Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Android will accelerate the old smartphones – Russian Newspaper

After you upgrade to the new version of Android N many older smartphones will run faster. This is related by the operating system developers in his blog.

In order to expedite the work of outdated models of mobile devices, the engineers intend to use the engine (API) called JobScheduler, in which the emphasis is not on the visual improvements, and to increase system performance as a whole, as well as the stability of the software platform.

According to the developers, after the upgrade will increase the productivity of all Android-devices, but in particular the changes will be visible on older gadgets that can permanently think, even when the the simplest tasks

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The updated engine JobScheduler is designed so that applications do not use continuously loaded in memory processes, they need to work and get on the API information they need as necessary. This approach not only speed up smartphones, but also help to more economical use of battery power.

Recall that the release of version Android N developer held earlier in March of this year. One of the major innovations in the Android N was the technology of the split screen (Split Screen), which allows to display two applications at the same time on the screen of the device. In addition, the updated platform appeared Mode “picture in picture”.

Together with the new OSes, developers of Google introduced Data Saver mode that helps to save the mobile Internet traffic.

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