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Не a year , the company Google has once again delights us with a fresh version of the operating system, Android, is known under the name of Android N. While we can not even talk about its exact title, maybe it will or Nutella Nut, 7.0 or 6.1. But this does not prevent us to test the system in the presence of current on the Nexus smartphone hands.

At the moment, users have access to the earliest assembly system, the so-called «Developer Preview» of the first version. Further, in the early to mid of every month will be released as an update and August-September, when there will be the final assembly Android N AOSP.

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Of course, right now Android N firmware still raw, it has bugs, but to get acquainted with new features and a brief look at the system it is more than fine.

Key features of the new operating system Android N:

  • Changed appearance;

  • Multi-mode;

  • Notification Center;

  • Energy-saving Doze mode;

  • «Trafikosberegayuschy» Data Saver mode;

  • Filtering incoming calls.

devices that natively supports Android N Developer Preview: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9/LTE, Nexus Player and Pixel C.

As the test equipment used smartphone Google Nexus 6P (OC Android N DP1, the processor Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 v2.1, 8 x 2000 MHz videosoprotsessor Adreno 430 650 MHz, 3 GB of RAM).



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Appearance Android N system has not changed. Work tables, menu with applications, the screen with widgets and other interface elements remain the same. Yes, in some places a little developers altered the menu, some icons and panels, giving them even more style Material Design. But all these changes are so minor that even advanced users will not notice the difference.

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Added a new wallpaper – one single image.

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But if you omit the curtain notifications, each will smell a rat. Her altered, and almost completely. When you open the “status bar” is displayed on top of five icons for quick setup and all received the notification.

If the curtain drop even lower, then unfold the menu you are already familiar with a full set of icons for quick access. All this is accompanied by a smooth and unusual animation.

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It is interesting that we can now respond to notifications directly from the curtain. At the moment, officially supports standard messenger and Google Hangouts, but in practice this chip already supports WhatsApp and many other apps.

However, for developers the API created a special, so in the future, this possibility appears in other programs. Each notification can set the display priority.

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Connect to a specific Wi-Fi network or browse the battery consumption is now possible, without departing from the notification center. It is not clear why, after long holding still will transfer us to the appropriate setting item. Perhaps in future versions of this function will be improved and users waiting for something unusual, the benefit of Google likes to surprise.

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By the way, as before, all shortcut icons can be customized according to your taste and mood. Of course, you can leave at least the icons, and you can load the shutter all the available good. It is a matter of taste of each user.

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But changes in the menu with a list of running applications will notice everything. Previously all cards running games and programs were located close to each other, it is now made much larger distance. Because of this we immediately see what we have started and stopped at any moment. It has become much easier.


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