Monday, March 14, 2016

Oracle will tell “bomb” on the Google Android business – CNews –

A new stage of struggle

May 9, 2016 will begin a new phase of trial between Oracle and Google in the field of intellectual property, during which Oracle plans to publish the sensational details ( “bomb», bombshell) on Google Android business, reports business Insider.

Oracle hopes to persuade the jury that Google should compensate for the billions of dollars Oracle losses.

Good use

On the other hand, Google has a chance to convince the jury that belongs to Oracle Java code has been used in its Android without breaching copyright. The Google link to the legal doctrine called “fair use» (fair use), within which allowed the free use of copyrighted material under certain conditions.

Fair use means that Google has the right to use Java for free . and do not pay anything Oracle

Three of the action

The lawsuit Oracle to Google is divided into several parts: one part concerns infringement of copyright (copyright), the second – infringement of patents owned by Oracle, and the third part -. Oracle is a demand for compensation for the loss suffered by the

concluded that Google had copied part of the Oracle code in the first part of the claim to the date of the jury. However, the judge, in simple terms, rejected the jury’s decision and decided to Google. Next, the Court of Appeal sided with Oracle, and the Supreme Court refused to take the case, leaving Oracle winner.

Larry Ellison prepares a” bomb “on the Google Android

Now the new composition of the jury will decide whether Google had no right to make free use of Java code. If they decide “no”, they will have to determine how much should Google Oracle. In 2011, Oracle announced the amount of $ 6 billion, accusing Google of unauthorized use of the Java in Android. The judge did not agree with this sum, calling it prohibitively large.

Most likely, Oracle will continue to insist and convince the world that Google owes it a lot of money.

To do this, the Oracle, can be expected to unveil new and interesting details about the Google Android business .

Backstab Apple

This may include the story about how Google was frightened iPhone and felt the need to adopt measures that would allow it to own a mobile market, otherwise the company could be on the sidelines for ten years. Expressing the desire to create their own mobile platform, Google struck a blow in the back former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), because who later became CEO of Google Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt ) was present at the time the board of directors “apple company».

Interesting details about the Android business may not be disclosed. Since Google asked the court not to allow Oracle to disclose confidential documents. Whose side he takes, it is not yet known.

Revenue and profit from Android

However, Oracle has managed to do something. In January 2016 she said, referring to Google’s internal documents, which she submitted to the court that in 2014 the corporation has paid search Apple’s $ 1 billion to Google search was the iPhone’s default search engine.

Google yourself Lawyers estimate that Google Android has brought in revenue of $ 31 billion and profit of $ 22 billion.

The irony is that Oracle has not even held the Java, when in 2008, Google created Android . Java was the owner of the company Sun Microsystems.

Ambition Oracle

And then Oracle bought Sun Microsystems. This happened in 2009, the deal was worth $ 7.4 billion (in fact, the amount of the consideration paid was close to $ 5.4 billion since Sun nearly $ 2 billion was in the form of cash).

This means that from the outset Oracle wanted Google to pay her for copyright infringement on Java more than the Oracle Sun paid for all assets, including Java.

The gap between companies

It is important to note the presence of ideological differences between Google and the Oracle, who say that the gap between them is big. In 2013, the founder and former CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison) – now he is the head of the Board and Technical Director – called “absolute evil» Google steps to theft of their intellectual property. In turn, the CEO of Google Larry Page (Larry Page), said that Oracle creates obstacles to technological progress. “They are more interested in money than cooperation”, – he said



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