found that it contains the team responsible for multitasking, and even scaling mnogokonnost windows. Full screen dvuhokonny there is already a test version of Android N, and full multitasking devices on this operating system is not available. Android Police believes that the current multitasking in Android N is disabled because Google engineers are not yet completed its development. Most likely, multiple windows and zoom windows will not be available on all devices Android N, but only tablets. In addition, there is a possibility that Android N will be installed on the Chromebook – it is cheap (usually) laptops that run on Chrome the OS (operating system, which is based on the Chrome browser and Google online services). In the past year, Google Chrome OS ported to a few dozen Android-applications, and later announced the possibility of merging the operating system Chrome OS.

All of this sounds familiar. As we understand it, it is this idea embedded in Windows 10 – the same operating system can change its interface depending on the device on which it runs. It is clear that Google’s liked this concept because, firstly, it will bring to the market a completely new device – hybrids, which, depending on various factors can be transformed into smart phones, tablets, set-top boxes and “androidbuki” adjusting while operating system interface to any form factor. Second, Android in this case may become a full competitor to Windows 10. Google will be able to lure some users, which is important when working with multi-tasking applications. In late May, Google will hold a conference for developers I / O 2016. Most likely, her application will be told about multitasking in Android N and what opportunities for application developers and device manufacturers to bring this innovation.

windows in Android N interface is about the same as on windows, however, the color of the title bar of each application will have its own – the choice of the developer. In Windows 10, the color of these panels common and can be changed by the user through the system settings.

Currently, the Android interface and applications for this operating system is adapted for devices with touch screens, and to work with him, using the mouse, keyboard or touchpad, not so comfortable. Windows 10, on the contrary, is strong in the desktop mode and still poorly adapted to the touch controls. One gets the feeling that, and the Windows, Android, and seek common point – a perfect balance when used in hybrid tablets and laptops. Initially, Microsoft and Google have very different approaches to the development of operating systems, but now they have become more and more general.

The documentation Android N, published on Google, stated that multi-mode is called a Freeform, and manufacturers They can use it on devices with large screens. It is possible that Google will not have time to modify this regime for the summer, and it will not appear in the release version of Android N this year. In this case, it arrives to wait a year, and by the time Windows 10 will flee far ahead. As we all know, Microsoft has planned two major upgrade of the operating system. The first will be released in June this year, and the second, which was originally scheduled for November, has been postponed for the spring of 2017. Around the same time, Microsoft plans to show several new devices based on Windows, which will be fully disclosed several innovative innovations. In other words, Google will be very difficult to keep up with Microsoft

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